All The Pretty Bones (The Hunted, #1)

All The Pretty Bones (The Hunted, #1) After Ten Years Of Living In The Shadow Of Her Stalker, A Diagnosis Of Terminal Cancer Pushes Olivia Kardos To Take Matters Into Her Own Hands Her Final Days Will Not Be Spent Isolated From The World Nor Hiding Like A Hunted Animal It S Time For Mark Porter To Die Going Against A Trained Killer Alone Would Be Foolish, But The Handsome Arms Dealer Who Offers To Help Her Has A Dark Secret Of His OwnHomicide Detective Sean Howard Has Tried To Push His Ex Out Of His Mind, But His Next Case Brings Her Crashing Back Into His Life A Woman Is Found Exsanguinated And Brutally Stabbed In Seattle S Queen Anne Neighborhood And She Could Be Olivia S Doppelganger As Women Are Murdered And The Similarities Grow, Sean Can T Shake The Feeling That Olivia Is NextIn A World Where Demons And Vampires Lurk Just Beneath The Surface, What You Don T Know Can Kill You For the last ten years, Olivia Kardos, a young woman in Seattle, has had a frightening problem Mark Porter, a man who became obsessed with her during a single college class they took together, has been stalking her Wherever she goes, he turns up He watches her house and threatens anyone who gets close to her, often with violent results His unwanted attentions have placed Olivia under a state of siege She has cut off all relationships, and rarely leaves home other than to go to her job When Olivia is diagnosed with terminal cancer, however, she realizes that she doesn t want to spend her last days in fear The solution seems obvious She must kill Mark to regain her lost freedom Her quest to do so leads her to Lucian, an underground arms dealer with a shady reputation Together, the two of them come up with a plan to help Olivia achieve her ultimate aim before time runs out for her.At the same time Sean Howard, a Seattle homicide detective and Olivia s former lover, is investigating a string of serial killings The victims have one peculiar thing in common They all resemble Olivia Sean immediately suspects that Olivia s stalker is the murderer, and sets out to prove it But there is something else at work here, a thing neither Sean nor Olivia could possibly imagine It s Lucian who holds the keyand he s not talking.All the Pretty Bones is a well crafted supernatural thriller that takes many of the expected tropes of Vampire fiction and turns them on their heads The writing is far above par Camela Thompson is deft at creating characters that stick with you, and shows superb skill in using their inner thoughts, body language, and all five senses to render each member of her cast in three dimensions We feel Olivia s frustration and growing weakness as her cancer takes hold, Sean s obsession with the difficult case he must solve and his disenchantment with his family What struck me most of all was how Thompson managed to get inside the stalker s mind and make him as much a human as he is a monster It s hard to create sympathy for an antagonist as delusional as Mark, and Thompson pulled it off like a master.Aside from some minor editing glitches, I had only two difficulties with the book Maybe even only one and a half There s a lot going on in this book, and sometimes I felt it was almost too much I suspected from early on that the Stalker and the Serial Killer were two different people, and it seemed to me that less weight was given to the latter plot than I would have liked Also, while Thompson does a stunning job of hinting at the supernatural aspects of the story through the first two thirds of the book, this resulted in nearly all the Vampire lore appearing as an information dump about 250 pages in I would have liked to have seen this spread evenly throughout the story.The end of the book brings some resolution and enough answers to satisfy while still leaving plenty of material to continue Olivia s story If you like character driven novels with solid mythology behind the plot, you ll like All the Pretty Bones. When I first found Goodreads about 3 years ago, this was one of the first books I ever added to my Want to Read Finally I sourced a copy and read it and I am so disappointed None of my Goodreads friends have read this book, but the community reviews are overwhelmingly positive I don t understand this I honestly didn t like this book at all The characters were all awful The writing was not good The whole tone of the book felt judgey and bitchey And the plot was nothing special or unique.So the main character is Olivia, a 32 year old woman who has a serial stalker Mark and was recently diagnosed with terminal cancer She decides to take her life back in order to enjoy what s left of it, and realises that to do this she must kill Mark I HATED Olivia She s made out to be this selfless woman with a heart of gold but she acts like a complete bitch She calls her ex boyfriend from yeeears ago, Sean, who s a cop, and asks him where she can find a gun Sean is now married with 2 kids and one on the way They broke up many years ago, she left him, and she reflects several times that she never really loved him anyway Still, upon hanging up on Sean these are her thoughts on Sean s completely innocent wifeThe woman was Olivia s total opposite blond, busty and a little cheap Olivia smirked No matter how much money Sean showered her with, Tammy s taste would always run hot pink, overly revealing, and gaudy She didn t leave the house without her hair teased within an inch of its life, fresh nails, and pastel makeup applied like spackle with a putty knife Olivia laughed out loud when she thought of their wedding Had she known how it would turn out, she never would have gone She had chosen to sit on the wrong side and too close to the front Sean looked to Olivia each time he said his vows She literally smirks at the mere thought of her and laughs out loud at the memory of their wedding that she ruined What a horrible person and why the hell was she even invited to the wedding She is the grooms ex who broke up with him by publicly humiliating him and they did not remain friends or keep in touch Also, every male in this book falls in love with her the very second they look at her It is completely ridiculous and unrealistic You wouldn t believe how many times men audibly groan when they think of her Sean is the other main character in this story, and he is even worse than Olivia Olivia is his ex girlfriend who broke up with him years ago it s not specified exactly how long, but it s at least 5 years and he is still obsessed with her He is married, has two kids and his wife Tammy is about 7 months pregnant with their third Number one reason I hate this guy he honestly seems to really, really dislike his wife He s not only still in love with a woman he hasn t seen or spoken to in years NOT his wife , but he doesn t even seem to like Tammy Who has done absolutely nothing wrong Here s a couple of direct quotes from Sean s head regarding his wife and there s plenty where these came fromNo TV He only gets 30 minutes a day and I need those 30 minutes to be while I m trying to fold laundry and get Scott to take a nap Tammy s squawk projected from the kitchen like some kind of missile A loud, droning missile Sean focused on how much she doted on his boys and everything she did for them all day He calmed even when she said, Your black suit is at the dry cleaners I dropped it off yesterday, so it should be ready tomorrow Even when each word drove like a nail into his head, he couldn t be mad UM, why the F would be he mad For doing his laundry and taking care of his kids What a horrible way to think about his wife He is such an assTammy crossed over to him, sat next to him on the couch, and rested her hand on his knee A sudden twist of desperate hope gripped her features, warring with the horror in her voice Oh my God, that s awful Is that why you ve been working so hard To Sean s credit, he didn t flinch at the contact or her high pitched whine Apparently it is to his CREDIT that he didn t flinch at the sound of his wife s voice or her putting her hand on his knee SUCH an assTammy had woken up feeling just as lousy If she had been able to leave the house, Sean and the boys might have had a better chance at peace, if not contentment He resented being trapped while a maniac plotted against Olivia, and his anger tangled around his wife At this point, Sean himself took the day off, entirely on his own volition, and is now angry at Tammy because he s not at work Tammy is also sick, and Sean is annoyed because he cannot enjoy himself whilst she is at home and would be having a much better day if she were not there Dick He s also a murder detective Upon finding the horrifically murdered bodies of two young women, these are his initial reactionsThe figure and hair had been spot on, but the eyes were all wrong Dark brown and drabAnd,The victim s features were close to Olivia s, but wrinkles were beginning to form, and her eyes were a dull brown Their eyes are boring Seriously I mean, they are DEAD There is also exactly one sex scene in this book and it may be the most awkward thing I ve ever read It s pretty long, but here are some highlightsHe paused while she ran her hand down his neck and groaned when her mouth yielded to his After a few leisurely moments of exploration, they parted Wow The kindest compliment she could have paid him She inched the bra down her arms and after holding it over the swells of her breasts, flung it with the rest of her clothes on the floor Lucian sucked in a breath as the little pink buds tightened in the cold air. little pink buds Her breasts were of perfect proportion to her body, and the weight felt right in his hands when he cupped them He couldn t stop himself and sat up to suckle one of her nipples The predatory smile that broke out on her face made his cock jump As he made his way down to her lovely core, the sweet smell he had caught earlier grew stronger The scent had been her arousalewHe growled and penetrated her with his tongue She cried out as though she understood his drive She belonged to him He had to claim her Something came back online in his brain, and he forced himself to slow down, lapping at her most sensitive spot Reaching up, he took a nipple between his thumb and forefinger, twisting until she rose up with the sweet painwhat Don t do thatAs he drove into her, she began to come and milk himhuhHe groaned against the wave shooting up his cock, the heavy weights of his balls contracting as his seed travelled up his shaft Here s another selection of passages from the book, just to give you an idea of why I disliked it so muchHe shifted the erection tenting his sweats under the band of his boxers and walked up to her Sean had literally just looked at Olivia for the very first time and already has an erection This is a grown policeman we re talking about here, not a teenage boyThis case already had a grip on him that made his balls crawl I am pretty sure this is not an expressionHe conjured her form without effort The long, graceful neck the delicate curve of her eyebrows and the prominent cheekbones A soft groan rumbled in his chest He allowed his mind to drift down her slender body over the firm swell of her breasts and down to those long legs Even her delicate eyebrows were irresistible Also, I ve said this before and I ll say it again The swell of breasts is my least favourite expression in the world It is so incredibly off putting It makes my skin crawl note skin not balls And it comes up several times throughout the bookJosette s intelligence spanned the width of a strand of silk The Victorian age of flowery prose and caustic wit had died long ago, leading to this wonderful era of OMG and WTF Where she had once struggled, now she bloomed like some sort of noxious weed Really Just, reallyOlivia s mouth throbbed, something pushing against her eye teethHer eye teethHe couldn t escape And now a headache behind his cheekbones tweaked up a few notches Behind his cheekbonesNot even a skirt Nothing shorter than an inch above the knee I wanted to be taken seriously at work Dressing like a tart would not further my career Right Because obviously, anyone who wears a skirt that s shorter than an inch above the knee is a tartOlivia s tongue brushed his lips She showed him what she craved She brushed her lips with the tips of her fingers, remembering the mastery of his kiss Olivia squirmed as the silky cloth dragged up her thighs The sensation bordered on painful against her sensitive skin, but she kept up the languid pace until the fabric lapped at her belly Gentle fingers trailed over her hip, up her stomach, then down the opposite hip Her mouth ached and her throat burned when her fingers ran up her thigh, but she didn t stop She is literally just lying in bed alone at this pointSean flexed a fedora in his hands Oh, of course he wears a fedoraThis room it s how I always thought a father would smell, Olivia muttered WHATSean took in the red rips in the victims pink top and the cheap, white jacket At least Tammy won t think you re getting freaky with someone, like the time we found that hooker stuffed into the truck with that horrid bottle of cheap perfume dumped all over her The shampoo smelled cheap and fruity The sound of cheap shoes slapping against tile halted Sean in his tracks What s with this author and her judgemental attitude towards cheap things There s nothing wrong with saving money And as if you would be able to tell that shoes were cheap just by hearing the sound of someone walkingShe had bolted to the nightstand to grab her gun and had run from room to room shouting Clear in case something lurked in her apartment so it wouldn t think she was alone This part is too long to put into context, but basically if there was anyone else in her apartment at this point there is absolutely no way they wouldn t know she was alone NumnutA woman rapped her knuckles on the passenger side window Her grey complexion and thinning hair made her a poster girl for the war on drugs After a stare down, the woman walked on Alright, judgey Also, the woman asked her a question spare any change and she just stares at her in silence Rude This also, like many things that happen in this book, had absolutely nothing to do with anythingDoc got a little testy with Sean s tone Cool your heels, detective I don t think that expression means what you think it meansShe strapped on some gold stilettos she had accidentally purchased online and never returned Let s make it clear here that Olivia did not buy stilettos on purpose She is a good girl and not a whoreIn fact, the swells of her breasts were clearly visible through the fabric AGAINShe ignored the goosebumps in her arms and the heavy feeling in her breasts Have you ever been so anxious that your boobs felt heavy Note that it says breasts plural Definitely boobs, not chest Anyway, to summarise I will not be reading the next book. Five Huge StarsI absolutely lovedAll the Pretty BonesNot knowing what to expect, I was caught off guard as to how much I ended up loving it I didn t want it to end The author weaves an incredibly well written tale of a woman s fight to take back her life from the man who s been stalking her for ten yearsShe didn t even notice Mark until the day he stopped her outside of class Every day after that, Mark was a driving force in her life He was the reason she had chosen her apartment, ordered groceries and clothes online, and had no friends Mark had isolated her and stripped every little bit of happiness from her life, one piece at a time Knowing what little she had left was about to expire produced a stark clarity her life had been lacking She had allowed him to take everything from her Honestly, I was sucked in from the get goAll the Pretty Bonesis a gripping tale of suspense that takes you on a journey into the paranormal world The author gives readers a new twist on vampires Talk about refreshing, to read a novel that left me guessing as I never knew what to expect from one page to the next A well detailed story, without going overboard in description, that s told from multiple POV s, all of which flows smoothly from beginning to end Characters fleshed out giving you a clear concise picture of each player, keeping you engaged, invested in them, leaving you wantingAll the Pretty Bonesis a novel that you can sink your teeth into pun intended Full of drama and suspense, and a vampire who exudes sexiness Even the ending is one to appreciate Not too sure if it s the end, or if the story will continue This is a novel I highly recommend With great anticipation, I look forward to reading the next chapter Congratulations Camela Thompson on your debut novel You knocked this one clear out of the park. Olivia Kardos is tired of living in the shadows, living a limited life She discovers she has terminal cancer and decides it is time to live while she can In order to do that she must hunt down and kill her stalker of 10 years For help she calls her ex Detective Sean Howard for some connections That is how she meats the mysterious Lucian who offers to help her All the while Detective Sean Howard is investigating a case where woman are brutally murdered and they have one thing in commonterminal cancer and they all look eerily like Olivia Holy Smokes Pulled me in and kept me captive There are so many moving parts to this story and its characters that you would think it would be hard to keep up but it wasn t It flowed seamlessly and it was so well put together.I am literally jumping in my seat waiting for the next one Come on Camela I need I have to know what happens next This isn t your every day garden variety Vamp story Oh No it is not Camela Thompson has crafted a wonderful story of Vampires and Demons and warriors that is intriguing and captivating A well woven story and plot that pulls you in and brings you into a whole new world I couldn t put this book down it was so good and I will shove this book in anyone s face to recommend it Reviewer for Paranormal Romance and Authors That Rock

Camela Thompson lives with her incredibly supportive husband and strange dog in Seattle, the city where cloud cover and shadows rule How else is a girl supposed to keep her luminescent perfectly pasty complexion The rain also provides the perfect scapegoat for hiding inside with a laptop, her dog, and a hot cup of tea Excuses for reclusive behavior get considerably creative during the su

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