The Great Big Green Book

The Great Big Green Book Think Of The Future Can You Imagine Our Planet As Beautiful As It Used To Be You Could Be The One To Help Make It Beautiful Again, With The Things You Do And The Ideas You Have Your Planet Needs YOU From A Simple Introduction To Our Home In Space, The Authors Explain What We Need For Life On Earth, And Show The Importance Of The Rainforests And The Oceans They Stress The Need To Look After Our Planet And Show How Some Of The Things We Take For Granted Are Running Out, And How We Have Polluted So Much Our Planet The Action Plans Include Saving Water, Saving Energy, Recycling, Repairing, Growing Seasonal Food, Cooking Fresh Food, Saving On Packing, Asking Questions And Thinking Of New Inventions And Big Ideas

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[Epub] ➛ The Great Big Green Book  ➜ Mary Hoffman –
  • Hardcover
  • 40 pages
  • The Great Big Green Book
  • Mary Hoffman
  • 03 July 2019
  • 9781847804457

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    Summary This book is about taking care of the Earth The narrator of the book explains the problems that are occurring on the Earth and how they are effect humans and animals It offers ideas for helping the Earth and encourages kids to ask questions Evaluation This was a good informational book for students to teach about going green However, there are a lot of pictures on each page with a lot going on and I believe this could make it difficult for students to stay focused on the book without teacher s help All in all, it brought up good points and addressed real issues that the Earth is experiencing, like the removal of many forest trees I liked that this book is geared toward children and talks to them specifically Teaching Point I would use this book as a read about in a science lesson With my help, I believe the students would be able to comprehend the story and not get too distracted with the pictures After reading the book I would give all the students sticky notes and allow them to write down some things they can do to help our planet.

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    Suomeksi Meid n ja muiden vihre kirja.

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    This book is an excellent introduction for children to saving the environment and preserving the Earth for future generations The structure is that of cartoon like images with text, where the cartoons are drawn in a manner that often looks like the artist was young Not only the design of the images but in the coloration Some of them appear as if they were colored with crayons The level of the text is roughly that of the third grader and appears in many different places on the pages Formal paragraphs, thought and dialog balloons, on signs and as part of the images It has a sense of busy ness, but not excessive The humans are depicted with a great deal of diversity, there are a few with gray hair, a boy and a girl in wheelchairs, a boy and a girl wearing knee braces and many different skin colors There is also an adult wearing Islamic headgear The final message is that all people can do small things that in combination will help keep Earth from becoming a much different place Despite the dire stakes, the presentation is upbeat and comical, children will enjoy reading it and I would have read it to my daughter when she was young.This book was made available for free for review purposes and this review appears on .

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    Filled with colorful sketches and suggestions about how to help the planet, this picture book from Great Britain just might inspire youngsters to do their part in making a difference in the world I really liked how the book makes it clear just how small a part in the universe we are and then discusses some of the negative impacts we have had on Earth The author highlights large and small actions that can save energy, protect endangered species, and care for the air, the waters, and the land Not only does the book bring environmental issues to the attention of young readers, but it makes clear the important role they could have in making a difference now While some of the suggestions are common sense, others are complicated or are only conjectures at this point Still, the examples provided of how youngsters have come up with ways to use plastic as fuel and remove the plastic in the oceans stand as evidence that the Earth s future is in the hands of the book s readers.

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    First published in Great Britain Much if not all of the original British English remains in the U.S edition Ex lorries trucks , queue lines , taps faucets , mum mother , wee urinate , egg box egg carton , charity shops thrift stores or second hand stores , peelings potato skins , water butt rain barrel , lift elevator , trainers sneakers or running shoes , mouldy, colour, cosy, etc The text itself can be a lovely opportunity to introduce students to differences in language based on culture or region it addition to the intended content of the book.

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    Grood browser for 3 6 but there is too much information on each page It would be hard to distinguish the most important information Go Slow, for example, has everything from flying airplanes to growing your own veggies.

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    second grade read aloudthird grade read aloneIn skimming through this book, a lot of great environmental information in a very kid friendly format with a narrative Plus, you get to look for the cat

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    Minun vihre kirjaniLasten keskus 2015, 9789522881861Perus maaailmanpelastusopus Lapsille mielenkiintoinen, aikuislukijalle ehk hieman jenkki, vaikka kyseess onkin brittikirjailija h mment v Pohdintaa, hyvi ja huonoja asioita k siteltyn lapsen tasolla.

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    A great book to pull out at anytime during the year, but especially in April when people celebrate Earth Day Lots of diversity is celebrated in this book.

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    A diverse cast offers practical advice to younger children about how they can help the planet Appealing and upbeat.

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