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McKettricks of Texas: AustinLiked this whole series on the McKettricks Miller writes about very likeable people and I lime reading a series because they all come back in the books I kept falling asleep reading this trite and predictable story Basically the characters fought against recuperating when they were hurt They didn t address the conflict in their relationship until halfway in the book All the hero wanted to do was have sex Bull rider Austin returns home when he is hurt and his brothers hire nurse Paige to help him heal. This one was by far my favorite of the McKettricks of Texas trilogy The story had a lot meat and intensity to it than the others Which made it much interesting to read.Series Note I d recommend reading this trilogy the three McKettricks of Texas books in order But you don t have to read the other McKettricks books to read this trilogy.Summary Due to back problems, Austin McKettrick s career in the rodeo is over So he returns home to healand is than a little annoyed to find out his brothers have hired nurse Paige Remington to be his babysitter to make sure he takes it easy He and Paige have a messy past full of broken hearts But neither has forgotten the other.As Paige spends and time with Austin, her feelings for him can t help but return And with her two sisters fluttering around preparing for their weddings to Austin s two brotherswell, it s got a girl thinking crazy thoughts But first, she ll have to convince Austin he s ready for family lifeunlike when he broke her heart all those years ago.Review I liked the first two books of this trilogy, but they were just missing something to keep me from really liking them I thought this book had that missing element There was a lot intensity and bite to this story Made it readable and interesting.Some of that may be because of the build up to Paige and Austin s story Miller has been setting it up since the first book in the trilogy so there s a lot of anticipation waiting to see what would happen between these two But even so, something about these two was just intense than the other two couples The chemistry was stronger, the antagonism, the push pull between them It made me want to read whereas the other two books were a little softer.Plus, there was a stronger storyline in this book as well The other two books came across too mundane for me Just not enough going on But in this one, the trilogy wide plot over rustling at the ranch and someone having it out for the McKettricks comes to a head and it led to some really tense moments The whole aspect of the book kept things moving and added some snap to the story Unlike the other two books, I didn t feel like I was reading a bunch of every day events.Those two aspects of the book made it so much better than the others But it wasn t perfect I did wish that Paige and Austin had spent a little time talking about the mistakes of the past and putting them behind them And also, I had a little issue with trilogy continuity in one area In the last book, Tate was talking about walking away from the ranch if his brothers didn t help out and it was a big thing and I m not sure it even got mentioned once in this book That seemed off to me So that could have been done better.On the whole, though, I liked this one It s a solid contemporary romance And the trilogy is good as well Probably not a favorite of mine, but it was worth reading. When they were young, Austin McKettrick and Paige Remington fell in love Even though Austin knew Paige had captured his heart and soul, he was not ready for the next step and publicly set up a reason for Paige to dump him Years later Austin is a broken down rodeo star, whose body has had enough, returning to McKettrick s ranch to heal and figure out his next step in life, he had not planned to be sharing his home with Paige who was staying there temporarily What is worth, his body needs to heal and his brothers have hired Paige to help him do that, but time has not healed old wounds and Paige is not willing to fall for Austin s charming ways again This was the third int he McKettrick series and my least favorite I just could not move past how Austin treated Paige and often questioned his motives Paige was not all together likeable either, had a good premise but fell short for me. 4 1 2 starsThis is the 3rd in the Texas McKettricks series Austin is the youngest brother and his past with the youngest Remington, Paige, is finally catching up with him Now that his brothers are marrying her sisters, they have to find a way to get along The only problem is they both seem to be way too attracted to the other, but they know acting on it will be a problem since they will have to be around each other for holidays and other family get together for the next fifty years.The other two books have been building up to this one Paige and Austin have been mentioned repeatedly and it is obvious that they have some kind of history together I liked the previous two books, but I ve really been looking forward to this one I was concerned that I might be disappointed, but gratefully, I was not Of the three brothers, I loved Austin the most Plus, Paige was the smartest of the three Maybe it is because I am a youngest child like both of them, but both of their characters were easily liked than any of the others The story moved along at a good pace and I hated to put the book down when it was time for bed The romance was a good build up and the story seemed plausible I liked that the rustling storyline continued in this book, but it wasn t left hanging in the other books, so even had I not read this book, I would not have felt like I missed something This was a good ending for the three brothers, but I would love to read about Blue River There is so much to the town and it would be nice to get to know of the residents especially Chief Brent Brogan aka Denzel I recommend reading the first two books about Tate and Garrett before reading this one because it will enhance the story I think the reader would still get into the story, but too many things are carried over from the previous two books I received this book from to review Reviewed for 5 out of 10 on the blog I m in two minds about this book At the heart of it is a warm enjoyable love story But surrounding the story itself were a lot of circumstances that I struggled with.This book is the thirteenth book in a series about the McKettrick family and within that series the third of a trilogy The previous two books told the love stories of Austin s brothers Tate and Garrett I picked up this book knowing I had not read any of the other books in the series, while there were inevitably parts I d missed out on, I found it easy to pick up.Austin is an arrogant and sexy rodeo star, but an accident has left his back permanently damaged he can never ride again The book opens up with Austin getting drunk in a bar before his two brothers come to rescue him and take him home to the family ranch to recuperate But things aren t all that they seem at the ranch with cattle going missing and vandalism on the oil rigs Austin finds himself in danger as he and his brothers try to find to get to bottom of their troubles.This is where it gets slightly complicated Tate and Garrett are both engaged to Libby and Julie who are also sisters and their third sister Paige is staying with them while her house is being renovated Paige is temporarily out of work and also conveniently happens to be a nurse So Tate and Garrett decide it will be a good idea to hire to help look after Austin But, to add complexity to the mix it turns out that Paige and Austin dated seriously in high school before Austin devastatingly broke her heart.I really had to work at suspending my disbelief at the idea of three brothers falling in love with three sisters But I tried to put it to the back of my mind and simply enjoy the love story.Then there were the circumstances of Paige and Austin s past They had both been very much in love But, Austin unable to cope with the seriousness of the relationship cheated on Paige, as he didn t know how to tell her what he was feeling As the book progresses it is very much put upon Paige to get over her past as though the resentment she carries towards Austin is unreasonable That Austin did the best he could in the circumstances, given their young age the fact she wanted too much, too fast from the relationship.Quote I didn t know any other way to save either one of us I struggled to accept this as a legitimate excuse.Thirdly was the mystery of the vandalism and violence occurring on the ranch It added a nice edge of danger to the story which I enjoyed, but I didn t feel that the author went to any great lengths to conceal who the culprit was When the finale came it was no real surprise as to who was responsible, there was no twist or turn or element of surprise which was disappointing.Despite all this, if you could disregard the circumstances and the un mysterious mystery, there was an enjoyable and engaging love story Austin is charismatic, smouldering with a nice dash of pig headedness that makes for a great hero While Paige is intelligent, confident and the type of heroine I would normally engage with.VERDICT It could be that I would have enjoyed the book a lot if I had read the previous two books in the trilogy Maybe I would have identified better with the McKettrick family characters The love story was well written enjoyable, but there were too many things wrong with the story to make it run smoothly I have read other books by Linda Lael Miller and thoroughly enjoyed them, but this one unfortunately did not live up to those standards. Somehow this book just didn t flow well I guess it was having so many different characters interacting with each other and not much of it making a lot of sense I picked it up because of the ad which said an injured man gets stuck with a nurse he doesn t want, which sounded like a great idea for a book, but this was very disappointing There was little nursing involved, and I really hate books that make light of injuries and have the people who are injured practically go on with their lives as if there was no pain and no problem That s not the way it works, folks. This book has plenty of cheese to go with the constant whine coming from the hero and heroine. This is why you shouldn t quit reading an author just because you didn t like one of their books I really disliked the previous book, but because this one came in the mail, I started reading it The writing was so markedly improved, I was surprised it was the same author She added humor, improved characterization, pacing was really good, a climax I didn t see, although I could see who dunnit from miles away She doesn t write children well at all, but this book had less kid content so it wasn t so bad All in all, it was a pleasant read. New York Times Bestseller Linda Lael Miller Brings You The Next Installment In Her Unforgettable McKettricks Of Texas Series The Three McKettrick Brothers Meet Their Matches In The Three Remington Sisters, And Now It S Austin S TurnWorld Champion Rodeo Star Austin McKettrick Finally Got Bested By An Angry Bull With His Career Over And His Love Life A Mess, The Lone Maverick Has Nowhere To Go When The Hospital Releases Himexcept Back Home To Blue River And The Silver Spur Ranch But His Overachieving Brothers Won T Allow This Cowboy To Brood In Peace They Ve Even Hired A Nurse To Speed His Recovery Paige Remington S Bossy Brand Of TLC Is Driving Him Crazy Not To Mention Her Beautiful Face, Sexy Figure And Silky Black HairPaige Has Lost Count Of The Number Of Times Austin Has Tried To Fire Her She S Not Going Anywhere Till He S Healed Body And Heart, on Facebook and from Nancy Berland Public Relations, nancy, 405 206 4748.

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  • McKettricks of Texas: Austin
  • Linda Lael Miller
  • 06 June 2019
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