El tiempo entre costuras

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Mar a Due as Vinuesa was born on 1964 in Puertollano, Spain She is a professor of English Language and Literature at the University of Murcia, and is also an academic author and has worked at different universities in North America She came into the spotlight in 2009, achieving great success in Spain thanks to her first novel, El tiempo entre costuras, published in English language as The Time i

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  • Paperback
  • 588 pages
  • El tiempo entre costuras
  • María Dueñas
  • Romanian
  • 09 July 2019

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    I am going to be honest I said I would read this book because I think I need to read women authors and foreign writers, just to get out of my comfort zone But when I finally got the book in my hands and read the synopsis I was scared because it was hitting a lot of things I tend to avoid What will I have in common with a pre WWII seamstress as she deals with love and intrigue in Southern Europe A dressmaker for goodness sake But being the dutiful guy that I am I took it to work with me to read on break, to at least make a start That was a mistake, a big mistake, becauseBLOODY HELL THIS BOOK ROCKED I was distracted at work for the rest of the day and immediately devoured this book as soon as I got home all 600 pages of it People like to talk about the skill of the writing as if that is what made a good book, but in reality it is voice flow and story and Mar a Due as has this in spades The story is so compelling and slowly grabs you that you do not notice how tightly it has you trapped Think of flow as notes in a piano recital bad flow jars you just like an off note The time in between just flows beautiful y as the pages go by Very smooth without any off notes at all.What really came alive for me was the society that the heroine had to operate in, pre WWII Spain Morocco It was dedicated to seeing who was loyal to the cause, forcing people to choose sides in a no win situation But as in all unrighteous dominion situations it rapidly degenerated to a he said she said scenario You begin to lose all trust in those around you, even those that are closest When you can t trust anyone you have no family in any sense of the word , and that is the beginning of death for any society Our heroine survived because in even the worst of situations she was always able to find someone, one lifeline to normalcy, someone to trust It was that connection that got her thorough and it is a good lesson for all of us.Do not hesitate to get this book as soon as it comes out November 2011 though currently available for the Kindle It should appeal to everyone, from millions of Europeans where this book was originally released to mystery loving guys living in Minnesota This book has it all and is at the top of my recommend to friends list.Thanks David for your review for Book Him Danno.

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    Part historical novel, part spy novel, part romance, this book has a good story A young woman grows up in poverty in Spain just before the Spanish Civil War She works as an apprentice to her mother in a dress making shop in Madrid She sees another world as she goes in servant entrances to mansions making deliveries of dresses Her awareness of these two worlds influences her when she reaches marriage age because she dumps the local guy who loves her and she runs off with a con man who is fleeing the police because of various frauds he s pulled off They flee across the Strait of Gibraltar to Spanish Morocco After she experiences a brief time of living life with the jet set, he dumps her, stealing what money she had and leaving her stunned, pregnant and responsible for a huge hotel bill This is when the real story begins She can t run home to mother because the police won t let her leave until she pays off the bill Anyway, travel between the two countries is essentially cut off because of the War I m not really giving away a lot of plot as we know all this very early in the book Spanish Morocco is a lot exotic than it sounds think Casablanca, Marrakesh, Tangier, Fez, Rabat She encounters a jumble of nationalities including various Arabic groups, Spanish, French, British, Jews, Germans, Moroccans, Russians Some speak Haketia, an ancient but dying language of Sephardic Jews.Our heroine settles into a boarding house run by a tough, street smart woman who takes her under her wing and helps her set up her own dress making shop At the communal dining table every night the violent political arguments out foreshadow the Spanish Civil War The Rif War, Spanish and French against Berber hill forces, has just ended, which in a roundabout way led to the Civil War in Spain Despite the easy reading style, this is a serious historical novel with than 50 scholarly works in the bibliography The Germans are cultivating Spain and Portugal as Allies Although both countries remained neutral in WW II, their dictators, Franco and Salazar, were essentially rooting for Hitler and Mussolini Spanish Morocco is loaded with German businessmen and military men This is when the second phases of her life begins As a dress maker to the stars she is in a perfect position to overhear gossip about upcoming events, the where and whens and who will be there She is approached by British intelligence to become a spy and she agrees Eventually she is sent back to Madrid and to Lisbon to open a shop and to spy In this world, everyone is suspect She starts falling in love with an Englishman doing business with the Germans Is he a British agent A German agent A double agent A good read all the way through It kept my interest for all 600 pages.

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    Ko voli pansku knji evnost i odli no napisan roman ovu knjigu nikako ne treba da propusti Bila je veliki hit u paniji i svuda u svetu osim u Srbiji Prevod je dobar, knjiga se guta u dahu posebna poslastica za sve koji u ivaju u debelju kastim knjigamaU me uvremenu su anci snimili i odli nu seriju po ovoj knjizi Ima je na Netflixu

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    Wow I devoured this book It pretty much hit all the right notes for me exotic places, a little romance but not too much , spies, MI6, deception, and fashion I always seem to resonate with the international bestsellers The Far Pavillions is a favorite, as is Perfume Anyway, I recommend this book highly With two full time jobs, a child, and a novel that I m revising, the fact that I finished it in three days should sufficiently recommend it.

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    So, I actually got 400 pages into this one before deciding to put it down for good Why didn t I finish The book is 600 pages long, and the action part of the book spying doesn t get started for 350 pages The first half of the book is all character development and set up Unfortunately, 400 pages into the book, I really don t have a good idea who our heroine is She says she s uneducated, yet is some sort of social chameleon who gets by on faking her way through everything And you know, that s actually pretty interesting, but we never get to see it play out It s all telling the reader about it after the fact many scenes are written as Sira telling us generally what happens as time passes, but we don t actually see the scenes, read the dialogue, or get any action Lots and lots of general plot summary, not as much plot exposition I think that reading about spying using a fancy dressmaking business as a cover makes a great story However, after 400 pages I don t think I m actually going to get to read that story, but only a summary of it In addition to our heroine being sort of a cipher, I was looking forward to descriptions of Spanish Protectorate Morocco, Madrid, and all sorts of other romantic locations None of the locations really came alive for me, and the descriptions didn t transport me there Maybe that s a function of the book being translated from Spanish, but that didn t help my reading experience I wanted to read details about the colors of fabric and fashion in the 30 s It s not usually my kind of thing, but knowing the book was about that subject I was ready for the visuals Never got those either I got the feeling that dressmaking was a convenient way for the main character to make a living for plot purposes, but not that the author had researched history of fashion or sewing in detail So, lots of possibilities, not a book which delivered on them for me After 400 pages, I m ready to read something else.

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    Being an English Major I am very critical of literature I will pick a book a part because I can I began reading this because it was ent to me to review I wasn t looking forward to it at all I was actually dreading it So I began reading it with a terrible attitude knew I was going to be critical probably unjustly in my review.I began the book while waiting for a doctor s appointment with a doctor who is routinely at least 1 hour behind schedule I had to keep rereading the beginning because I was zoning out and my attention was straying But after a bit I began to like the book I was determined to NOT love it because I was in a terrible mood.I closed it for my appointment to discover I was missing it I couldn t wait to get home to read it again I read it straight through It is amazing So don t judge the book by its synopsis which makes it sound boring This book is very well written It takes a truely talented writer to pen a book like this It flows smoothly like a glass of good wine And it will intoxicate you whether you want it to or not You will become drunker with each page Sure this is a historical novel it will educate the reader on the history of the 30 s and 40 s But it will draw you in and make you care about the characters and regret when the book ends.This book is so wonderful I would love to see it made into a nice movie.SO read, devour each word because it ends too soon and will haunt you for days afterwards wanting and thinking about the characters as if they are real people.

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    H j algum tempo que um livro n o me fazia ficar acordada at tarde para acabar de ler as ltimas mais de 100 p ginas Aconteceu ontem ou deveria dizer hoje, pois j passava da uma da manh quando terminei , com esta hist ria complexa mas muito bem urdida, que mistura na perfei o personagens ficcionais com personagens hist ricas e nos faz viajar pela guerra civil espanhola e pela Primeira Grande Guerra, por Espanha, Marrocos e tamb m, um bocadinho, por Portugal A escrita, sem ser deslumbrante, boa, e a hist ria, excelente Alguns percal os de tradu o, felizmente n o muitos, irritam aqui e ali ilusi n ilus o a express o mi reina , que n o se usa em portugu s como minha rainha , entre outras Mas no todo, foi uma leitura muito compensadora Na altura dei lhe 4 estrelas, foram 4,5 arredondadas para baixo, mas agora decidi vir corrigir e arredondar para cima, fui sovina.

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    4,5 Para ser perfeito n o poderia ter perdido o ritmo l para o meio Tirando isso, mas que livro Ah E embora eu seja contra dividir os livros sem necessidade, aqui acho que a divis o tinha sido ben ficaAinda agora acabei de o ler e n o sei quando deixarei de me sentir orgulhosa de uma ou outra atitude da nossa Sira

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    A Tad Long But Overall A Pleasant Read.This novel begins in Spain just before World War II It was a commendable book although a tad long where some chapters could have been condensed to keep the reader from becoming bored The main character Sira, was a dressmaker for several rich women who were married to high ranking German officials While Sira created outfits for these women, she would listen to their gossip and soon found herself taking a much different direction in life than she could ever have imagined In general it is a pleasant read overall.

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    I, in some small degree, ruined this book for myself by reading another book also set in Morocco at the same time TTIB deserves to be read singularly It provides for the reader a wonderfully insightful look at Spain and Morocco in the 1930s, setting in place events regarding the involvement of the Germans as they struggled to influence the Spanish government In the middle of all this is Sira, a talented seamstress who finds herself in the unenviable position of spying for the British government which is also jostling for Spain s favours 4.5

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