Delucca's Marriage Contract

Delucca's Marriage ContractIt was a good read I always love a woman with backbone and brains. this is a mostly flawless love story and probably one of Abby Green s best Loved the hero and the heroine they seemed a perfect match for each other and their personal demons seemed very natural The only thing that seemed a little discordant was the fact that Keelin started working as a waitress, even though she had a business degree from a top university So how come she didn t get a better job or was she just waiting for the hero to come and rescue her either ways, it went completely against Keelin s heroine ambitious and enterprising nature as established by the author Nonetheless, the chemistry between them sizzled and it s definitely one of the best romances I ve read in a while. More Than He Bargained ForGiancarlo Delucca Has One Aim To Go Global Even If It Means Marrying The O Connor Heiress To Secure The Contract Keelin O Connor Wants A Place On The Board And No Part Of This Business Arrangement Gianni May Have Vowed To Seduce His Wayward Bride, But Keelin Is Fighting Him Every Step Down The Aisle Happily Ever After Was Never Part Of The Bargain, But Gianni Finds Himself Intrigued By Keelin S Feisty Defiance And Suddenly He S Determined To Turn The Beautiful Irish Redhead S I Don T Into An I Do Welcome To The Chatsfield, Rome Keelin s dad owns a global food distribution company shh, it s a bit in trouble maybe He will get into business with Italian food and wine man Gianni, if Gianni will marry Keelin Gianni agrees.Keelin doesn t But, since her father threatens to disinherit her if she doesn t marry Gianni, she quickly hatches a scheme to make Gianni not want to marry her She will present herself as some airhead, club going, shopper No one ever wants to marry one of those Her plan involves fake tan, big hair, bright lipstick, killer heels and tight clothes She charges it all to Gianni s credit card, because that s apparently what you do when you re about to meet and then marry an heiress you send her a credit card and tell her to buy herself something nice I am embarrassed for Keelin because her plan is crazy and stupid She knows exactly two things about Gianni he wants to be in business with her father, and his dad was in the mafia so maybe he is too It s not like Gianni is Lord Posh Face of Smarmy Manor, who might recoil in horror from orange boobs This whole spoiled heiress act she has going on is not universally hated Most of the other women we meet in romance books at swanky parties are having a great time in this get up and in this lifestyle, and they all have average to fine husbands partners who don t seem to mind that they d prefer talking fashion over global trade In fact, in the clich world Keelin inhabits, it s likely that a man her father wants to do business with, and who may have shady mafia connections, would have a yen for some orange boobs Keelin, if she was reading her enemy right, should have gone for extremely vocal priggish misfit if she d had any hope of pulling off a successful scheme And it s not like she couldn t have delivered on priggish misfit It was the role she was born to play For a supposedly smart girl, Keelin is a bit dim.Initially, I struggled with her quite a bit She s a complete drama queen, and assuming the role of a character she loathes in a passive aggressive loaded plan is not at all endearing I judged her I judged her for sulking about how her parents had neglected her, and how first her grandfather and then her father made it clear to her that she had no value and no place in the family business I had this insidious thought in my head that if she d wanted to make something of herself she should have just broken ties with her family and gone off to be awesome on her own.And then, when Gianni works out that she s faking it, and gets her to come clean on her motivation, he also tells her she can t manage the family business, and I m suddenly and completely on Keelin s side Gianni, naturally, doesn t like orange boobs because he s the hero and he s looking for substance He was attracted to the Keelin he saw in a photo in her father s office a happy girl on a horse He s even attracted now because Keelin is super hot, and even though he has issues about women s clothing he wants her Gianni is very sensitive about the mafia thing and is operating with this deep core of uncertainty, poor tyke When he points out to Keelin that she can t run her father s company, not because she s a woman, but because she s a woman with zero experience, I had this perfect hypocrisy epiphany Gianni sort of does too, so as well as being hot, he s a decent sort.See, Keelin, although she s too busy being drama and glum to articulate it very well is totally right Why should she have to go out on her own to prove that she s worthy of something that would have just been handed to her if she were a man And she knows it, but she still can t help it, because she s caught in the trap of wanting to earn her father s love, but at the same time show him that he s wrong After I got her, and got over her stupid plan, and got over my own judgements about feminism, I liked her I liked her whole flawed character, where she s vulnerable and can t trust, and can t deal with her hurt She had a wonderful transformation, and turned into a great person, and I ended up caring about her hurts far than I d expected to.Gianni is also great, with his huge sensitivity over the taint of his father s criminal connections, and his instant and deepening attraction for Keelin He skates that fine alpha line where his vulnerabilities are sympathetic and shaded, rather than turning him into a snivelling nightmare.Unfortunately, this is a Chatsfield book and I have an irrational hatred of Chatsfield books, oh god they are so dumb, why was this ever a thing , but it s a Chatsfield book only in the sense that the characters say the hotel name a dozen times, before they get bored and move onto better things.The ending is lovely and satisfying, although the epilogue overdoes it a bit. Abby Green has done it again, and with a major bang Her latest read tells the story of Giancarlo Delucca , he has one aim in life and one only , to go global Even if it means marring the O Connor heiress to secure the contract that will change his life forever.Keeling O Connor wants a place on the board and no part in the business arrangements, ti s all power play and no hard work Gianni may have vowed to seduce his wayward bride but Keelin is not a laid back kind of gal, she fights him all the way to the altar.Happily ever after was never part of this deal, but Gianni finds himself intrigued by Keelin and suddenly he s after a whole new goal, he s determined to turn this beautiful Irish redhead s I don t into I do.This was such a fun read, I laughed over and over at Keelin s attempts to get Gianni to back down from the deal, it was a really nice different play on the usual very emotional stories I have come to love from this author.But don t get me wrong, the read still had all that intense emotional buildup and heartbreaking romance needed to make it one of the best HP reads ever.I adored the characters, both were very well crafted and from page one seemed to jump out at me As I said I loved Keelin s foil this little marriage deal attempts and I could not get enough of it, nor could I wait for Gianni to be knocked down from his power throne.I am taking away a message of life is all about give and take, but if you take it all and never give a little , you will end up losing all that you have gained.I recommend this read for all fans of Abby Green s books, a passionate, realistic, compelling , take me away on an escape of romance and never let me return read.5 5 star review Just how far will he go to seal the deal of a lifetime Delucca s Marriage Contract was a quick and satisfying read The protagonists were both hurt by troubled pasts associated with familial relationships Together, they found something beautiful and new that they could build on. First of all I can t believe Abby Green wrote a virgin heroine This came as a big shock to me Usually her heroines are so slutty and Paris Hilton it makes me cringe Not that this heroine was any better She comes off as a very rich shallow, spoiled immature brat I can t relate to such a person I m tired of snarky bitchy heroines Hero was lame He is supposed to be dark and related to mafia but he is so soft and very submissive to the heroine Old Harlequin Presents used to be about very alpha very ruthless heroes and this is why I read them and love them but this hero is a cute teddy bear.I will give it two stars instead of one cause the epilogue was super sweet lol 3.5 stars.A nice story, if a bit tame in the drama side in my opinion But I must say that the cover of this edition is absolutely gorgeous. DELUCCA s MARRIAGE CONTRACT by Abby Green is the 10th book in The Chatsfield Series, which I found a bit strange as there is nothing about the Chatsfields except the mention of one of the Chatsfield s hotel being used as a wedding venue for the main protagonists.Abby Green is a must buy for me She s my ultimate favorite Mills Boon authors but this book wasn t one that WOWED me But still I did like it A sweet arranged marriage love story.and yes, there were some things I liked about it..but not as enthralling as some of the other books I have read by her.A gorgeous Italian millionaire, Gianni deLucca, with issues about his family history, agrees to marry Keelin O Connor, daughter of the owner of a company he wants to grab.Keelin was actually quite a fun character.what she thinks up to turn off Gianni so he doesn t agree to marrying her, is absolutely hilarious.this girl has some imagination.Gianni is pulling his hair out..this is not the kind of woman he envisioned marrying But then, what the hell, he will go that extra mile to getting what he wants namely, her father s company.There are some hysterical moments between the two as they go through the whole Keelin charade One of my favorite parts.I loved the settings the scene where Gianni takes Keelin up in a helicopter at night and shows her all the sights of Rome Now, I adore Italy, in particular Tuscany and Umbria areas so I was doing a bit of a skip and dance when Gianni takes Keelin to his home in the hills of Umbria.And what an added bonus.he takes her to the small town of Montefalco which I have visited a few times.I was in heaven..I wanted a bit heat. sizzle.between Gianni Keelin Now, you may be wondering if this wasn t a wow book, why the 4 stars Because the epilogue made this book for me.I totally fell in love with Keelin and Gianni there and then What an awesome ending PS And yes, was that a snippet.Antonio Corretti mentioned from the Corretti Series If you re an Abby Green lover, read this book It s enjoyable and fun Heroine was a passive aggressive, whiny spoiled brat and the hero was nuts to marry her.She doesn t get a pass for being a virgin or a neglected child but that s the card she played to explain her spendthrift behavior and her complete disregard for the hero She was awful and two days spent as a waitress didn t redeem her Really She has an economics degree and a giant diamond ring from the hero to sell to tide her over until she found a professional position.


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