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Highland Shifters Best Books, Highland Shifters By Michelle Fox This Is Very Good And Becomes The Main Topic To Read, The Readers Are Very Takjup And Always Take Inspiration From The Contents Of The Book Highland Shifters , Essay By Michelle Fox Is Now On Our Website And You Can Download It By Register What Are You Waiting For Please Read And Make A Refission For You

A USA Today NY Times bestselling author, Michelle Fox lives in the Midwest with her husband, kids, the occasional exchange student and two, sweetly disobedient dogs She loves fantasy and romance, which makes writing paranormal romance a natural fit In her spare time, she s been known to shake her bon bon at Zumba, make spectacular cheesecakes, hoard vintage costume jewelry and eat way too

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    This box set is one of the most wonderful and enjoyable sets I have ever read Highly recommend to any shifter lover or those who love a good Scottish man in a Kilt.Kiss the Dragon by Michelle Fox 5 StarsWill being a dragons Maiden save her Sara being on the run for the last ten or so years finds a little respect in the arms of Alec Can being his Maiden save her or just break the curse placed on him and what of his brothers Will their curse be broken some day Well written action packed and very entertaining to read Can t wait to see each brother find their Maiden By the Light of the Scottish Moon by Red Phoenix 4 StarsI don t want to dieFreya is dying of cancer, with only a few days left So she goes to her homeland of Scotland While sightseeing at an old castle she falls asleep After waking she stumbles on a secret ceremony, one that just might get her killed After being let go, the next day she happens upon some of the same men at the ceremony all by chance, or was it fate She fell a pull to one of them and that night fells he is calling out to her Is it her imagination or fate again The end of this book is just the beginning of something new Well written story Looking forward to seeing what happens next.Her Scottish Alpha by Tabitha Conall 5 StarsDragon Hunter and her shifterDragon Hunters go out in pairs, but what happens when this pair of sisters get separated One Keira in the clutches of an Alpha Wolf Lachlan, UK Alpha who s claiming he s her mate And the other sister Gillian is missing and possible with a dragon The wolves are about to go into a war with other wolf shifters all for the title of UK Alpha And if there not carful the humans will wipe them out because of it Can Lachlan claim his mate, keep his position and help find her sister Action packed and excitement throughout the book Well written and very enjoyable to read This may be part of a series but it s still a self contained story.The Highlander s Mate by Liliana Rhodes 5 StarsTimeless loveAinsley runs when she hear the wrong thing from her one true love Later finds out the truth, but can it save her and there love Bran MacCulloch thinks his one true love died hundreds of years ago and yet every time he catches her scent he follows it in hopes she is still alive The scent brings him to Leeds Point once again where lots of paranormal stuff seems to happen But can she really be there Well written and very enjoyable to read Looking forward to finding out what happens next Highland Wolf Pact by Selena Kitt 5 StarsHighly entertainingI got to learn a new term for werewolf and the Wulvers I like it This story takes place when women have no rights and yet one such sticks up for herself and it may just restart a war For years the MacFalons, Wulvens and King Henry had a wolf pack to keep all at peace and the lands safe But one of the three are trying to rid the world or the lands of another Can this slip of a young woman be a part in stopping it, or is she what starts it Well written and very enjoyable story to read Fast paced and kept my interest.To Tame a Highlander by Adriana Hunter 5 StarsUprooted and in turmoilCould you imagine being a nurse and watching someone die in front of you, only to be met by that same person at your window And that where everything starts Upheaval from your life and all you thought you knew Fighting for your life along the way of traveling to another country, and to the unknown of what will happen next This wonderful shifter story has lots of action and adventure throughout the book With a wonderful HEA that also makes you wonder what in store for their future Well written and very entertaining to read Self contained story with great characters.Highland Moon Rising by Sarah Makela 5 StarsFamily troubles and interspecies loveThis is a wonderfully well written book about love and abuse, family and strangers Caitlyn s brother was finally coming home after being locked in a lab and having who knows what happening to him While waiting for him at his place some of his pack show up, not knowing the family connection and attack her But the person who attached who is not stranger we later find out While she s locked up at the pack compound the Alpha tries to talk with her Her being a wereleopard and them being werewolves can be a little tricky Action with some loving brings this story all together as a very enjoyable read Self contained story and still part of a series.The Zrakon s Curse by Linda Barlow 5 StarsVery Original and entertainingPart of a series and yet a self contained story Wondrous shifter wolf sea dragons and a traveler from another world dimension An ordinary sea dragon and a darkling vampire creature A curse that s is better understood by the end of the book And a true mate bond forms within this story Well written and very enjoyable to read Looking forward to reading stories by this author and this series Funny thing is, I had bought the first book to the series back when it was on sale and have never had the chance to read it I will be making sure I do in the very near future.Liulf by Victoria Danann 4.5 StarsNew world New LoveIt s always amazing to me how an author can come up with an original new story about wolf shifters This is once again a very original concept of a story As humans encroach ever so closely and start to hurt or hunt wolves, the pack takes on a new adventure Leaving all the world conveniences behind and going to a whole new world dimension A place with no running water or electricity, but also with no humans to hunt them Some did stayed behind, but for those that moved are in for adventure, along with new prospects for love and mating with the other packs in the new place Well written and very enjoyable to read Great start to a new world of possibilities and new series.Roots and Fang by Skye Eagleday Ripley Sage 4 StarsFate s interventionVery interesting stoyline that has shifters, a Pooka Sidhe In England they call him Puck or Robin Goodfellow , Daoine Sith and some humans A human who has his grandfather s journal and his dying request to return a stone back to its rightful place But McKay doesn t know where that place is Somehow fate brings him to a bar and an invitation to an annual Fest that might just help him in his quest Enjoyable story that in the end you have to pay attention to who is speaking to whom and who is speaking thru whom Very original story line.Knights of Stone by Lisa Carlisle 5 StarsRock OnWhat a wonderful HEA love story with Witches, Werewolves and Gargoyles in it Self contained story Lots of stuff happening throughout the book to keep your interest With an Island just for then and a division caused by something in the past that no one seems to know the full truth of Can two beings form different areas come together and fall in love, and will it help gap the division or make it worst And if things don t get any better, then the humans will for sure be making it a lot worst Well written and very entertaining to read.Midnight Hunt by Arial Burnz 5 Stars Love that transcend thru different lifetimes For the most part this is a self contained story and yet part of a series There were a few areas that were a little fussy by not reading the books that came before this one, but in the end things were explained for the most part It does make me want to read the previous stories in the series A whole lot of things were going on with characters like Werewolfs, Elemental Witches, Vamsyrians, Prophetess and a prophecy with several parts to be fulfilled A fellow Vamsyrian brother with a grudge and feud who also plays the part of the Inquisitor of the Church And if that s not enough there s a sect of what are call The Army of the Light or Tzava Ha or And all the while there is a love story that transcends through different life times with a reincarnation of a soul Well written and very entertaining to read.

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    I m not rating this on GR for the time being because I haven t read the whole thing yet As I read, I ll update with a mini review of each story and rate the book as a whole once I m done Her Scottish Alpha by Tabitha Conall I really enjoyed this one I haven t read anything by this author before so I m not sure if this particular story is part of a series I definitely felt like this was a stand alone but I also felt like connections had been established prior to this story But overall, I loved Lachlan and his alpha ways As soon as he met Keira, I felt his connection to her and his desire for her to be his mate The author did a great job showing their connection even when Kiera wasn t convinced I would definitely read from the author in the future Liulf by Victoria Danann .5There wasn t really anything wrong with this story but I just couldn t get into it It seemed like it had a great set up and would have made a great full length novel However, while I like feeling like I m in Scotland with the Scottish names, the names of the characters in this story were a little difficult for me pronounce I was never sure if I was saying them correctly so every time a name popped up, I pronounced it differently And that just took me out of the story every time Highland Wolf Pact by Selena Kitt I ve read a few Selena Kitt books was my first paranormal by her I really loved Sybil and Raife They pulled me right into the story and wouldn t let me go Even though this wasn t a full length novel, I didn t feel like it was rushed It was nicely paced and had a nice development of the connection between the characters I would love to read about the wolvers in the future I ll definitely be picking up books by Ms Kitt Kiss the Dragon by Michelle Fox

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    This riveting collection of paranormal romances keeps readers entertained for hours with tale after tale of Highland shifters that take the breath away.These fast paced and smooth flowing plots captivate readers with suspense, drama, action, passion and romance The authors brings the stories to life with well written scenes and details that capture the imagination and make the reader feel as if they are part of the stories while the strong compelling characters grab the reader s attention and invite them to join in them in a wee bit of Highland Passion The romances are full of emotional angst, drama, passion and scorching hot sex scenes Whether the opposites attract, species issues or just plain obstinate alphas the reader can t help but get caught up in their stories as each author creates their own romantic adventure for each and every character Some of the stories are part of ongoing series that the readers already love and enjoy and some introduce new characters and worlds to tantalize the imagination and one thing is for certain, there is never a dull moment.Spine tingling anticipation builds throughout the stories with lots of action and suspense from dangerous enemies to full out wars that add lots of excitement to the stories While I haven t read all the stories yet, I have read the majority of them and I found them be charming and sensual with touches of humor and captivating characters And let s be honest really if you love shifters and if you love sexy Highlanders, then you know adding them together gets you wonderful stories but twelve of them all together in one place gets you drool worthy, dream inducing fantasies to spice up every reader s passions.

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    As people have seen in previous boxsets that I review each story gets it s own review which means the review for the stories may seem long or short depending on what I highlight and note.Kiss the Dragon by Michelle FoxYea so I want a highland dragon they keep intriguing me no matter what author writes about them I mean seriously Alec is just a generally caring guy, or it could be because it s Sara he s looking after, for some reason, tossing my cookies always made me repentant Like an apology would make it stop Shush, lass Tis not a surprise after all ye drank last night Why can t my man be that caring Did I mention the protectiveness and possessiveness these men have for their women even if it s their own brother doing some teasing, Alec cut in front of me, glaring darkly at the blond Touch her, Gavin, and I ll kill you I mean he s also one of those guys who will replace things, what guy do you know who does that Hey, I only have two pairs of underwear, I said I will buy you , he growled And then rip them all off, one at a time Obviously his giving nature is purely for selfish reasons but that s alright he s still giving I had read one other book by Michelle and that girl does not disappoint in her writing or her characters By the Light of the Scottish Moon by Red PhoenixFreya is a genuinely caring person, she trembled under his unyielding grip I felt the need to come, to see if you were okay She paused before admitting, I wanted tocomfort you Bryn he s one sexy wolf and the boy has so much restraint, the growled, abruptly moving away from her The first order of business is to introduce ye to the pack so that we can officially become Everlasting I will not touch ye again until the ceremony It seems I have zero restraint The ending left a lot of questions unanswered it kind of upset me I wanted and I wanted answers to those questions.Her Scottish Alpha by Tabitha ConallThis one was my favorite out of the boxset the story spoke to me and it was so intriguing and I just loved it Lachlan that boy is as cocky as confident, their eyes met You re my mate I ll soon know every inch of you intimately Taking a little look now won t hurt anything Lachlan brought humor to this story, that I didn t think he was meant to in certain situations, Lass, I m trying to woo you Why would I lock you up Lachlan is like any other red blooded male but being wolf his senses are heightened and he has only so much control, I canna take this much longer, lass Seeing you lean over like that His teeth nipped at her neck It s a temptation Keira she was such an interesting character and her thoughts were totally a hoot, damned werewolves Super hearing, super smelling, super speed Super sexiness What the hell was she going to do with him Our boy he s overall a simple man with simple tastes and needs, he kissed her cheekbone Women think men like lacey, frilly things Men like naked things and things that barely cover naked things Yes there were unanswered questions at the end but it wasn t about the main characters it has to do with a certain sister that I totally want the story for The Highlander s Mate by Liliana RhodesYeah so our boy Bran has a little jealousy issue, I never stopped thinking about you all of these years And now that I see you re still alive, you re living with another man, I said Jealous doesn t begin to describe how I m feeling I loved how after not being together for so long Bran and Ainsley get right back in it with the chemistry they have I ve found something about this time that I don t like, he whispered What is it You re wearing a lot clothes, he said with a smirk.This story was okay it didn t speak out to me like the other stories did Highland Moon Rising by Sarah MakelaDougal he s the type of man that doesn t give a terd what others think, while I might get a lot of criticism from the pack, I wanted to have her He s such a man when it comes to his woman, he smirked and pulled back again Aye He slid his pants down No underwear marred my view of his thick c Your turn In one swift move, he removed my panties This story was so naughty and I loved it The Zrakon s Curse by Linda BarlowColin it s cute how he can get embarassed and I loved how Ariane made him feel at ease, now it began to feel unbearably delicious and erotic, which made his monster c filled even Don t be embarrassed, Ariane told him, after he d suffered this discomfiture for several minutes I m used to it Ariane she s so innocent and I loved that about her, ah, she said One hand began a delicious caress of his scrotum while the other moved up to grasp his c She looked up again, asking a trifle shyly This is permitted Colin he s such a jokester at times, s , lassie, we ve only been shagging for a few days Now you wanna get married I loved Colin Liulf by Victoria DannonRain that girl isn t one to beat around the bush, I have never even seen you smile Not onse Which is just weird for a wolf You know Whoever heard of a wolf who doesn t smile Ever I m not the right one for you So, if you ll excuse me Rain she s feisty and isn t afraid to fight for what she wants, Rain smirked Some b tried to claim Liulf I said no I think she slammed her head into my eye hard Luilf s plan to keep his woman from complaining is a totally genius idea, I plan to stay between her legs, hold her two legged form, and mate her until she s too happy to argue overly much This book was good, and i enjoyed the characters Highland Wolf Pact by Selena KittBook not included in arcTo Tame a Highlander by Adriana HunterBook not included in arcRoots and Fang by Skye Eagleday Ripley SageSadly this is the one I didn t really like in the boxset there was a lot of m m and I don t do to well m m so I m sorry to say to the author s I didn t pay much attention to the story Knights of Stone by Lisa CarlisleKayla you could totally tell the girl was innocent and that is what appealed to me, I like this, she said, touching the nape of his neck and through his dark hair She kissed his neck, nibbling and biting him, and he moaned again Mason it was cute how no matter what happened his eyes were on one thing only and that was Kayla, my sweet Kayla He kissed her smooth neck, nuzzling the warm skin I haven t been able to stop thinking about you since last night Midnight Hunt by Arial BurnzThis one I also couldn t really get into but Broderick has values and he s such a gentleman, I am concerned for your reputation It is entirely improper for me to be in your home alone and I won t do anything to besmirch your character This was an alright right read it didn t really get my blood roaring like some of the other stories in the boxset.

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    check out this review and others atwww.Twinsietalk.comwww.facebook.com twinsietalk TwinsietalkThis is for a review of Red Phoenix Novel.This book was given to me by the author for an honest review.Oh Red what a wonderful story you weave..if you are a fan of Red s work, I am sure you have already bought this book because you know she is just that awesome If you are new to Red s work, lemme tell you how truly talented she is at writing any kind of genera.This serial is about Freya who is going home to Scotland to basically die She has cancer and has been told there is nothing left to do She rents a cabin and will explore and live out her final days checking things off her bucket list essentially Well a mini castle exploration makes Freya stumble upon some naked men chanting and dancing in a circle She tried to get away but is busted They men decide that she must be killed for what she has seen..yikes Scotland is kinda brutal Well Bryn informs the men that if they smell her they will know she is dead in 4days WHAT How can he know that Well Freya and Bryn end up running in to each other another night and the men are convinced that Freya is not a good human But again Bryn protects Frey.hrmmmm why is he protecting this human The ending of this part of the novel has Bryn sharing his family history with Freya and also making some life altering choices for the two of them These decisions will cause some ramification in the next installment I cannot wait for the next chapters in the life of Freya and Bryn.

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    I love me a good PNR so when you add a kilt and make a boxed set by a bunch of amazing authors, OH BABY I am in 7th heaven I ve had the pleasure of reading several authors that have put together this boxed set and I can t wait to see what new creations they have come up with I was given the opportunity to sample one of the stories and here is my review By the Light of the Scottish Moon by Red Phoenix.In true Red Phoenix style, this story is packed with emotion Following along Freya as she journeys to her beloved Scotland, I had no idea what to expect As her story unfolds I find myself tearing up wondering how can this end on a happy note I won t tell you what is in store for Freya and Bryn but let me add this is Ms Phoenix at her finest Anyone who has the pleasure of her books knows, Ms Phoenix s stand alone stories will always leave you a bit curious on what happens to her wonderful characters but yet still smiling in the end If you purchase this boxed set if nothing else than to read this book then consider your money well spent I however found this a tasty tidbit of what s to come and can t wait to read the other stories.I received this book from the author for the express purposes of an honest review The opinions and rating of this review are solely mine and in no way was I compensated.Stars 5

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    Liulf by Victoria Danann Liulf and his brothers are quite the trio They band together in times of need and joke around with each other just like brothers should When Liulf first meets Rain he s not so sure about what it is he s feeling until near fatal events bring the closer together Their bond and love grows strong and quickly Even the brief run in with Litha always makes me laugh.As always Victoria Danann hits it out of the ball park again with another amazing story.Highland Wolf Pact Author Selena Kitt s description of the wolvurs gives you a perfect picture in your mind The historical part of this book is really interesting I feel for Sybil and Laina as women Sybil wanting so desperately to follow her heart for the love she has for Raife but not wanting to put him and his pack in jeopardy, she is very headstrong and brave Laina wanting to find an end to what she feels as a curse for the women of her pack, risking so much to find it, she is also quite headstrong and brave Raife is only trying to keep the peace between his pack and those that seek to destroy him He is also wanting to follow his heart needing his mate The leader of the McFalon clan is not one of my favorite people, he is arrogant, pigheaded, and anything else you want to call him He treats Laina as property or a prize won He has no passion for anyone except himself Now, his brother Donal is the total opposite, kind, loving, passionate, and only wants peace as their father did.I was very impressed with this story This put a different twist on the Paranormal genre The author did a wonderful job with the characters and descriptions of them and the surroundings.Review of the other stories to come

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    Each Book in the set will have own review I ll read book and leave review Read Her Scottish Alpha by Tabitha Conall Loved the book It had me at the beginning and keep me there until the end Cannot wait to read from her Read Liulf for the second time and loved it even I can t wait to read from her I read Highland Wolf Pack and fell in love with Sibyl and Raife Their story was touching She done what any woman would do to protect the one love and friends she came to call family I laughed with them and was hurt when they hurt The story was amazing and lovely Just finished reading Kiss the Dragon I haven t read many Dragon shifter books but this is one of my favorites I loved it and can t wait till the others come out By the Light of the Scottish Moon was a good read Loved their story but wished it was longer.

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    I ve read the first story in this set, Kiss the Dragon, by Michelle Fox This is a very delightful read As a devoted fan of the Outlander series, I love to read anything set in the Highlands, pre or post Herself Michelle has outdone herself pun intended with Sara, a maiden in distress, rescued by, Alec, a knight in tight black leather, who is actually a dragon in distress, in need of a maiden to rescue him Enter an assortment of other paranormal folk, some fae, witches, a mage, and you have a story that is hard to put down, and leaves you looking forward to the sequels Oh and we can t forget the steamy love scenes My, oh, my I woke up with wet panties after my dreams made the mistake of reading before I went to bed Time to go read the next story in the set.

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    As always with box sets, I have rated each book separately because I believe you should give credit where credit is dueIn general the stories were ok to good Most were what I call super minis under 100 pages so they were all fast reads But I will have to say, hands down, the last one, Midnight Hunt 3 was my favorite.Her Scottish Alpha Kind of predictable but still a good startobviously lots to the story so looking for the rest of the series.Liulf Yeah, that one sucked It read like a history books instead of a story Very little emotion Very little detail None of the things that are the definition of a good story.Highland Wolf Pack Muuuuch better Brave heroine who will to do anything to save the people she love, my kind of girl Granted she did it in a very stupid way but hey, they can t all be perfect every time because that would make it boring.Kiss the Dragon I love dragon shifter books They are, hands down, my favorite type of shifters but books about them are few and far between I can t wait to hunt down the other 3 books in this series By the Light of the Scottish Moon I m so use to shifter books that go by born not made that this book almost seemed weird.The Highlander s Mate 1 2 Loved how the story was told across time A little predictable at times but also some unique concepts I loved.Highland Moon Rising Interesting and different.Knights of Stone Paranormal Romeo Juliet where no one diesgreat concept.The Zrakon s Curse Sea Dragons, telepathic mates that sparkle, and world hopping makes for a good read.To Tame a Highlander eh shrugs shoulders , predictable and forced at times but not too bad.Roots and Fang Now that s what I ve been waiting for Loved it Midnight Hunt That was fantastic Well written, compelling characters, interesting story line.what else could you ask for

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