Baltimore Blues (Tess Monaghan #1)

Baltimore Blues (Tess Monaghan #1) I picked this up because it is a Balti author in a genre I like It was okay I ll read others, but itsin the mind candy side of things Definite beach read. I picked up this book after enjoying What the Dead Know, but I just couldn t get into it or make myself care about any of the characters. In A City Where Someone Is Murdered Almost Every Day, Attorney Michael Abramowitz S Death Should Be Just Another Statistic But The Slain Lawyer S Notoriety And His Taste For Illicit Midday Trysts Makes The Case Front Page News In Every Local Paper Except The Star, Which Crashed And Burned Before Abramowitz DidA Former Star Reporter Who Knows Every Inch Of This Town From Historic Fort McHenry To The Crumbling Projects Of Cherry Hill Now Unemployed Journalist Tess Monaghan Also Knows The Primary Suspect Cuckolded Fianc Darryl Rock Paxton The Time Is Ripe For A Career Move, So When Rowing Buddy Rock Wants To Hire Her To Do Some Unorthodox Snooping To Help Clear His Name, Tess Agrees But There Are Lethal Secrets Hiding In The Charm City Shadows And Tess S Own Name Could End Up On The Ever Expanding List Of Balti Dead Wow What a crazy ride I loved reading about Tess, her family, her uncle who may not be a uncle and having this whole thing set in Balti Lippman manages to make Balti come alive and you get to see the many sides to Charm City I really enjoyed Tess too since we don t just get her off and running in her new freelance career as a PI Lippman introduces some great characters, Tess s aunt Kitty, her ex Johnathan, her rowing buddy Rock, and her best friend Whitney Balti Blues has Tess Monaghan still dealing with being unemployed after being let go from the Star She still dreams about going back to a newspaper and becoming a reporter again, but for now works in her aunt s bookstore and for her uncle at a state agency When her friend Rock asks her to follow his fiancee and get some answers on why she is acting so weird, she does so, cause being broke is not that much fun Following her around, Tess realizes there isthan meets the eye with her When his fiancee tells Rock that a lawyer she is working with has forced her to sleep with him, he goes and confronts the man When the lawyer is found dead, fingers point to Rock, and Tess is hired to work alongside his lawyer Tess is such a mess and I love her She has a weird family and lives above her aunt s bookstore She has an on and off relationship with an ex, but also finds herself thinking of someone who works with her aunt named Crow I am also reading books with characters having terrible names Tess is in a rut and her investigating to help out her friend seems like the best thing she can do She seems to be drifting through her life.Tess s aunt is pretty hilarious, but sketched thinly I did love Tess and her relationship with her friend Whitney and how they pushed pulled each other though We don t get to really see the different Balti s here though Lippman addresses that in her third book Butcher s Hill and I was happy to see it I maybe laughed at Tess talking crap about how bad D.C was compared to Balti it s funny cause it s true. I recently read one of Lippman s standalone novels and liked it, so I dug up the first in her Tess Monaghan series Not bad, but a little bit clunky This is a book that definitely would have been better in first person POV than in third It s a nice set up for the series, though We meet Tess who is not necessarily the most warm and fuzzy, likeable heroine , a former reporter turned semi employed mooch, just as she stumbles onto the opportunity to do some detective work for the first time I m always looking for a good series, so I plan to find the second book soon. If you read Mystery Scene Magazine, this has been a month devoted to author Laura Lippman Having read a few of her standalone novels, the editors convinced me it was time to try one in the Tess Monaghan series set in Balti A question often asked about series is whether you need to read them in order If you re reading for the mystery alone I d bet in this case you could but to set the character and locale I m for starting right from the beginning Like the author, Tess is a former journalist but unlike the author who chooses writing, Tess turns her hand to private investigation She doesn t know that this is where her life is headed at the outset of Balti Blues but I think the reader can see this clearly from the get go You immediately know that this is a series where location will be just as important as the characters By page 5 references are made to the city including one by the Mayor who calls Balti theThe City that Readsand Tess dubs The city that bleeds , fodder for investigation if I ever saw one She then goes on to call itthe city one leavesalso illustrating a mood We find out little things about Tess that help us to form a picture in our minds She s a rower, a good rower who others think could be great if she only had the interest She runs too which gives us a picture of a fit woman, one capable and strong I love that Tess lives in a row house above her Aunt Kitty s bookstore, Women and Children First Making this Tess s home tells me reading and books are important to Lippman and therefore to her character There are many references to support my claim Tess has a sense of humor and seems a loyal friend She has a what I can only call a convenient sexual relationship with a reporter who has a girlfriend and who becomes part of Tess s first dip into deduction Tess has me just interested enough to try another. 3.75 stars I loved this forthan halfway, and then it started getting a little violent I love Tess though and the other recurring characters, and the humor Also the Balti flavor was a nice add The audio narrator does a really bad Balti accent But other than that, the narration was also good Will continue with the series after a little break Nice to have found a new series to enjoy This is the first of the Tess Monaghan series Lippman does an excellent job of establishing a great sense of Balti This is important as Tess is a Balti native We meet many of the characters, her friends and family, who continue to be featured in her books Tess is a recently laid off newspaper reporter and is scrambling to earn a living with a few part time jobs given to her by family members She is also an athlete and her sport is rowing As water is so important to the city of Balti, being on a tributary of Chesapeake Bay She is also a runner and with the hours she spends daily on her exercise routines, it s a good thing she is not fully employed Being a rower, however, fits into her getting her start as an investigator A fellow rower hires her to trail his fiance When there s a murder, her rowing friend is a suspect and Tess goes to work as an investigator for his lawyer I have been reading this series for over 10 years The first novel was published in 1997 and there are many aspects of the story that remind us how much things have changed in 18 years For example, Tess often makes phone calls from pay phones that even in 1997 weren t easy to find.A satisfying mystery, and decent narration The narrator makes a decent stab at Balti accents for various characters, and it adds to the color. This is a zippy murder mystery set in Balti Tess Monaghan has been in a rut since she lost her newspaper job, but her life getsexciting when her friend, Darryl, asks her to investigate his fianc Things get messy when Darryl is accused of murdering a shady attorney linked to his girlfriend Tess tries to help him by finding the real killer, and ends up in the crosshairs herself.I listened to this audiobook while attending a conference in Balti, and it was fun to learn details about the different neighborhoods as Tess travels around the city to investigate the case This was my first Laura Lippman book, and I enjoyed this enough that I ll check outof her work. This book certainly can t help that it was written almost 20 years ago is therefore dated in ways both charming Tess looked over his shoulder, enthralled Electronic data bases were new to her and irritating Tess s insistence that the female members of the Victims of Male Aggression group have built their lives around passivity and inaction, the entire existence of Crow But the mystery was interesting, and although Tess has archaic views on the proper way to be a victim of sexual assault, there is always room for her to grow I ll stick around as long as she doesn t start dating Crow for real.

Laura Lippman is a New York Times bestselling novelist who has won than twenty awards for her fiction, including the Edgar Award and been nominated for thirty Since her debut in 1997, she has published twenty one novels, a novella, a children s book, and a collection of short stories Her books have been translated into over twenty languages LitHub named her one of the essential fema

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  • Baltimore Blues (Tess Monaghan #1)
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  • 13 October 2019
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