Consumption For Fans Of Stephen King, Joe Hill, And Sarah Langan Comes A Thrilling New Vision Of American Horror In Heather Herrman S Heart Pounding Debut Novel, Evil Is Ready To Feed And It S Got One Hell Of An Appetite In The Wake Of Tragedy, John And Erma Scott Are Heading West In Search Of A New Life So When Car Trouble Strands Them In Sleepy Cavus, Montana, They Decide To Stay For A While, Charmed By The Friendly Residents And The Surrounding Ambiance Here, They Hope, Is The Healing Balm That Their Marriage Needs Then John And Erma Find Themselves In A Fight Not Just To Save Their Marriage, But Their Very Lives For This Is No Ordinary Town Its Quiet Streets Conceal A Dark And Bloody Secret That Has Slumbered For Centuries Now, That Secret Is Awake And It S Hungry Like A Slow Infection, Evil Is Spreading Through Cavus Soon John And Erma Along With The Local Sheriff, An Undocumented Immigrant, A Traumatized Teenage Girl, And An Old Man With Terrible Secrets Of His Own Must Join Together To Battle An All Consuming Force That Has Set Its Sights On Its Prey The Entire Human Race

Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Consumption book, this is one of the most wanted Heather Herrman author readers around the world.

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  • 342 pages
  • Consumption
  • Heather Herrman
  • 09 July 2018
  • 9781101884744

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    John and Erma are on their way to start a new life They ve had recent marriage problems and hope to start anew Then they start through a small town by the name of Cavus, Montana They have car trouble and are picked up by the local sheriff who tells them that their luck is shot because everyone is getting ready for the Squirrel festival and no one will have time to fix their car He takes them to his aunt s house until their car can be fixed town that won t let you leave you know this shit is not going to end well You then get to meet some of the town s characters and realize this is not Kansas, Dorothy The sheriff s former deputy had recently quit his job after losing his wife and his teenage daughter Star knows that something isn t right with dear old dad lately Then there is that body of the woman at the kitchen table with her face ate off Erma and John decide that the town is charming and it s helping them to put their past aside so they decide to attend the town s squirrel festival They can leave later, they think.The town has a population of black squirrels that date back to the town s beginnings where the whole town was killed except for one girl and all the squirrels Now along with this part of the story weaved in between chapters you are given some of the back story about what weirdness is going on For the biggest part of the book the reader is just teased with bits and pieces People either eating or being made eat parts of dirt Weirdo running around in a ratty yellow raincoat Those are just some of the happenings in this sleepy little town Now for why I m rating it 2.5 stars rounded up to 3 I like my horror to at least be in a realm of possibility for some reason If it s not possible at least be weird enough to keep my fickle mind entertained This book came close but no cigar I got frustrated with it and just wanted the ending to hurry up It was pretty predictable but it s not the worst I ve ever read All in all I would recommend if you are in the mood for some people eating nom noms.I received a copy of this book from Netgalley.

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    Welcome to Cavus, Montana A charming little town with friendly residents and an intriguing history Once upon a time the Indians that lived close by called this land bad and refused to settle there, but that was a long time ago and sure there have been some odd events now and then Like young Lucy that apparently ate her husband and then disappeared and, of course, the well known mining accident that claimed all the residents except one person But that was a long time ago, this is a sweet ordinary town And, now the yearly festival his here and it s bound to be an exceptional event John and Erma are traveling across the country to start anew and happen to get stranded in the town because of car problem But it s such a charming town with friendly people so they decided to go to the festival and when the car is fixed continue travel But something is really wrong in the town, people are acting strange and could it be something true to the old saying that the land is cursed Reading this book was like riding a rollercoaster Everything starts slowly and suddenly it s free fall and it you just have to cling to the handles and just enjoy the ride Well, it s a bit different when it comes to this book since riding a rollercoaster wagon doesn t include gore, blood, and horror.I really liked the interesting back story with the mining accident I just knew that there must have been something than just an accident and I eagerly turned the pages to learn what the hell is wrong with the people and the city, what really happened in the past This is a book for people with a strong stomach The story can be a bit nasty and there are children involved in this story and if you have a problem with that should you probably not read it I actually could take it better than I usually do, but I think that s because it s not a thriller, but a horror book I find crime closer the reality actually worse than things that are paranormal But as a horror book it s really good, well written and interesting and there are no parts that bog down the story In other words a really good horror book I received this copy from the publisher through NetGalley and from TLC Book Tours in return for an honest review

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    Review copySomething terrible happened before the fire that destroyed Cavus, Montana, in 1937 Now, it s happening again.There was a lot I liked about Consumption For example, the story of how John and Erma met and fell in love was magical wonderfully crafted, ultimately believable, which made what happened next so heartbreaking.I also liked the story of Lucy McClarin, told through her journal, the circus, and what happened in 1937.Then there s the Black Squirrel Festival and finally, the Feeder and its influence over the people in this small Montana town.For the longest time, it seems something big is about to happen, but it just remains hidden There are moments of brilliance in Heather Hermann s writing and at times what is happening in Cavus is truly disturbing As a reader, you just need to be patient with this story, when it all comes together, it does so with a big bang, and it all works rather well.Overall, this is quite an imaginative horror story I love the words the author has for her mother in the acknowledgments, Mom, if it helps you can pretend this is just a children s book for adults That it is.Consumption is available as an e book from Hydra, an imprint of Random House.Recommended.

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    Don t fight it Just admit it Admit your sins, man They re beautiful You re beautiful, you humans with your dirt and your filth and your sins It s the trying to cover them that s wrong Hmmm maybe 3.5 stars I can t make up my mind about this I very much enjoyed the mind fuckery aspects and the growing sense of dread that built throughout the first half I thought the switching perspectives, especially John and Erma, and the way they all eventually collided was really smartly interwoven It was also weird as fuck sometimes, which I usually appreciate Breathe, two, three, four Imagine yourself on a river A motherfucking river with two dead bodies and a corpse with a tail Hallelujah All of the weirdness was clearly building to something All the creepy and tantalizing hints of the the badness that was to come promised to be dark and icky Feedersshudder I couldn t wait to find out what was going on Humans were born to consume, to be consumed by their desires. I was disappointed when the Feeders view spoiler despite the whole feeding into a great dark devil and giving into your darkest sins aspect hide spoiler

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    Heather Herrman s debut horror novel, Consumption, is a ride through the small town of Cavus Cavus is cursed by something called, The Feeders They devour souls and flourish off the sins of man The only thing preventing The Feeders from bringing a full blown hell to Earth is a small group of people thrown together by fate When The Feeders reveal themselves, the fate of Cavus and the world is left to the only uninfected humans still standing in the cursed town.I enjoyed the characters Star, Erma, and Officer Riley carry this piece along quite well Herrman doesn t play it safe along the way either She lets the story dictate the fate of those we follow That s refreshing Too often today, especially with newer writers, we see them take the easiest path or play to the readers Herrman goes full speed ahead, shying away from no horror, as she explores every nasty facet of the curse and its affect on the good people of Cavus It s raw, its brutal, its in your face Just the way good horror should be At the same time, Herrman weaves real life problems into this fantastic, dark world The struggles of a married couple, the loss of family, the frustration of a father separated from his baby girl This book give you plenty of fright, but makes it all stick with believable characters their personal plights.Consumption is reminiscent of the macabre works of Bentley Little That is a huge compliment to Merrman I csan t wait to see what the author does next I give Consumption 4 Stars.

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    Review CONSUMPTION by Heather HerrmanCONSUMPTION is pure unrelenting horror, finally a new twist very scary and definitely not the routinized vamps werewolves serial killers zombies tropes CONSUMPTION has an almost Lovecraftian overtone I won t spoil the suspense by pointing out where it surfaces Most amazing, this novel provided something I ve not experienced in a long time a brooding atmosphere that perturbed me and put me on edge from the very first page, not despair but the imminent intuition that something is so very wrong in this town Heather Herrman proves herself to be an author to watch.

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    I got this book from Netgally as an advanced read I really enjoyed reading this book The story line was intriguing and the characters came alive as I was reading I read this book late into the night when I should have been sleeping because I had to know what was happening As I learned about the characters, I wanted to them to make it through the story The twists of the story kept me guessing and the writing was very good I am glad I found this story

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    3.5 Evil is an asshole in a yellow slicker Stars There are certain books, that while you are reading them, you wonder to yourself, Hmmm, what the fuck am I reading and then there are others that you think, WHAT.IN THE.FUCK am I reading well, for me, my feelings while reading Consumption fell right in between those two reactions it was of a, Hmmm this is weir..WHOA What in the fucking hell Even though it seems like it would be a scary read, it really wasn t for me, I wasn t scared in the least, but I was disturbed Very, very disturbed About midway through this book, I was fairly certain that I hated it, but I kept reading it because, unknown to me at the time, Ms Herrman had planted the seed of a little sicko in my head within those first few chapters and it was morbidly curious as to what would happen next, what other atrocities would be done and it needed to know how this book would end Imagine my surprise as well when I found myself actually fucking tearing up during reading this TWICE Here s the thing, though Consumption is a profoundly disturbing tale and is filled with horrible things, beneath all the terrible and wrongness, there is a pretty beautiful lesson to be learned Now, not everyone will walk away from this seeing some hidden meaning, hell, for all I know, there isn t really one and my mind just conjured one up to make sense of everything that I just read minds can be a very powerful thing , but hidden agenda or not, I don t think a single person can walk away from this one and not at least wonder, when it comes to the battle between good and evil, what side would you be an agent for This book is dark and disturbing and in some instances downright weird and for me, while reading this my moral compass was going absolutely haywire There were a few tense moments in which I was sure lightening was going to strike me dead where I lay for reading some of the content within this book and I was uncomfortable as hell during a lot of it, but I always say, if someone is brave enough to write it, then I ll be brave enough to read it I was brave enough to read it Just barely though.Overall, this book is NOT for everyone and if you are the slightest bit squeamish about violence, death or impiety, then you need to stay away from this one, there is a healthy dose of all that and throughout this read If you enjoy darker reads that showcase the darker side of humanity, evil and nothing is off limits to you, then this is your book I have read a few Stephen King and Joe Hill novels the KINGS no pun intended of dark and disturbing and I can say that while not as dark and scary as some of the books I have read from them, Ms Herrman s Consumption can be thrown in with that lot and that is saying something.Happy reading, until next time I would like to thank NetGalley and Random House Publishing Group Hydra for the ARC of this title in exchange for an honest review.

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    When I read a blurb on a book that compares it to Stephen King, I cringe a little Sometimes it seems like every horror author wants to be Stephen King I cant blame them I want to be Stephen King But those public relation drones in the advertising division of that mainstream publishing company wants you to be Stephen King because that is where the big bucks are If I ever do write the great American horror novel, I plan to have a provision in my contract that says, DO NOT COMPARE ME WITH STEPHEN KING But the blurb on Heather Herman s novel, Consumption does compare her to Stephen Kingand Joe Hilland the lesser known but in the same ball park Sarah Langan That will probably be fortunate or unfortunate depending on the reader But there is no doubt that Consumption is dependent on a formula for mainstream horror We have a couple with issues going into a situation that will make or break them There is a nondescript small town with a mysterious event about to take place, in this case the Black Squirrel Festival We have a cast of dozens, all with their own level B issues And finally, a dark and seemingly invulnerable terror I ve seen this all before Yet Consumption starts out promising There is a slow but nice build up We get some tragic happenings that foreshadow worst to come For the first half of the novel, I was envisioning a scenario that raises the book out of the formula and into something different.What went wrong For starters our promised monsters called the Feeders didn t impress Essentially they are a take off on zombies smart, hard to identify but still zombie like nonetheless With the nice build up I expected Then there is the cast of dozens No one really stood out John and Erma seem to be the most obvious protagonists with their relationship issues and the faint glimmer of hope that we see at the beginning But nothing really develops from there and we are thrown into a soup of extras all vying for the brass ring When we finally find the catalyst that knows what is going on we have crossed the point of no return and are headed for don t care Yes, Consumption is formula but that doesn t mean it can t work Robert McCammon s first few books were all formula yet there was something about the writing that jumped out at you and made it live I just don t see that here While Hermann had a great idea and can write very well, the story overall becomes weighed down with too much filling, not enough uniqueness and not enough awe It is mildly entertaining but eventually forgettable There are some good, maybe even great things in it but just not enough for me to recommend it.

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    Many horror books are purported to be the next thing fans of Stephen King should be sure to read Almost every time such claims turn out to be false Almost But not this time Heather Herrman shares King s ability to create characters that seem alive and that we come to care about Consumption is in many ways like King s second book Salems Lot in concept and reminds me of Carrie in execution A small town hides a dark secret One that preys on its habitants time and time again This time, the darkness is poised to escape out of the isolated town of Cavus, Montana and out into the rest of the world unless a small band of disparate people join together to form a dysfunctional family to protect each other s back and face the Feeder.Herrman writes with a deft hand handling character, setting and all important in a horror story pacing This is a real page turner with nary a dull section The real strength of the book are the weaknesses each of the protagonists are embued with It makes them alive and makes their struggle to overcome evil all that engrossing We are pretty sure what the outcome will be but Herrman keeps us on the edge of our seats guessing how it will all come to pass until the very end.Heather Herrman is a writer I definitely plan to keep an eye on.

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