Dangerous in Diamonds

Dangerous in Diamonds Tristan, Duque De Castleford, Acaba De Herdar Uma Pequena Casa E, Com Ela, Uma Grande Surpresa Daphne Joyes, Uma Bela Mas Agressiva Inquilina O Irreverente Tristan Deixa Logo Bem Claro Que Tenciona Seduzi La, Dar Lhe Prazer, E V La Coberta Apenas De Diamantes Mas Daphne Conhece Bem A Escandalosa Reputa O Do Duque, E N O Est Disposta A Ceder S Suas Provoca EsNo Entanto, Ambos T M Um Inimigo Em Comum Um Homem Cuja Malevol Ncia Acaba Por Os Ajudar De Uma Estranha E Inesperada Forma Existe, Todavia, Um Entrave O Segredo Que Daphne Guarda E Que A Leva A Ser Uma Mulher Extremamente Cautelosa Mas Embora O Seu Novo Senhorio Seja Arrogante E Se Entregue A Uma Vida De Deboches Exceto S Ter As Feiras , Daphne D Por Si A Baixar Perigosamente A Guarda At Porque, Afinal, Os Diamantes Ficam Bem Com Tudo E Tamb M Com Nada

Madeline Hunter is a nationally bestselling author of historical romances who lives in Pennsylvania with her husband and two sons Her books have won two RITA awards and seven nominations, and have had three starred reviews in Publishers Weekly In a parallel existence to the one she enjoys as a novelist, Madeline has a Ph.D in art history and teaches at an East Coast university.

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  • Dangerous in Diamonds
  • Madeline Hunter
  • Portuguese
  • 06 February 2017
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    4.5 starsI haven t read or listened to any of the other books in this series, but I picked this up in the recent Tantor Audio sale gawd bless em and was immediately hooked by the superb narration by Kate Reading.The story is pretty much a variant of your jaded rake meets woman who finally interests him plot, but what marks it out as a bit different is the inclusion of the historical detail around the Peterloo Massacre in 1819, plus Daphne s network of sisters , women who have been through similar experiences to herself at the hands of unscrupulous men.At the beginning of the story Tristan, the Duke of Castleford is surprised by the bequest of several plots of land he has received in the will of the Duke of Becksbridge, a distant relation He doesn t need the money or the land, and the late Duke s accompanying missive is cryptic to say the least, but while Castleford might spend six days out of every seven drinking and whoring, he does tend to his estates on Tuesdays and by all accounts has a very shrewd head for business and management.He decides to visit the closest of these packets of land, and finds himself at the Rarest Blooms , which is currently inhabited by Mrs Daphne Joyes, the widow of a soldier, and a younger, rather nervous woman named Katherine Johnson The property houses Mrs Joyes flower growing business and is also a sort of refuge for women who need to escape from the eyes of the world or worse things and live in peace and anonymity for a while.Castleford is immediately captivated by the beautiful and intelligent Mrs Joyes, and sets about trying to seduce her As far as that element of the story goes, it s not especially original, but it does have some delightful dialogue between the pair as they develop a friendship of sorts, and as Daphne begins to realise that there is to the Duke than many people believe or rather, than he allows many people to believe.But Daphne is a mystery, and Castleford s acute mind won t leave it alone he has to find out just who she is and why she is living alone, as well as working out why on earth he was left the properties in Becksbridge s will which are all dotted around in different parts of England He begins to piece the puzzle together slowly and it s likely the reader listener is a bit ahead of him, but Daphne s story, when it is finally revealed, packs no less a punch for that.I admit that I really liked Castleford as a character He s jaded and he s a rake and makes no bones about admitting it, but he s fiercely intelligent and honourable at the same time He s witty, has a great sense of humour, and he doesn t lie to Daphne He makes it clear to her that he wants her to become his mistress and that theirs will be a finite relationship, but he also shows her a lot of consideration, especially when he makes her a promise that most men would have found it impossible to fulfil The trouble is that it s hard to believe that this intelligent, witty, kind man only manages to stay sober on one day each week During the course of the book, we only see him after he has received the bequests and has become intrigued enough by Daphne and her situation to want to devote time to delving into her past and the mystery that surrounds her, but it s still difficult to believe that someone with his proclivities hasn t drunk himself to death or gambled away the family fortune long before now Daphne is obviously his perfect mate She can match him in intelligence, determination and wit, but she is not completely honest with him I suppose this is understandable, given her history and Castleford s reputation for insobriety and dissipation, but I did feel as though her insistence on not giving him her trust got a little wearying, especially after she d given in to his blandishments and become his lover.The sexual tension between the pair crackles from their first meeting Daphne is adamant that she does not want to be seduced, but is unable to stop herself becoming and fascinated by Castleford, who is such an odd mixture of depravity and astuteness as well as someone she is pretty sure knows how to show a girl a good time Even simple kisses raise the temperature and the love scenes, while not graphic, are very sensual.There are some fascinating glimpses of the political situation of the day in the novel, too England after the Napoleonic Wars was still suffering great hardships There was widespread famine and chronic unemployment, and conditions were made even worse by the introduction of the first corn laws, which meant it was illegal to import cheap wheat, even when there were shortages In the earlier part of the novel, we hear about the civil unrest that is spreading in the north of England and Castleford takes part in several discussions about what is happening and about what parliament should be doing in order to prevent disaster When he follows Daphne to Failsworth five miles outside Manchester , they both get to experience first hand the effects of the meeting at St Peter s field and the subsequent military charge.But the book is first and foremost a romance, and these events take place in the background so the progress of the central relationship is not slowed down in favour of a history lesson.As with so many other books in my TBR mountain, this is a title I opted to listen to rather than read, and I m so glad I made that choice, because Kate Reading s narration was outstanding Each of the characters in the book was voiced distinctly and there was never any confusion as to who was speaking Not only were the male and female voices different I think Ms Reading is one of a handful of female narrators who is able to lower the pitch of her voice sufficiently to sound reasonably convincing as a man but her portrayal of characters of the same sex was also very clearly delineated I noticed as well that even when she was narrating what was in a character s head she tended to speak using a tone similar to the one she used for that character s speech, so that it was very clear when we were hearing Castleford s thoughts or when we were hearing Daphne s I was so impressed with her delivery in this that I immediately headed over to Audible to see if I could find what other books Ms Reading has narrated I m pleased to say that she has worked on the Lauren Willig Pink Carnation series, several of which are already on my TBR pile, but it doesn t look as though she has narrated many historical romances at all, which is a great loss to the genre, IMO.In the end, I opted to give Dangerous in Diamonds 4.5 stars While I liked Castleford, it s impossible not to be a little distracted by the inconsistencies in his character, and that, together Daphne s repeated refusals to trust him did unbalance things a little for me in terms of the story But the narration is stellar, and I thought it than made up for the things I found problematic I haven t listened to any of the other books in this series and I m not sure I ll be doing so any time soon Had they been narrated by Kate Reading, I d probably be glomming them right now, but the other three books use someone else I m not familiar with, so I might wait a while before I pick any of them up.

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    I have been anticipating Castleford s story since I first met him back in the first book of this series, Ravishing in Red He was drunk, debauched, arrogant, thoroughly wicked, and I was helplessly intrigued He was almost unlikable in the beginning, but he grew through each book and stole the show whenever he had page time I think this book can be read as a standalone, but I don t think you ll have the same investment and fascination with Castleford if you haven t seen him evolve throughout the series It s like Bewcastle in Mary Balogh s Slightly series You need that build up and growth throughout the series to really make the character pop I m pleased that the Castleford we see in this book is the same that we saw in the previous books I was kind of afraid his character would be whitewashed But no, he s still the same man He has an ego the size of Texas, and he expects to get his way He s a duke and it shows He knows that he can be as bad as he wants and people will still fawn and simper over him It also helps that he s quite attractive and has a wicked charm under all that debauchery I ll be honest, Castleford carried this book for me I found that Daphne lacked the personality that was hinted at in the previous books Even though I sympathized with her situation I found her a little lackluster I didn t dislike her at all, but I found myself a little bewildered by Daphne s role as the catalyst for Castleford s change I understood in the beginning because Castleford was just temporarily changing his behavior to win her That s smart and calculating, and just like him But as we read we realized that he was slowly growing and changing permanently which was lovely to watch It s that change that left me confused I just didn t see the click between them that would have explained that.Ignoring the catalyst of it, I loved watching Castleford change It happened slowly and felt authentic I loved that he would not readily admit what was happening in the long run Any new objection by Daphne that was stated or implied was quickly dealt with no matter how much it galled him Some of them led to quite hilarious scenes Mrs Joyes, did I hear correctly Are you accusing me of being diseased The possibility is there That is all I am saying One cannot be too careful I agree Which is why I am most careful I assure you that I am not a danger to you She swallowed hard One never knows His gaze sharpened One most certainly knows The results of recent debauches may not be apparent yet to you Can you imagine Castleford s reaction to that LOL I enjoyed Daphne s reaction to Castleford s maneuvering of her in the beginning He manipulates her into staying in London so he can seduce her She knows what he s doing, but she doesn t flip out about it She lets him play his little game and continues to deny him what he wants All the while she continues to pursue her own goal The fact that she never lets Castleford mow her over pleased me Castleford s the kind of guy who will push as far as you will let him He ll back off when you show him the line, but he ll plot and deviously sneak until that point I liked that she had a realistic struggle over whether or not she could say no without it rebounding on her Even if Castleford didn t threaten her, she would have had to be completely dim not to fear the wrath of a duke The friendship between Castleford and the previous heroes is just as good as it ever was The scenes between them popped and I found it hilarious that Hawkeswell was so devastated by the thought of Castleford reforming The scenes between them and the easy camaraderie were one of the highlights of the book for me I also loved that even though Castleford wanted to be with Daphne, he was mortified by the thought of anyone knowing the lengths he went to please her in certain situations He kept making her promise not to tell anyone becasue it would ruin his reputation Although I enjoyed a lot about this book, there were some things that bothered me As I stated before, I felt that Daphne s personality wasn t as developed as I would have liked I also found her plot to discredit a certain someone in the book rather lame It wouldn t have succeeded at all if Castleford hadn t shown up and put his two cents in I also wished the spark between Daphne and Castleford could have flared a little bit Hunter is not what I would term a hot writer, so I wasn t expecting to be blown away by that, but the attraction was a bit low key than I was expecting for Castleford s story I also didn t like the surprise at the very end I felt it needed build up to feel natural to the story.Even though I did have gripes, I was pleased enough with Castleford s story to not let them bother me too much I m glad that Hunter finally gave us a story about him and gave us a look at what makes him tick.Favorite Quote It may take you a year to get an exquisite woman into bed, but I assure you it will be a week in my case Or two, perhaps Three at the outside But a year was ridiculous, and never was out of the question Then you must have an ace in your hand that I do not know about Only my charm Hawkeswell thought that was hilarious He laughed so rudely he turned red.

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    Hmm, I am not sure how I feel about the big surprise in the last 10 pages.Another solid effort from MH .

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    This is the final in a series and references the characters from those earlier books You don t need to have read the others to enjoy this one Probably But I d still recommend it.I ve been looking forward to this book from the beginning Or, rather, I looked forward to a romance containing either Daphne or Castleford Bonus that it s both Castleford has been the go to guy for out of the box solutions for the guys in the series and Daphne the same for the women So they re already strong characters before we start and I looked forward to fleshing them out.Unfortunately, the first half of the story has Castleford being a huge jerkwad who decides that he really must have Daphne Which, okay that s fine and all, but circumstances at the start put her rather decisively in his power he inherits the home and lands she has had use of for the last six years And he uses that power to coerce her options to his liking like living close by and forcing her into his orbit It s not quite sexual coercion, but it skirts a very fine line He never says sex me up or I ll turn you and the people you care about out on your ear but he certainly implies it and her internal dialogue takes that threat very seriously Hunter seems content that we see from his internal dialogue that he never intends to carry through with that and we see him making provisions for her future regardless of her decisions and rather handsomely at that But I paid attention and Daphne never gets even a small whiff of this and is left to believe that she must comply with his whims or else.Okay, it s actually worse than that view spoiler Castleford mellows in his treatment of Daphne, treating her like an actual person rather than a tasty sex toy, but while the threat retreats to the background, it hangs over her until near the very end hide spoiler

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    Once again I am completely taken by surprise I kind of want to know what was going on in Madeline Hunter s head when she wrote Sinful in Satin and this book because, in all honesty, these two books were LEAGUES above the first two I mean its night and day from book 2 to book 3 Just incredible I seriously don t know where to begin because even after 10 days, I am still speechless As I was hoping for in my Sinful in Satin review, Madeline Hunter decided to end her quartet with the equivalent of a noonday quick draw between the sherif Daphne, female MC and the lawless bandit Castleford, male MC And just like a quick draw it was fast and dangerous Oh man XD XD XD XD XDThe biggest issues I had with the first two books is that the plots seemed very small Like they weren t big issues but Madeline wrote them like they were I empathized with why Audrianna and Verity felt the need to hide out with Daphne but it wasn t dire Now Celia and Daphne s stories were dire In fact the plot in this book was the most complicated of them all and I totally understand why Daphne needed to hide There was a reason that she had that gun and it wasn t for show Daphne s back story was tragic, heartbreaking and powerful I was literally in shock as it came to light and when it finally did, you understood why Daphne acts the way she does and why The Rarest Blooms exists This book centred a lot around Castleford and Daphne and their tryst but it did also parallel Daphne s back story which was definitely the way it needed to be done and it was done exceedingly well.In terms of characters in this book, you do see the others occasionally I found that we didn t see Audrianna, Verity and Celia too much in this one but we do see of the boys of course which isn t so bad because they are Castleford s Rarest Blooms mates We also get to see what happens to Katherine, the girl Verity picked up by the harbour in her book, Provocative in Pearls and Edward, Castleford s practically indentured secretary LOL So many wonderful side characters were introduced and all of them were memorable I have to say that our villain was Grade A bad I mean despicable Damn SMH THE REAL HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPIONS OF THE WORLD here though are and its not because this is their book Daphne and Castleford Knowing that these two were going head to head was like waiting for the Tyson and Holyfield fight Am I dating myself OH MY and I was salivating at the bit These two did not disappoint From the jump the word play was at the highest as compared to the rest of the books in this series It was definitely a no holds bar scenario here and I loved every minute Listen, 6.0% page 22 into the book this is what you are looking forward too if you pick it up Daphne There is a young woman living here If you in any way importune her in your ongoing efforts toward varied badness, if you even flirt with her, I will shoot you Castleford If I die, they will hang you Daphne No, they will not My lawyer will pack the courtroom with other women you have seduced, and every father on the jury will vote to acquit me LMFAO I am telling you it only gets BETTER from here Incredibly witty, fast paced, and lethal is the way to describe the banter between these two silver tongues and I am impressed by it Well Done Madeline slow clap Honestly I didn t even know if it was possible to reign in Castleford but I knew if anyone could do it, it would be Daphne The ending was honestly so beautiful and touching It was really memorable and emotionally charged Castleford truly shows his merit and behind the vices lies a man of incredible integrity and honour Okay I can t gush about this book any longer because I am starting to tear up but if you haven t decided to read this book after all of this, there is nothing I can say I hope everyone gives the series a try overall These books are very interconnected so I do feel that you should really read all 4 books in order to fully understand everything and everyone ESPECIALLY CASTLEFORD as he is a character that grows throughout all the books In fact you get to learn about Daphne s character and her ideology by reading about her in the earlier books too but Castleford is the one with the most character growth overall.If any of you attempt to read this series or even just this book comment down below and let me know what you think.Happy Reading Jo

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    I enjoyed Kate Reading s narration of this audiobook just as much as I enjoyed reading the book three years ago I had forgotten some of the delicious details of the romance between Castleford and Daphne, and listening to these scenes was a toe curling experience I particularly liked the large doses of real life added to this rake meets spinster tale the Peterloo massacre and the dilemma of unmarried ladies taken advantage of by powerful men I do like real history in my historical romance.

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    You know how when you re a kid you just can t wait to open that one really special looking present and it seems the day will never, ever arrive, but it finally does and you open it and there s just underwear and socks inside That s kinda the way I felt when reading this, after waiting so many months with so much anticipation The book has some beautiful moments but they are counterbalanced by some strange, awkward or boring ones The secondary female characters, heroines of the 3 previous books, have turned into silly, giggling females Daphne, the heroine in this one, is a bit lacking in personality, is too serious, earnest, and humorless The only character to stay in character is Castleford and even with him you wonder just what it is about Daphne that inspires him to reform.If you have not read the 3 previous books, you might wonder what s all the fuss about Castleford I think you have to get hooked on his character over the space of those stories But hooked I was so I did enjoy the story and Hunter s writing is very good, as usual I also enjoyed the interaction of Castleford with the male secondary characters the heroes of the first 3 books although Jonathan H of SINFUL IN SATIN is much less interesting and compelling here than I found him to be in his own story Well, none of the secondaries, male or female, are as interesting here as they were as stars of their own books with the possible exception of Hawkeswell , but I suppose that s to be expected.Castleford is, fortunately, as compelling and fascinating as ever and his reformation and wooing of Daphne is amusing and entertaining to behold BTW, Hunter must have heard some readers complaints about Castleford s risky ways with loose women I confess to being one of them Complaining reader, that is, not loose woman He is forced to prove to Daphne that she will not suffer any health consequences from a physical relationship with him That s one of the amusing sections of the romance I personally wouldn t have been too convinced he was STD free from his explanations but Daphne was and that s all that matters There are many such entertaining interactions between the two The meeting places chosen by Castleford, what he does with his bed, his reaction to his own unexpected sobriety, etc.We have serious moments too because of secrets in Daphne s past and even in Castleford s Side stories with regard to women s powerlessness in the face of abuse, oppression of the working class by the elite and subsequent riots, etc But some of this just seems thrown into the mix for no real reason and does not advance the story but rather sets it off on tangents.Still, it is worth reading Castleford may be my favorite romance character since Loretta Chase s Dain He is splendid and complicated and I believe I m as in love with him as Daphne is That s why I was wanting a bit from Daphne as a reason for Castleford to fall in love with her Yes, she is ethereally beautiful but I m sure he s met up with beautiful women before Perhaps the beauty mixed with the earnestness goodness was what his subconscious was looking for as a reason to reform himself.

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    4.5 Devilish Duke Stars

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    Thoroughly satisfying close to the Rarest Blooms series Castleford s reformation still left enough of his wickedness intact to make him intriguing, and Daphne s secrets were heartbreaking enough to justify her holding onto them for so long Together they were a well balanced couple and I can see them settling into marriage with their friends the Summerhayes , the Albrightons and the Hawkesvilles quite nicely Can t wait to see what Hunter has in mind for her next project I have no doubt it will be as much fun as the Rarest Blooms has been.

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    There are too many things wrong here I cannot believe how Daphne was portrayed Unbelieveable Her past was just a headshake what Oh really Hmm As for Castleford, while it irks me, his development was rather good SPOILERS RECAP Blah blah the Rarest Bloom we already know about Daphne lives in the current residence that shelters the women that needs to get away from their unwanted past Enter Castleford absolute rakehell who decided to check out what his damn father left him Check they meet Daphne hides her identity until he states his intentions Yes, she threatens to shoot him if he does anything That s the character I know and appreciate from her small roles in the other books She can easily just look through a man like glass who attempts to charm her but oh no, she knows better than to easily for their tricks Until she met Castleford Cue he tries to seduce her, she evades him I loved Daphne at the start Right of the bat when the walked through the garden and they kiss She puts up resistance HELL YES but she succumbs easily as well WHAT THE FUCK before gathering her wits and puts up her front again Good so far Skip to the next time they meet He blackmails her to stay Coz in 10 days, he WILL bed her, he assures himself That s how he is Manipulating her about the arrangement with the property She stays Skip inner thoughts of both characters who are frustrated, confused and determined to NOT let him seduce her Fail sigh He kisses her all the time now and she just melts, no resistance although she attempts to reprimand herself This is coming from a woman who is apparently strong There s a party, blah blah, she tenses at Castleford s friend a duke who is bad despite his good reputation and Castleford kisses her again in the garden Much later on in between, they make out with Daphne already just like another female character in histroicals who just falls for all the sexual acts the hero throws her way they make a deal Actually Castleford does With the number of whores and ladies he had sex with, Daphne is worried This was just to throw him off He s dumbfounded and seals the deal with bringing her his clean records Oh, he gives her diamonds just like he did to any woman he s fucked or wanted to She knows this but of course, she melts And considers the deal The woman I admired in this series She was here in the first chapter Gone midway Castleford takes the spotlight as he changes Castleford gets his documents from a doctor who checks all the brothels he went to and the women there are apparently clean who argues he isn t 100% sure that Castleford is clean The duke just dismisses him afterwards, doesnt care there s a tiniest ever chance he isn t clean just so he can bed Daphne Yeah, talk about being careful Oh yes, he s also writing a book and the last chapter is about his seduction of Daphne Right He s stuck at this but to me, he could have finished this soon with how Daphne falls over everytime she s in his arms At this point, Daphne still puts up her strict, proper front to others Of course Much later, we finally get into the main plot Castleford finds out the why his father kept the Rarest Bloom which he assumed was just a front for his mistresses Wrong Great, I m loving Castleford s gradual change and revelations 3 4 into the book, Daphne Castleford also focuses on the victims Read the rest for thewell, rest And yes, their HEA.Daphne really pissed me off here This female character just she just ARGH She just lets him lead her around, she knows it but hardly fights later on Not interesting at all A virgin who lets her would be lover cover her with himself and anticipates him I can read most of that in other historical romance books I thought Daphne could do better Sure it s sexual tension, but Daphne was just so easy midway It frustrated me so much as I kept reading Why I don t know but maybe because of Castleford And she doesn t call him by his Christian name Daphne aside, it s an okay read I already expected Castleford to be a bit of an ass, which he is, but still I liked him okay.

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