Ravenous (The Ravening, #1)

Ravenous (The Ravening, #1) The World Didn T End With A Bang, It Didn T Go Out In A Ball Of Fire And Fury, Nor Did It End In Ice But In Some Strange Way, Ice Was The End Or Maybe It Was The Beginning Of SomethingBethany Is Stunned And Horrified When She Finds Herself Suddenly Alone In A World That Was Alive Only Moments Before Terrified, She Flees Into The Streets Of Her Town, Looking For Answers, And Desperate To Reach Her Family Panicked, She Is Nearly Captured By The Monsters Hunting Her Until Cade Steps In To Rescue Her Dark And Distant, Most People In School Are Wary Of Cade, Yet Oddly Fascinated By Him They Had Once Been Close As Children, But It Has Been Years Since Bethany Has Had Any Real Contact With Cade As Their Situation Becomes Even Perilous, Bethany Struggles To Come To Terms With Her Past, Her Terrifying New Reality, And Her Growing Love For A Boy That Is Powerful, Mysterious, And Perhaps Even Frightening Than The Aliens Hunting Them Aliens That Want Than Their Lives, They Also Want Their Blood

Erica Stevens is the author of the Captive Series, Coven Series, Kindred Series, Fire Ice Series, Ravening Series, and the Survivor Chronicles She enjoys writing young adult, new adult, romance, horror, and science fiction She also writes adult paranormal romance and historical romance under the pen name, Brenda K Davies When not out with friends and family, she is at home with her husba

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  • Kindle Edition
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  • Ravenous (The Ravening, #1)
  • Erica Stevens
  • English
  • 23 August 2019

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    So if you took out most of the story and only kept the small percentage that was about the alien invasion and what they were doing to try and survive I would have really enjoyed this book Instead we get page after page after page of memories of the time before that the main character Bethy thinks of That or her constantly freaking out about going into buildings or small spaces, or constantly being drawn to Cade, but then remembering after making out with him and being all he is my everything We were made for each other This is my home now being all oh wait I have a boyfriendand he loves me so I should stay with him Um what It just really annoyed me how she didn t really want to be with Bret but kept stringing him along and being all but he loves me so I should stay with him Um okaythat is so lame for Bret and not at all fair Plus there is this whole something is going on with everyone that Bethy doesn t know about and is not explained Really though I wish there would have been action or talk of what to do with the aliens, and WAY less but he loves me But I hate small spaces But let s think about this random thing that happened in the past again and again and again I felt like most of the book could have been cut and Bret should have been cut as well or dealt with WAY earlier.

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    This book is all talk, albeit talk while running from aliens I feel like nothing really happened There was no point, no buildup, no climax, no big anything Just a lot of inner dialogue and running Our female MC finds herself surrounded by frozen bodies as the alien invasion kicks off The books starts painfully slow with pages of Bethany standing around pondering the cashier that was frozen mid transaction with her Ah, boring ain t a good start, just saying She finally moves and is saved from panicking herself right into the aliens by the ehh aloof, badboy, loner, gorgeous dude she s had a crush on forever He carries her to check if her family is frozen then freaks out when he needs to momentarily leave to tend to his business Thats really a bad enough start, but no, this goes from boring to wtf stupid in literally a kiss He kisses her and in that moment, she decides to flashback to her first kiss which she had cough, sigh forgotten till this moment with this same dude And, to make it even weirder, this forgotten kiss had taken place after a lengthy memory trip down her fathers death and funeral She flashes back to reality the current kiss after this multi page flashback down memory lane has an epiphany that this dude is like her private version of a Greek God and her home where she was strong and could survive anything with him at her side Aww, how sweet true love , right Well no Two seconds after he leaves, she suddenly remember she has a boyfriend and goes on another inner monologue about how wonderful HE is and how much she loves him I continued on, but it just got worse and worse I was bored with the overall story, which was basically just a bunch of running around and boys asking the female MC are you okay Clamping their hands or mouths over her face And dragging her around like a lost puppy while telling her how strong she is This while she s constantly, and I mean constantly by every two paragraphs, having an inner dialogue about how f ing wonderful Cade is and how she can t live without him Nah, I won t be wasting any time on this story The fact that this book is so highly ranked seriously gives me hope that I could publish a detailed summary of my weekly bowel habits and have a best seller

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    When I saw that this book was free on I quickly snagged a copy after reading the synopsis and loving it The book starts instantly and then it doesn t stop There was action around every corner which made my heart pound and I wasn t able to stop reading I wasn t really expecting the plot to have as much as it did in it to be honest as I honestly wasn t expecting aliens to be the threat but it was a fresh idea and I really enjoyed it The idea of the aliens was amazing and I liked that the author did something different with the idea to make her book stand out I did find that this book had quite a lot of description and not as much dialogue so I did skip over a few lines of description at some scenes The author also mentioned that Cade s eyes were onyx at every opportunity she got and I found that a little bit annoying Apart from these small things Ravenous was absolutely amazing and I hope that there are others out there that enjoyed it as much as I did The characters were great Bethany was the main character and I loved her determination but I did find that most of the time one of her love interests was always trying to protect her so she couldn t really become a stronger person as someone was always there to protect her I loved her determination to protect her sister though Cade was one of the love interest of Bethany and he was so hot He protected Bethany and I love the relationship development between him and Bethany There was a love triangle between Bethany, Cade and Bethany s boyfriend, Bret I did enjoy this love triangle because I was totally Team Cade and there weren t really a lot of scenes with Bethany and Bret in them but there were plenty with Bethany and Cade in them The secondary characters in this book added so much to it as they all played a part in making this book even better and adding action to the plot I am really looking forward to reading the next book in the series after the amazing ending of this book and the cover is stunning and really suits the book

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    This book was slow and repetitive at times She did pull me into it towards the end and I want to read book two now.

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    Overall 3.5 star Book Description 4.5 Cover 4 Plot 3.5 Creativity 4 Grammar Unedited Copy N A Simile Use 3.5 minimal usage Description 3 Show Not Tell 3Ravenous by Erica Stevens is a sci fi Young Adult novel, but I also felt that it could do well for the New Adult Age range as well The cover is very pretty, but I find myself wondering what it has to do with the novel It still did its job and dragging me in, as did the description of the novel One of the first things about this novel that struck me was the way it dropped you into the thick of the action with deadly precision From the second I read the first chapter, I was hooked The novel explores what happens when an alien race pretends to make nice, but in the end it s all a ruse It s not one the main character, Bethany, is falling for I admit there were some things about the plot that confused me at first For example, when Bethany is talking about what happened to her dad and how she knows Cade I felt that this would have made sense to me if it were in a Prologue The plot was solid, as well as being creative Stevens puts a new spin on what aliens are cold, unfeeling, deceitful, and worst of all very much like us Stevens novel shows the evil of the aliens, but also the greed of the human race In the end our greed for technology and guidance from those manipulating us is what very nearly puts an end to our civilization It s as if everyone forgot the saying if it looks too good to be true, it probably is In addition to the overall plot of alien takeover there is a love triangle I will honestly say that I hate love triangles, but this one wasn t so bad Bethany s reasoning and emotions behind her feelings were realistic, and she wasn t so caught up in being in love with two people, as she was in not wanting to hurt the other person I will note that in the first two to three chapters I had a significant feeling of insta love, but eventually it is explained and it turns out it is not Again, this could have been taken away by the aforementioned chapter being the Prologue instead of several chapters in Stevens paints a modern world tattered by war with the use of sometimes lengthy description, and while I normally find this tedious, it was not The author does describe the surroundings in length, but she does not overuse similes and utilizes dialogue effectively I admit that I could have done with a bit less description of Cade s eyes and physic, but overall I enjoyed this novel I cannot wait to start the next one.

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    So this book was recommended to me by one my fellow goodread users Thanks for that Karina , and I am really glad she did It was a great suspenseful book about what would happen to the world if aliens took over and have changed the world we once knew dramatically Everything is gone, from the internet to cars, and now even people have been frozen in place..the only ones left awake a group of teenagers who had everything taken away from them their parents, friends who have to grow up quickly to learn how to survive in this harsh land I will say the thing that bugged me was how the main protagonist felt that she was an awful person for being a survivor and not being able to show emotion at the death of her parents.., I mean how exactly does that make her not a good person So what if she does not cry Lot s of people find showing their emotions difficult, but that does not mean they aren t breaking inside That part definitely frustrated me And the love triangle, in my mind, did not really lead anywhere or have much of a purpose in this story it was a good subplot, but for some reason the chemistry between the three characters did not leave me gasping for air or with butterflies in my stomach But I did like Cade s character, how he was so introverted and cold to those around him except her.Bethany s determination and strength made her a very likeable protagonist, in that she knew not to give up, and to face her fears in order to survive The overall storyline was good, although dragging on unnecessarily in some areas. I give this book a solid 3 5 The cliff hanger definitely leaves the reader wanting . so we will just have to see what happens in the next book

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    A teen end of the world by aliens apocalypse I got it for free.I flew through it mainly because the action was pretty non stop Even when there was a lull, romance reared its ugly head.Here we a have book with the little Princess, Bethany, who has the dream boyfriend and wants the bad boy too Gah Add to that she is the clumsy damsel in distress who trips over her own feet and feels guilty over her wishy washy feelings towards the two boys.Oh and she s claustrophobic I wanted aliens to eat her I wanted a building to fall on her I wanted her roasted in a fire Without giving away the plot, I just couldn t empathize with her at all We could have done with less hiding in small places and character development I just got the feeling that all the character interactions were forced.It needs a little editing for typos, lose vs loose but not bad enough that I want to throw it across the room.It also needs world building More back story about the aliens and some of the rules that the aliens made and why humans so readily agreed to them It was mentioned, yes and I don t remember exactly what it said To me it means that it needed to be mentioned than once.Will I read book 2 No I hate Bethany with ferocity than I should And because I can t picture her saving anybody after she spends the first book falling apart and being a burden to everyone.

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    this book has so much potential to be an amazing book it is the 2nd book I have read about aliens, and I really really love to hate this book it has a great plot, a lot of action which had my heart racing, love interests, and the writing style was great, it started off interesting and hooked me instantly HOWEVER the only thing that is keeping me from giving it a 5 star rating is this for ever 10 pages of extreamly descriptive detailed about the surroundings, and her feeling, fears, thoughts, memories, and actions, there was only about 6 lines of dialog between the characters, then another 5 10 pages of descriptions it was almost mind numbing how much descriptions was in this book if the author spent half as much time developing dialouge between the characters as she did describing everything in an OCD detail I could honestly say that this book could be in my top 10 list don t get me wrong I love having a vivid image of what s going on bit a reader can only handle so much detail before their head explodes.

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    I don t want to waste any time on this book but feel I have to warn others so here are the status updates and comments I made while reading it Wow, this is an awkward read It s clunky and doesn t flow at all You ve gotta be kiddingCade is such a bad boy.blah blah she s always felt a connection to him for some reason..blah blah he s totally saving her Ugh Flipping thru pages now just hoping things improve So apparently there s aliens but all Bethany worries about is boys ya all And it s 20% in before Bethany REMEMBERS HER BOYFRIEND God, Bethany is annoying I give up I hate not finishing a book but I m making an exception here So many of my pet peeves in one place that it makes my head hurt How did this book get a 4 star average There was nothing about this book that I liked Not even the alien invasion angle which was poorly executed and just plain dumb This was a teen romance novel trying to capitalize on the popularity of books like Hunger Games I m just glad it was free.

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    After starting the first couple paragraphs I stopped and went back to check if I was on book 1 There are references to cars being banned and it wasn t explained any further It gets explained later but like many times in this book the author will realize something needs to be added to make the plot sort of work so she throws it in as a, oh by the way type of thing At one point a character talks that hasn t been mentioned yet and its explain as the main character, Bethy, was too excited to notice her and the new person must have been with the group Or when Bethany suddenly remembers about 25% into the book that she has a boyfriend That sort of thing The character of Bethany is a mess She is all over the place One minute she is trembling in fear, has to be held up because her legs turn to Jell O, throwing up because of her nerves and frozen in place until someone rescues her and the next moment she is brave and annoyed that her boyfriend is treating her like she can t take care of herself It goes back and forth so it s not character development There is no consistency so you can t really get a feel of the character Also, she is the typical clumsy heroin In the beginning of the book she is so distracted by running into her crush, Cade, that she barely notices the alien invasion More description is told about how their hands fit together when he grabs her to run down the alley than is given of the invasion And Bethany moons over how Cade could never be into her because he is so mysterious and hot with his dark eyes and dark hair and she is a clumsy nobody Oh, but she forgot all about her tall, blond, athletic, super sweet, star quarterback boyfriend Insert the eye roll here She s a nobody dating the star quarterback And there you get the love triangle between the dark dangerous stranger and the perfect sweet blond I could not understand at all why her boyfriend was even with her Bethy was nothing but rude to him the entire book There wasn t a single nice memory of them yet he was falling over himself in love with her Again, that make little sense We are told the aliens arrived and slowly over time they lull humans into trusting them We barely notice when they start slowly taking away things from us First they gave us the cures to diseases and cancer which made us trust them and happy Then they took up all the cell phone towers because they were bad for our health They stopped air travel because it was dangerous to their ships, stopped the internet, took away all the guns, then banned people from driving in cars They stopped all higher education because there was no need for it any The aliens declared everyone would be equal All of this happened within the span of 9 months That isn t slow at ALL Maybe I have a unique perspective here since I am in the middle of cancer treatments Let s just say if aliens dropped out of the sky today and said they had a cure my answer would be no thank you If they dropped out of the sky two years ago my answer would still be no thank you You have to test treatments and do trials You have to know the lasting side effects You have to trust your health care provider Not only that, but no cars How are people getting their groceries How are the groceries being delivered to the stores Bethy makes reference to the gum at the counter of the store at the beginning of the book No cars to make deliveries but unnecessary items such as gum is still there And she was there buying milk How did the milk get there It has to be pretty fresh If they mention snow on the news my grocery store is out that day but here, after aliens appear and driving ban there is still fresh milk Stores are still open Why Who is going to work when you don t have too Everyone is equal no matter how much or how little you do And everyone was happy and no one rioted and people just handed over their guns willingly And cell phones People gave up their cell phones I can understand if there were no towers and they didn t work but Beth makes reference to the cars in peoples driveways and how people just walked everywhere because driving was banned No one rebelled What about the elderly or physically unable What did they do Come to think of it, it was said driving had been banned for two weeks and it was also said that communication was shut down so there was no news How did they even know driving was banned Who was enforcing this Next problem with the book Time and space Not the normal time and space but how it s portrayed in the book The group is in the forest with a huge, super fast beast crushing down trees and hot on their heels and we are told they are jogging Not running for their lives, jogging Add to that they are carrying a woman on a piece of plywood and having full conversations yet it takes the beast a while to catch up them Or when we are told 90 of these tentacle things burst thru the window of the bedroom and Bethy has enough time to put her mother on that piece of plywood, yell a bunch at her sister and still get out of the room before they locate her How big was this bedroom Must have been huge That sort of time and space, the time it takes to actually do things and the space they are doing it in Don t expect consistencies on wounds either Beth slashes her palm on a piece of glass and the next scene she is helping to carry her Mom on a piece of plywood that fit down a set of stairs with no problem and thru doorways while running and fighting off alien tentacles without her mother ever falling off of with no problem The gash is forgotten about Okay, I m only about 50% thru the book so there will be I am willing to bet money this will end in a misplaced cliffhanger LOL Somehow the book is readable in a silly way I finished it up About 90% of the way thru the book I was curious what the plot even was Aliens invade and There was no real plan after that Were they going to fight There big plan was to get off the island and to the mainland Then what The aliens are there too You got the plot at about 95% into the book and yes, it was a cliff hanger But at least there was a reasonable stopping point This was a fast read at least.

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