The Gnole

The Gnole LA PLACE DU VILLAGE La Gnle, C Est Un AVIS LA POPULATION La Gnle, C Est Un Mdicament La Preuve, Je N Ai Pas De Cholestrol Jean Louis Favret, Bouilleur Ambulant Durant Trois Mois LT SHIRT HOMME THE GNOLE FACE Les Savoyards Au Pays De Savoie, La Culture De La Gnle Est Bien Ancre Le Froid Y Est Sans Doute Pour Quelque Chose Me Direz Vous Ou Bien Serait Ce Le Got Des Choses Simples Qui The Gnole By Alan Aldridge Goodreads The Gnole Book Readreviews From The World S Largest Community For Readers This Is A Fantasy Novel With An Awareness Of And Feeling For The Environm ReadThe Gnole Alan Aldridge Livres Not Retrouvez The Gnole Et Des Millions De Livres En Stock SurAchetez Neuf Ou D Occasion Dfinition Gnolle Dictionnaire Dfinition Franais Reverso Gnolle Dfinition, Synonymes, Conjugaison, Voir Aussi Gnole ,gnole ,gnole ,gnole , Expression, Exemple, Usage, Synonyme, Antonyme, Contraire, GrammaireLa Gnole YouTube LA PLACE DU VILLAGE LA GNLE, C TAIT UN MDICAMENT DANS TOUTES LES MAISONS DANS LE TEMPS Duration La Place Du Village Chaine Youtube , Views

Alan Aldridge was a British artist, graphic designer and illustrator.His career began in 1965 when he happened to meet the art director of Penguin Books, and began producing illustrations for book covers Over the next two years he took over as art director, and introduced his style which resonated with the mood of the time In 1968 he moved to his own graphic design firm, INK, which became closel

☆ [PDF / Epub] ★ The Gnole By Alan Aldridge ✩ –
  • Paperback
  • 503 pages
  • The Gnole
  • Alan Aldridge
  • English
  • 06 January 2017
  • 9780749309909

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    The adventures of Fungle the Gnole must surely appeal to a wide audience This creature, who demonstrates a common sense far superior to ours, the inheritor of powers and understanding far beyond our own, charms thoroughly I actually came across the book in a charity shop and bought it simply because I needed something new to read and there was nothing else even close to appealing to me besides, there s a passing resemblance to moles, which I love.The book is obviously a plea for greater care of the environment but it is wrapped up in such a way that you would be hard pressed to be anything but entertained If you re convinced by the message too all the better Fungle has to brave the Human world, to attempt to recover a lost Stone, the possession of which would determine the fate of the world Naturally, however clever and powerful he may be, things go awry and Gnole meets Humanity in unexpected ways Aided by friends, new and old, he follows a tortuous route to the final climax of his mission Success or failure, the outcome for Fungle looks like being anything but happy.I cannot recommend this book highly enough

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    Nostalgia I read this book when I was a teenager and when I found a copy in a thrift shop I had to buy it An ecological fairytale, with lovable characters and very quirky use of language it s still very enjoyable.

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    I love the whole spiritual environmental perspective of the main character Fungle The writing was very humorous I read the Swedish translation but I m sure the English version is just as good.

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    I read this a year or so ago, I bought it in a charity shop because it looked good and I certainly wasn t disappointed It s a lovely little adventure story that s funny and very well written The world of the gnole and his tribe was really absorbing, almost like something Terry Pratchett might have written The end was a bit of a disappointment, but I think that s just me and endings, I m almost never completely satisfied with an ending.

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    I loved this book I reluctantly read this to shut my other half up but I throughly enjoyed it.

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    I started to read this book, but the new age spiritualist religion lost me asking and thanking plant food Do you mind if I eat you No problem, go ahead and eat me If there is no survival reason for the plant to be eaten, such as spreading seeds in faeces, it would be against its survival, so a plant is likely to scream if it could than agree to be eaten If the leaves were eaten for instance there would be less chlorophyll to absorb energy from light, so why would a plant be oh so happy to let its potential be reduced Some plants produce of an unappealing chemical when exposed to the vibrations caused by caterpillars chewing for instance, so in nature they are not keen on being eaten.I stopped reading when a group of real and imaginary nothing wrong with having fantasy creatures in a story creatures walked together, including prey and hunter, a rabbit and fox At that point I decided the author didn t know much about the nature of the wild world except cute fluffy creatures and closed the book If they are knowledgeable, they should know better and how silly this scene was.Shame, as I like a good fantasy However, for a fantasy to work, in its way, it must have logic One might argue, even than a non fantasy book Perhaps this develops, but the beginning didn t indicate this, and because of this I didn t get far.

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    What a truly wonderful adventure involving some of the little people of folklore trying to save the world from demons and creatures with ill intent, and especially trying to save it from us.Another book which should be right up there with Tolkien, Watership Down, Duncton Wood, etc.

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    De Gnool is een boek dat ik al eerder gelezen heb, jaren geleden Het was van mijn moeder en ik kan me nog goed herinneren dat zij het eerst las en heel leuk vond Ik vond het toentertijd ook een heel erg leuk boek, nu ik het opnieuw lees jaren later, ben ik niet volledig onder de indruk meer helaas Het verhaal van dit boek blijft heel leuk en de gedachten erachter blijven relevant, alleen de manier waarop het geschreven is valt tegen Het boek is vrij langdradig en alles wordt tot in het detail beschreven, kan leuk zijn als je ervan houdt, maar soms was het voor mij wat te veel Daarnaast is het woordgebruik niet super origineel en maakt de schrijfstijl niet direct dat je in het verhaal gezogen wordt Nou zou dit natuurlijk kunnen omdat dit een Nederlandse vertaling is Toch weet ik zeker dat ik ooit dit boek nog eens op zal pakken om het opnieuw te lezen en opnieuw samen met Fungel de Gnool zijn avontuur te beleven Laat mijn negatieve punten je dus zeker niet weerhouden van het oppakken van dit boek

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    A cute little story This book has a good spiritual atmosphere with an enchanted forest and some wired magical creatures This book reminds me of The Wind in the Willows a bit I hated the book first but after forcing myself to read 100 pages or so I found it interesting story to read and even got mesmerized at times But this s not as great as Watership Down or Duncton Wood An average read for me Ya, I m not easily satisfied

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