Walking on Her Grave (Rogue River, #4)

Walking on Her Grave (Rogue River, #4) This book came with the audio included on Kindle Unlimited I mostly used the audio version.Narrator Kate RuddListening Length 3 hours and 1 minuteProgram Type AudiobookVersion UnabridgedPublisher Brilliance AudioNarration Very good narration by Kate Rudd for this audiobook It seems as though by book 4 the narrator was really in tune with the story and the characters Of the four novellas, this is her strongest performance The character distinction was clear, and it was easy to understand which characters were speaking Rudd displayed good tonal range Male characters were easily distinguishable from female characters There was sufficient differentiation from one female character to the next While there was little difference between Seth s and Zane s voices, there was substantial differentiation from other male voices There were no awkward stumbles or pauses in the narration 5 5 Production Sound quality was good The audio was clear and sound levels were consistent Pauses between chapters was sufficient There were a handful of times where the audio and text were not synced 4 5 Overall Experience Overall, this story translated to audio quite well 5 5 The Story Seth is hunting down an arsonist while Carly is searching for a missing teen Both events are related to the bigger issue of drug production and distribution in small town Solitude, Oregon.This final novel focuses on Carly and Seth but other series main characters, Stevie and Zach are brought in as well It s good to see how all four have changed over the course of the series and in their relationships too The clues leading up to the big reveal were well laid across the series I had narrowed down my suspicions to two people but a red herring threw me off the real culprit until the end Everything clicked at that point and the loose ends were tied up I think a major part of that storytelling success is due to how well both Melinda Leigh and Kendra Elliot worked together in producing the alternating instalments for the series My favourite parts Seth and Carly working together I thought the author did a very good job of showing two people trying to rebuild a marriage.Carly and Stevie setting off fireworks.My least favourite part Using Carly s and Patsy s feelings again to trigger a warning Thankfully the GPS is a far practical assist Each segment of this series told it s own story The cohesion of the series was excellent A very entertaining and intriguing ride overall. The conclusion of the Rogue River series of novellas There are four in all, two written by Kendra Elliot and two written by Melinda Leigh They follow one story arc but from different perspectives Kendra Elliot s two novellas follow the story of Stevie and Zane while Melinda Leigh s two novellas follow Carly and Seth There is a little romance, perhaps enough to call these books romantic suspense, but only just It s pretty good I picked the villain fairly early, maybe in the first of the four but there was plenty going on to keep me reading to the end I think price is an issue They are quite expensive for novellasbuying all four which will add up to an average sized book will cost 12.00 for the Kindle versions If you go the audiobook path, you re paying a minimum of 40.00 for all four, and if you foolishly use audible.com credits it is pretty damned close to 50 I paid my money and I enjoyed it I don t feel gypped but I think selling all four novellas together for 5.00 6.00 would be a fair price for everyonemoney for the authors and value for the readers. The Electrifying Conclusion Of The Romantic Suspense Novella Series From Melinda Leigh And Kendra Elliot The Sleepy Town Of Solitude, Oregon, Has Turned Into Ground Zero For A Turf War Between The Manufacturers And Distributors Of A Lethal New Drug When A Teenage Witness Disappears, Social Worker Carly Taylor Must Find Him Before He S Silenced PermanentlyRogue County Investigator Seth Harding Wants To Keep Carly, His Estranged Wife, Out Of Harm S Way, But She Refuses To Let His Concern Keep Her From Doing Her Job When One Of Her Young Charges Vanishes, Carly Gets Pulled Even Deeper Into The Deadly Case, And Seth Knows He Must Help Her Even If It Leads Them Right Into The Criminals CrosshairsExplosive And Exciting To The Last Page, Walking On Her Grave Is The Fourth And Final Thrilling Addition To The New Romantic Suspense Series From Melinda Leigh And Kendra Elliot A new drug called C 22 has taken its toll on the small town of Solitude, Oregon It has killed many locals, including the Chief of Police Others who may have had their hands in the making and distribution of the drug have been found with bullet holes in their heads Detective Seth Harding is leading the investigation into the drug distribution When a teen who was once caught with the drug, goes missing, Seth s estranged wife, Social Worker Carly Taylor, gets pulled into the search Seth worries that she ll be hurt while trying to help some of the delinquents in her group But it may not be a teenager who is causing the drug problems in this small town The last story in the Rogue River novellas brings the series to a satisfying conclusion We find out who is the mastermind behind the drug trade in Solitude I listened to the audio version of this book and thought the narrator did an excellent job My rating 4 Stars. Just letting you know before you start this series, that it REALLY ISN T a romance Often publishers bill books as a romance to cross categories to obtain readers, even if the romance only includes a kiss or dating Such as this series This is a conglomeration of two authors writing a continuing saga in novella form about one mystery Deaths are happening in this small town, because of the intro of a newly manufactured drug Each author is writing about a different couple That saidI just hate Carly She s such a bitch I m sorry It just seems she blames all of the marriage issues on her husband it all comes down to him being worried about her safety the possibility of her getting hurt doing her job For her, to make her marriage perfect, Seth is the one who needs to change his job, not her and why do they not have some sort of custody thing happening It s just weird.The mystery itself was VERY good and that story throughout the series kept my attention It ended perfectly, having the perfect person was the mastermind behind the drug manufacturing sales I wish, I wish, I wish that this story was a little deeper had some romance It would have been a great story I ve just finished Walking on Her Grave Rogue River 4 by Melinda Leigh, and despite all my hope that the series would finish with an exciting conclusion, I was disappointed Overall I found the series of novellas neither romantic nor suspenseful There is a main plot that is spread across all four novellas that is tied up in this installment, in a rather quick and superficial way.Out of my 4 major complaints about this series, I think my biggest one is the story is written in a very simple language The story lacks depth of plot, descriptive language, the suspense that makes you not want to put the book down, or the romantic angle that just has you hoping the couple will be OK and survive the danger the book entails There are two romantic subplots in the story Stevie coming back home and the attraction between she and Zane, and Carly Stevie s sister and her husband Seth Both romances are superficial, with little animal magnetism, connection, or convincing action between the couples Yes, the couples kiss and maybe hold hands but beyond that it seems like working relationships, as their jobs cross paths with each other Neither subplot is resolved throughout the 4 novellas.The mystery, suspense, crime element of the story which I will not share , had the potential to be much better There are several deaths of local town folk throughout the novellas, reoccurring roles of primary and lead secondary characters, but in the end we know very little about the characters The reader is given just enough info to be a place holder for the character I also wondered why outside officials like the FBI or DEA weren t included in the investigation, if this was such a BIG problem in the town of Solitude and out towards the Oregon coast, why the local law enforcement officials handled it all Overall, I wish there had been a in depth plot, better characters portrayals, convincing romances, and better writing.I was give this novella by NetGalley on behalf of Montlake Romance for an honest review The expected publication date is Nov 18,2014For me this was a 1.75 to 2.0 star read 2.5 StarsCarly and Seth have been separated for several months now over what Carly feels is overprotective behavior on Seth s part Carly s job as a social worker puts her in harm s way at times, but she wants Seth to have faith in her judgment whether she needs backup or not Seth is trying to curtail his protective instincts to get his wife and daughter back, but that s a little hard being a cop, and privy to what can and does go wrong I m happy that Seth and Carly were forced to work together and that Carly got to see what she could easily lose when Seth was put in danger I felt the whole reason Carly left in the first place was a little flimsy, and I totally understood why Seth would feel worried about his wife I would be worried for anyone wading into cases of domestic tumult, man or woman, so I was a little miffed that Carly would leave, not only putting their marriage on the line, but separating Seth from his young daughter That didn t sit well with me I had a hard time liking or respecting Carly.Writing a mystery and fleshing out the dynamics of a marriage in crisis is a challenge in a full length story, so I think it s even difficult to do so in a novella Walking on Her Grave was entertaining, but it didn t knock my socks off. The conclusion to the Rogue River novellas was just as intense and fast paced as the earlier stories Carly and Seth are tentatively trying to rebuild their marriage while both are involved in trying to stop the drug problem growing in their town This story starts with a fire The resort started by the O Rourkes to add to the economic stability of Solitude catches fire Seth and Carly were fishing near by and Seth rushes in and manages to save two of the three men trapped inside Carly keeps him from going in after the third which saves his life The thought of losing Seth when he takes another chance with his life makes Carly decide to accelerate their reconciliation.However, Seth and Carly have to find a way to overcome Seth s protective instincts He is trying to remind himself that Carly is a strong and competent woman but those protective instincts are a very large part of his personality It was nice to see him allow Carly to be herself and do what she needed to do especially when one of her young clients disappears.The story was action packed and filled with danger I think a good part of it took place in the local ER where either Carly or Seth were getting patched up after dangerous encounters I thought the conclusion was satisfying and the whole quartet of novellas well written Fans of romantic suspense and of novellas will enjoy these stories. The fourth of four thrilling Rogue River novellas, Melinda Leigh gives us Walking On Her Grave a page turning romantic suspense.The storyline continues involving C 22 a dangerous killer drug and expands when townspeople are missing and then discovered murdered Carly and Seth return in this story and work together not only on their relationship but also in trying to find one of Carly s troubled teens who was involved with C 22 and has run away They risk their lives trying to find him which brings us to the explosive and exciting conclusion.Bravo to Melinda Leigh and Kendra Elliot for giving us a thrilling series 2.5 stars.I liked this one It had some good plot development and the reader was able to find the culprit behind the crime spree in Solitude, OR We also have some nice relationship development between Carly and Seth They were realistic characters with believable positive and negative attributes I couldn t help but admire them One thing I really do appreciate about the two couples featured in this series is that there is absolutely no OP drama And the other thing I really like is that neither Hs are manhos There s nothing mentioned about their pasts, but they have absolutely no desire to be with anyone else in their thoughts or otherwise than their respective hs I m looking forward to seeing what else is in store for us in Solitude, OR These novellas are the perfect little nuggets of fun for someone who loves safe, romantic suspense.

Wall Street Journal bestselling author Melinda Leigh is a fully recovered banker A life long lover of books, she started writing as a way to preserve her sanity while raising her kids Over the next few years, she learned a few things about writing a book The process was much fun than analyzing financial statements, and she decided to turn her hobby into a career Melinda s debut novel, SHE

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