Dark Days (Written Pictures, #2)

Dark Days (Written Pictures, #2) Raven Had Clawed Her Way To The Pinnacle Of A Dark Underworld Of Hedonistic Excess But Raven Is The Creation Of A Gentler Woman Only Seeking To Protect A Damaged Soul Twisted By Power And Position, That Protection Mutates Into Someone Capable Of Cruelties That The Innocent Should Not Endure Her Downfall Is Swift, The Aftermath One Of Pain, Brutality And The Destruction Of A Person Struggling To Survive First As Her Alter Ego, Then As The Lost Being Beneath Hope Comes From Unexpected Sources From Someone From Her Past, And From Someone Very Much In Her Present But Hope Is A Delicate ThingCan She Win Through And If She Does, At What Cost To Those Around Her, Those She Has Left Behind And Most Of All, To Herself Themes M F, Dark, Abduction, Stockholm Syndrome, Enslavement, Revenge, Domination, Forced Submission getting a bit out there for me but a good book and a good read The second book in The Written Pictures Series, Dark Days introduces new characters and reacquaints us with old friends It will challenge opinions formed in the first book, Let me say straight off that this is a cracking good read I was gripped by the story from the first page Despite my reluctance to embrace anything that is non consensual as BDSM, once again the initial section, in my opinion, fell in the category of horror, I have to say it is a compelling book and extremely well written The narrative flows smoothly and as a reader I fell effortlessly into it, never stalling except to savour the richness of the words.Having enjoyed the first book in the series immensely and already having an excited interest, I strongly suspected that eventually the sadism and brutality of first section would click into place as part of the overall story line and it didn t disappoint Having read Descent into Darkness, I had no initial sympathy for the protagonist I was therefore able to view the abuse suffered by her dispassionately enabling me to enjoy the unique and wickedly, imaginative predicaments she faced To the point that when I had the first inklings of a possible redemption, I balked at it, wanting to keep the arch villianess suffering without invoking empathy for her plight All credit to the depth of perception and insight in adding such realistic dimensions to her character that my opinion was forced to change.From a purely personal point of view, the addition of a strong, handsome male added much to my enjoyment Although, I am sure the lurid descriptions of the ideal, latex clad female form under duress will provide much stimulation to male readers or, women of a less restrictive orientation Having said that, my appreciation of the art of latex bondage has definitely increased To sum up then looking into the psyche of some very warped and complex individuals made for an entertaining and very enjoyable ride The characters were believable and elicited a profusion of reactions throughout the twists and turns of the plot, from sadistic glee, reluctant empathy and sexual excitement, to laughter and tender heartfelt moments The language is rich and vividly descriptive and yet, concise, appearing deceptively simple in the way of the best authors.I was swept along from the start by the plot, always eager to read as it romped along And to be left on a cliff hanger.well I guess I will now have to wait and buy the 3rd installment

Thanks for visiting my author page.The Written Pictures Series is perhaps a little different to other books out there of a similar genre.I found myself a little frustrated and even disappointed with some books, finishing them and thinking that perhaps I could do better.The Written Pictures Series is written to entice while engaging the imagination, stoking it and prompting rather than steamrolleri

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  • Kindle Edition
  • 321 pages
  • Dark Days (Written Pictures, #2)
  • H.A. Kotys
  • English
  • 04 May 2019

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