Shadows Descent - Tides of Darkness (Chronicles of the Fists #2)

Shadows Descent - Tides of Darkness (Chronicles of the Fists #2) This Is An ACE Of ASIN BMUIEG Shadow S Descent Tides Of DarknessTheir World Assaulted By An Extradimensional Invasion Of Life Devouring Shadow, Yip And His Companions Must Find A Way To Halt The Incursion Before The Cabal And Their Loathsome Allies Drain The Living Energies Of Their Planet, Destroying All Life And Potential On Ea Ae Aided By Aroganji The Fang Shi, Master Of The Elements Of Change, Wrindanneth Priest Of Maeth Onai, Wielder Of Divine And Arcane Magics, And Slate The Dwarven Axe Wielding Bor Banna, Imbued By The Powers Of The All Father S First Forge, Yip Ventures To Taerris Thule, The City Of The Fallen Gods, In An Effort To Restore The Seal Of Eldre Gheu, One Of The Fourteen Seals Protecting Ea Ae From Extraplanar IntrusionShadow S Descent Is The Second Book Of The Chronicles Of The Fists, An Epic Fantasy Trilogy Recounting Yip And His Friends Adventures Against The Forces Of Darkness

❮Reading❯ ➵ Shadows Descent - Tides of Darkness (Chronicles of the Fists #2)  ➭ Author Joseph J. Bailey –
  • Kindle Edition
  • 553 pages
  • Shadows Descent - Tides of Darkness (Chronicles of the Fists #2)
  • Joseph J. Bailey
  • English
  • 07 November 2017

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    Sword Sorcery meets Shaolin The story told in the Chronicles of the Fists trilogy is not one full of plot twists, convolutions, or multiple story archs Nor are the Chronicles gritty fantasies full of bloodshed and violence The adventures told in Shadow s Rise, Shadow s Descent, and Lords of Light are, taken together, simply the tale of a young monk named Yip and his efforts to save his world Ea ae It is also a story of how Yip grows and rises to the occasion along each step of the way The epicness of the trilogy is in the scope of the world, its ideas, people and places, and the enormity of Yip s journey revealed one vivid detail at a time.What first drew me into the story was the world as seen through Yip s eyes, one where he can directly see, feel and experience the magical energies all around He calls these energies chi and they form the basis of his development, appreciation, and deep understanding of the world he is thrust into when his monastery is first attacked and he is forced to flee for his life Most fantasy novels have characters that live in magical worlds that can do wondrous things but, by and large, they see and interact with the world like you and me Not so with Yip I really enjoyed the exploration of how living in a magical place shaped not only the world and its environs but also Yip s perceptions and how this evolution in interacting with the world is reflected in the story This magical layer adds a richness and depth to the book and is very much unique to the Chronicles of the Fists.Varied adventures aside I won t give details away , the next component of the tale that captured my imagination were the main characters Yip befriends on his overarching quest The Four or Fists , as they are called, have a real chemistry that the author brings to life through humor, witty dialogue, and a real nuance for detail The main characters in particular were lively, engaging, and much appreciated I particularly enjoyed Yip s flashbacks to his training sessions with his teacher Master Wei They reminded me of a fantasized version of similar sequences in the old Kung Fu TV series Snatch the pebble from my hand.I would have liked to see a bit action or extended action but the novelty of Ea ae and its magical systems, the diversity of the characters and inhabitants, and the immersive quality of the writing, all combined for a wonderful tale that is well worth reading and is highly recommended

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    From the Author I started the Chronicles of the Fists story arch with a simple question, What if we lived in a world where our beliefs were real, tangible, and actualizable So often characters in fantasies live in rich worlds full of marvels but they see and interact with the world just like you and me I wanted to try something different I wanted to create a story where the universe was alive with the beauty, wonder and magic of a unique point of view, where the main character sees and feels the currents that shape his perception and understanding, the radiant energy of life and magic flowing all around Blending Eastern mysticism with Western fantasy, I wanted to explore the mind of an otherworldly martial ascetic, to share the experience of magic and belief made real.The Chronicles of the Fists trilogy is the outcome of this effort I have lived with the books characters and their stories over the past several years and hope they bring as much pleasure to you as they have for me

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    After finishing Shadow s Rise I was eager to see what was next for this magical yet comical foursome Author Bailey did not disappoint Descent had all the beautiful imagery, imaginative fantasy, and witty banter of Rise with an added cast of fascinating characters and a new level of edge of your seat action combat I particularly enjoyed the four s time in Tellanon immersing myself in the wonders of the truly other worldly city and getting to know each member of the Home Gaurd and their supernatural talents through their extensive training aboard the Shrike Llyewia and Spreesprocket join Slate in my growing list of favorite characters.Cannot wait to read what happens to the gang in the trilogy s conclusion

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