Thorn Fall

Thorn FallDNF at 60%Lindsay Buroker, a DNF book from you I still can t quite believe it Since I didn t finish the book I should have given it a one star rating but I just couldn t bring myself to it Buroker s Emperor s Edge series is one of my favourite ever so I tend to feel lenient towards her Besides, Thorn Fall isn t a bad book, nor is it badly written, it s simply, horrendously, dramatically BORING I have to admit the first instalment in this series was a big disappointment for me but I decided to give Buroker the benefit of the doubt and give Thorn Fall a try anyway Surprisingly enough, the book got off to a great start fast paced, funny and with some great character interactions I realize now that part of what made the beginning of the book so entertaining was Alektryon, the sexy Spartan warrior who runs around Arizona in a barely there tunic His character is a great addition to the cast and I love all the scenes he is in When he isn t there some of the conversations the other characters have about him are just hilarious, which makes Thorn Fall a funnier instalment than Torrent The problem is, the fun doesn t last long The storyline is very similar to the one in Torrent and it all gets boring very fast Alektryon is always running off somewhere so we don t get to see that much of him and the rest of the characters are just unexciting really I guess Delia is alright although she is definitely lacking in the snark department and so is Simon I guess but Temi I don t like her at all I was actually happy when she wasn t around Poor characterization nothing happening fast track to DNF I really tried to like this book but there is only so much boredom I can take I have now given all of Buroker s series a try and although Dragon Blood is entertaining enough, I think I ll leave it at that I ll probably re read the Emperor s Edge soon enough but I m done with the rest of her books for now. Thorn Fall is a family friendly, fun adventure a cross between Indiana Jones and an urban fantasy This action packed thrill ride will keep you riveted to the pages.Delia is now our narrator She and the gang from Rust Relics are following leads to find the next monster released into our realm which brings them to sunny Sedona Arizona Manheim and death from an invisible assailant rain down and everyone is grabbing at straws to defeat this new creature The creature isn t their only worry, apparently our world is coming under threat from a faction within the elf like creatures The Rust Relics gang must decide who they can trust Gotta to say I m really enjoying Delia s interaction with the Spartan Can t wait to get.There is just something about Lindsay Buroker s writing that sucks me right in Refreshingly original and fabulously written, this non stop, adrenaline packed story comes highly recommended for any reader 12 and up.On a personal note I m heading to Sedona, for the first time, on vacation in November and really enjoyed hearing about all the places I will be visiting becoming a part of this fabulous storytelling Didn t know about the vortexes but planned on hiking around Bell Rock.Written by Lindsay BurokerSeries Rust Relics Sequence in Series 2Publisher Lindsay BurokerPublication date 9 29 2014Rating 5 StarsFormat eBookGenre Science Fiction Urban FantasyFind this book on Barnes Noble SmashwordsReviewed for If Indiana Jones was a chick, had a computer geek sidekick, an ex tennis pro and had space elves., I really like this series Rust and Relics and am glad I bought the Nine by Night anthology, even if I didn t enjoy a few of the stories, it introduced me to Delia One of the best things about this series, for me anyway, is how much Delia and Simon are geeks The whole nerdy Indiana Jones thing, exciting action, the usage of tech to find almost everything, and the banter between characters are only a few of the things I found awesome about this book Id highly recommend reading the first book, Torrent, and the short, Destiny Unchosen. Please continue this series It is my favorite out of all your series and I can t stop thinking about what happens next for the characters I ve read multiple times and my desire to know about them grows each time With the second volume this series has gotten to the place where, while not perfect, I want to read It hasn t been bad for the previous volume and a half, but it never seemed to fully jell for me either At this point enough has begun to be developed that it feels like a story unfolding which I didn t have a feeling of before I think the other element bothering me is the banter On one hand the banter between characters is clever, on the other hand it feels excessive to the point of undermining the plot and character development for me Perhaps a matter of overly focused since they aren t as developed so far, IMO.Not quite recommended, but I m hopefully there will be where the plot and otherworldly backstory can come into greater focus. For most of my people, this world is not considered significant They are unaware of chocolate Great fun again, just a little bit less so compared to the first book My biggest complaint is that it s too much the same, literary, in terms of plot Only that the merry band of monster hunters are now tagging along a half mute, half naked Spartan Otherwise, after finishing the book, we re pretty much as clueless as we were before and accomplished nothing, but adding a new monster trophy to our collection Thankfully the character development was prosperous The changes in Temi were the most interesting I d recommend reading the novella Destiny Unchosen though Have you noticed that we re no longer the weirdest people we hang out with Everything involving Alek was hilarious and I was wondering on numerous occasions what he had to be thinking Simon too was delightful to watch as he settled into the role of self proclaimed monster slayer Merely Eleriss, Jakatra and Delia fell a little short in that department I did like her musing about the morality of her work though and her doubts about playing hero.But what the blimey heck was the point of Simon s brother Unless his short appearance is hugely significant in the future, I don t get why he took away so much attention at such a vital point of the story And did I imagine things or were there jumps between the metric and imperial system All things considered it s a good book the cover is wonderful btw , but it has its flaws Hopefully the next one actually futhers the plot and brings back the suspense of the first novel And, though I know it s unlikely, I d like focus on the very tentative romance. I enjoyed this book much than the first in this series Buroker seemed comfortable and committed to this world and the characters grew complex and interesting And who can t love Alek I had taken issue with the lack of archaeological ethics portrayed in the first book and I thought Buroker did a much better job at showing how conflicted Delia was with her looting and selling of artifacts I have no problems with characters that have ethical or legal issues, but I had wanted it to be clearer what those issues were i.e looting and selling artifacts by archaeologists and anyone else is wrong and Buroker delivered.I am looking forward to another book in this series If there s a word that defines Lindsay Buroker s books, it s consistent She never fails to produce an enjoyable story with action, tension, some of the best banter in the business, and a plucky, ill assorted team barely surviving mass destruction This is another It s early in this particular team s arc, and they haven t built up a lot of competence yet they waffle around a bit near the beginning, and make some poorly thought out decisions that get them into trouble, but I confidently predict that after a couple books they ll be much effective though still surfing on the edge of chaos and disaster. Delia Never Thought Her Love Of Adventure And Artifact Hunting Would Lead Her To Discover Such Oddities As Man Slaying Monsters, Magical Swords, And Elves On Motorcycles Oh, And There S Also The Ancient Spartan Warrior Who S Been Stranded In The Present He S Offering To Work As Her Bodyguard In Exchange For English Lessons She S Barely Wrapped Her Mind Around These Strange New Developments When Another Monster Arrives, This Time In Sedona, Arizona The Tourist Town Is Known For Its Majestic Rock Formations, Healing Vortexes, And Ruins Left By The Sinagua, A Native People Who Mysteriously Disappeared Hundreds Of Years Ago Monsters Are A Recent Development This One Is Leaving Death And Destruction In Its Wake, And Delia And Her Friends Are The Only Ones Who Know What S Going On They Re Also The Only Ones With A Weapon That Can Harm The Creature If They Can Find It To Add To Their Problems, A Centuries Old Evil Has Been Reawakened, One That Threatens To Deliver The People Of Sedona To The Same Fate As The Sinagua And Delia And Her Friends Along With Them Loved it It took Book 1, which I did not love, and 1.5, which I liked, but now I am all in This is the stuff Not exactly fantasy, though there is that, and not exactly science fiction, though there is that too The elves or whatever they are, we just don t know , are fleshed out like a tease, as is their world, dimension, whatever it is This was fun and would make a great action movie I liked the voice of Delia picking up the story POV I am looking forward to action from this series.

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