Amori I just loved his witty translation he brought Ovid s stunning poetry to life again Who could say Latin is dead This poetry is as relevant and home hitting as ever. Ros all metatext, intertext och sext Ris vers ttningens stolpighet. Testo Latino A FronteGli Amori Sono Probabilmente Il Libro Latino Di Versi Che Ha Avuto Pi Fortuna Nella Storia Quello Che Ancora Affascina, In Queste Poesie, Il Loro Delizioso Libertinaggio Una Frivolezza, Una Volubilit , Una Mutabilit Infinite Che Sono Una Condizione Intellettuale Ancor Prima Che Amorosa Ed Per Questo Che Nessuno Possiede Uno Stile Cos Leggero, Che Aleggia E Insieme Scivola Sulle Cose, Delicato E Tenue Come Il Filo Che Il Ragno Tesse Con Gracile Piede Quando Sotto Una Trave Abbandonata Tende La Sua Rete Impalpabile There s an old wood untouched for many years you d believe a god lives in the place.There s a sacred spring at its centre and a caveof overhanging rock, and birds sing sweetly all around.While I was walking there privately in the wooded shade wondering what project my Muse might be engendering Elegy arrived, her perfumed hair in a knot,and with one foot, I think, shorter than the other.Her form was lovely, her dress refined, her looks loving,and even the defect of her foot was a source of charm Of course it was a source of charm I love you, Ovid. Yet once I was ever in fear of the night and its empty phantoms I marvelled at whosoever would venture abroad in darkness Cupid laughed in my ear, with his tender mother, too, and lightly said You, too, shall become valiant And without delay came love no shades that flit by night, no arms raised up to deal my doom, do I fear now You alone I fear, too unyielding to my wish on you alone I fawn it is you who hold the thunderbolt that can ruin me I vi, 9 trad G Showerman 1914 Tengo la traducci n de Alianza pero este fragmento ac me gust m s A futuro queda la apropiaci n de Marlowe en verso 1596. I borrowed this book from one of my goodreads friends and when she loaned me her copy she told me that it s a lusty and explicit translation than the newer copies After reading this book all I can say is I can t believe I didn t read it sooner Not only is it a great read, it acts as a double edged sword guide to either seduce someone already in a relationship or to a lesser extent cheat on your lover , or to realize what not to do when you first fall in love The translation was earthy and passionate It also reminded me of how I was when I first fell in love and how much of a emo, passive, limp dicked wimp I must ve been after that relationship ended Well we get older and as time passes we learn Although I already learned how not to act in future relationships, this book is a good look in the re enforcement mirror that ll toss your thoughts on love like the Argo in a storm So to all the ladies Stay fashionable, intelligent, sexy, loving, and true And guys Don t be so emo when your lady leaves You ll love all your women in your own way and each one will be memorable and satisfying for either a moment, or forever. Fuckboy fuckboy, whatcha gonna do. Me encanta Ovidio, quiz s m s que Virgilio Es muy natural hablando del amor, no es todo un drama como Catulo o Propercio y eso que es conocedor de la literatura griega Saca los tem s m s geniales como los gatillazos o las siestas, y saca su lado m s elegiaco cuando se lamenta de que se aburre con su amada, del aborto, de x y de y. Hilarious, inappropriate, and has the Latin text in couplets on the left page What could you want Estos cortos poemas o eleg as de amor, son una especie de diario personal en el cual el autor explora todas las posibilidades de un enamorado en pleno disfrute de su pasi n.Est el enamoramiento, la conquista, la pasi n, los celos, los enga os, la rabia y todos los estados por los que pasa el amante en una relaci n, que parece m s t xica que otra cosa.La narraci n es muy sincera y con varias referencias a la mitolog a e historias de su cultura romana. I usually dislike the overly dramatic love poems but Ovid has an extraordinary way to capture, at least, my attention.Favorite poems for reference I.4I.5I.11I.12I.13I.15II.4II.7 II.8 II.14II.18III.1III.7III.12III.14


[PDF / Epub] ★ Amori  Author Ovid –
  • Paperback
  • 268 pages
  • Amori
  • Ovid
  • Italian
  • 13 December 2018
  • 9788811582861

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