Winter Seedlings

Winter Seedlings Winter Seedlings Is A Story Of Survival From Childhood Sexual Abuse, The Journey To Heal The Heart, Mind, And Body It Is A Story Rich With Characters Struggling To Define Their Sexuality, Reach Self Acceptance, And Understand What It Means To Be LovedJute S Mother Married Earl InWithin Minutes Of Moving Into His Trailer In Maryville, Tennessee, They Were Shown Just How Evil He Could Be Her Sister Chose To Try To Please Him Jute Chose To Try To Avoid Him If She Could, Jute Would Have Made Herself Invisible Instead, She Made Herself Repulsive, Even Frightening This Kept Earl S Hands Off Her, So It Didn T Matter If People Mistook Her For A Boy Or Call Her A Freak Jute Was Certain She Didn T Need Love Anyway, Didn T Want It She Didn T Even Know How To Love But If She Did, She Would Love AllieAllie Is Beautiful, Wears Vintage Dresses, And Craves Approval She Has Suffered Her Own Abuse, But She Blames Herself She Knows If She Becomes A Better Person, A Person Worth Loving, A Person Willing To Give Up Everything, A Man Will Love Her If Only Allie Could See Herself Through Jute S Eyes When Allie Inadvertently Puts Jute In Danger, They Are Forced To Face Their Demons If They Drop Their Guard, Will Love Be Able To Penetrate Their Scars And Repair Their Hearts, Or Will Their Self Loathing Destroy Them Before It Can Winter Seedlings is not always an easy and pleasurable reading, but it s definitely worth a try Even though all the main characters are still in their teenage years, they have already experienced so much terrible things that it would last for a lifetime It is especially true in case of Jute and Allie, who despite their dark past try to look forward with hope The story is rather straightforward, yet skilfully told with an unusual attention to details, at some points even a bit too graphic for my taste However, because it is told only from one main character s perspective, it leaves me wondering how the other important figure Allie saw things I hope I findof her perspevtive in Hold This Close Anyway, as I generally like books related to LGBTQ issues, I m happy I found this one, although it explores muchthan sexuality Caution can be triggering for people who experienced sexual abuse Jute and Allie have been best friends since the day, almost ten years ago, that they met in the woods when Jute sneaked out to escape from her abusive stepfather Now they re 17 and 18 and, due to her mother s divorce, Jute thinks she s finally escaped But old fears haunt her and old wounds still hurt When Allie inadvertently puts Jute in danger, the two of them flee Tennessee The act sets them on a path that will alter both their lives as they come to terms with the past and learn how to love themselves, and possibly each other Winter Seedlings, the debut novel by Julie Roberts Trowe, deals with a number of disturbing subjects, such as child abuse, self harm both physical and emotional, and the harm that can be inflicted by dogmatic religion All the major characters are outcasts for one reason or another, and all deal with it or don t in their own, individual ways I didn t get as absorbed in this book as much as I would have liked Often it seemed to be trying to do too much, and I would have liked it better if it had addressed fewer events on a deeper level Several of the characters weren t as developed as they could have been I also would have liked to have knownabout Allie I never felt I understood why she had the issues that she did, so a lot of her actions frankly mystified me A wider angle on the context would have been helpful.Trowe s strongest writing is when she makes her characters the most vulnerable I was particularly impressed with the way she handled Jute s episodes of PTSD, almost inevitably linked to her sexual awakening The dreams, flashbacks, and blackouts she suffers were vivid and haunting Winter Seedlings offers a solid treatment of some intense subject matter I looks forward to seeing how Ms Towe progresses as an author.

Julie Roberts Towe spent most of her life in east Tennessee in the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains The beauty of nature is ever present in her writing Now living in a North Texas suburb with her husband and four children, Julie returns home to Appalachia in her stories She covers many diverse subjects in her writing, but particularly addresses topics relating to equality for women and th

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  • Winter Seedlings
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  • 28 July 2019
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