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Infinite SkyI m still crying This despite knowing early on that something sad was going to happen the very first chapter prepares us for it, but not really not at all Reading this one and feeling all the things that it has me feeling, has me wanting to reevaluate what type of book gets a four or five star rating from me nowadays, because honestly, if it s about the emotion, Infinite Skies deserves all my 4 5 star emotion based ratings and then some, because I m still crying here I am certain that anyone who s got awesome siblings will feel lots over this over this for most of the last chapters, the tears were flowing fast and free and still are, as I type these words Because the characters in this one I m Heartsick over Iris and Sam and then Trick And yes, their parents as well Iris is young and open and sweet Sam is young and angry, siblings the two of them, lost on why their family is the way it is And I was angry on their behalf, at both their parents one who s there but not really and another who s taken the honest way and chucked it And yet the honesty with which they re all portrayed, that s what engaged my head at first How the mother s had her fill and up and gone how the father s left behind and is clueless about what s to be done and how brother and sister continue to do what they re doing when the both of them are so obviously lost gahh heart sick all over again But then there were moments too that eased things up, of the glimpses of brother and sister, both mindful of what the other they re both experiencing and of them both remembering some shared thing in the past It s those things, that added touch of sweetness but it s also those that make the outcome of this all the emotional for me Then there were those other sort of sweet moments, of a girl finding others beyond family of a boy so different from what s familiar to her How the two of them manage to build up a friendship that s begun out of curiosity then made into something sweet and yeah, sweet and how this sweet tentative new thing is seen by those that matter to her so that when finally both parts of her story meet, there I was still wanting some other outcome to come out of it Goodness the last three chapters of a book had me crying nonstop and I still haven t stopped It s like CJ Flood s turned on the tap to my tear ducts 4 5 This excellent book comes under the category of young adult but don t let that put you off It s a great story and I shed a little tear at the end Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh.. Infinite Sky by C.J Flood is a 4 5 star for me.I picked this book out just based on the synopsis that some betrayal was about to take place I wanted to indulge myself in a bittersweet novel and this definitely filled that pothole for me The story starts out slow with background information being delivered This included the location of the protagonist, her surroundings, her family members and also the gypsy boy This was crucial in the development of the story And to top that, a map of Iris s town was beautifully illustrated I love it when there s a map in the book I enjoyed reading the dysfunction of Iris s family and the love that was brewing between Iris and Trick How modern day love was prohibited in the farm where her Dad was old school and had morals on love Her Dad basically disapproved her love for the Gypsy boy mainly due to the fact that the Gypsies were in their line of land Her Dad hated that and there were conflicts rising from that The point where things got out of hand was when there was a break in in her Dad s shed That was when her Dad went full mental and wanted the eviction of the Gypsies Obviously Iris hated that Iris had also other issues which included her Mom having left their family, her brother who went out and basically did stupid teenage stuff and her broken friendship with Matty With so much pressure, I wonder how Iris managed to remain good spirited I would have honestly lost it The climax of the book was the lost of her loved one Who s that loved one GO AND READ THE BOOK AND YOU LL KNOW I found the whole funeral process extremely moving I m a sucker for speeches that have that sentimental touch to it I d definitely read from this author Her writing style is relatively clear and has resemblances to how screenplay writing would be I enjoyed this book and I am hoping for a second part to this book as the book still has room for development. I was really excited for this book LIKE YOU WOULDN T BELIEVE I was nearly hyperventilating when I entered the bookstore, and I was near tears, and I all could whisper was, Praise Jesus, Lord, You are so good, over and over again.And you know, the synopsis seemed appealing to me, and the cover was nice too, so I thought, why not, right There aren t many bookstores where I live, and it s a blessing just to stand in a large one outside the country Infinite Sky is about Iris Dancy, whose mother upped and left, promising that she would be back , and whose father is left trying to hold it together , and her brother Sam completely changed and is now a rebellious teenager who tries to pick a fight with everyone to prove he s tough Stupid, if you ask me A group of gypsies camp out in their garden, and basically, everyone hates gypsies, and their Dad gets really mad and unreasonable So of course, a friendship and a budding romance blossoms between Iris and the lad, Patrick commonly called Trick.Alright I was deceived by the synopsis and the prologue and the beautiful, beautifulcoverI mean, it s beautiful, really, so that s why I picked it up in the first place But what I thought would be a tear jerking book about friendship and family and loyalty and love, turned out to make me ask when I turned the last page, What s the point of this whole book again It honestly felt to me like the author just threw some characters together, tried to make some big conflict, threw in a potential boyfriend for Iris, and tried to turn her against herself by making Trick kill her brother That was all it felt like to me There were a few one liners that I liked, but other than that, blagh.I also disliked Iris A lot She is such a flat character She doesn t give reasons for her actions, and you don t really get to sympathize with her, or get to know how she really thinks or feels She s also so weak Why write a story when you re not going to develop the character as you go along I think the only change in her was that she was able to turn Trick in, which I thought was ridiculous, too It was an act of self defense, and yetI do not like any characters in this book They could ve been developed much, much better, and given an interesting backstory Sam annoyed me a lot How was I supposed to cry at his death and feel sorry for him when I didn t care about him at all The author gave me absolutely no reason to care for him To me, it just seemed like he was a stuck up brat that reacted badly to his Mum s departure, and then picked a fight with someone just because hecould,only to end up dead I say that it serves him right Also, the only personality traits and backstory we get about him is that he likes to draw, and is very good at it, he has brown curls, and he and his Mum are alike So tell me, how am I supposed to care for such a lifeless character such as him I don t.Her Dad also annoyed me, because he was always cursing and blaming things on the kids in a way that wasn t realistic Again, lack of details I think Trick and Nan were going somewhere, but the author just cut them off abruptly, and I was surprised, because I was actually looking forward to the deeper relationships between Trick and Nan and Iris I wanted to see how they interacted.This story really could ve been better The author has potential, but, well. A Truly Beautiful Book About The Summer That Changed One Girl S Life, As Her Mum Leaves Home, Travellers Set Up Camp In The Family S Field, Her Older Brother Goes Off The Rails, And She Falls In Love For The Very First Time Opening With A Funeral, Iris Is Mourning The Boy In The Casket But Who Is It Sam, Her Tearaway Brother, Or Trick, Her Tentative Boyfriend Over One Long Hot Summer, We Find Out Just How Their Three Lives Were Turned Upside Down Muiiito perto das 4 estrelas Acho que o que me fez gostar menos foi o facto de ter demorado muitoo tempo a l lo, mas estas ltimas p ginas deram cabo de mim Tive de parar v rias vezes para ver se n o me esva a em l grimas Tive muito perto de deitar umas quantas Chocked on feelings deve ser a express o que mais define Dos melhores YA s que tenho lido ultimamente. A hard one for me to rate as although the writing is beautiful and certainly evokes a time and place, you could feel those corn fields, I am not the target audience and it probably would have had impact if I was 14 However it is well written and I have rated it so. 4.5 starsEver since her mum left Iris s family has been falling apart, her dad has been drinking too much and her brother Sam has become angry and withdrawn Iris is only 13 years old but she is the one who is trying to hold them together, she does her best to take care of the house and cook for them all but it isn t easy and she s left feeling sad and alone The day a family of travellers move onto their land changes everything, her father and Sam are both angry and want the travellers gone but Iris can t help but be curious about them As she secretly gets to know Trick she realises that her family s prejudices against him aren t true and they form a close friendship that helps them both through some difficult times As tensions increase between the two families Iris and Trick are caught in the middle but when tragedy strikes who will be the last one standing Infinite Sky is the kind of book that doesn t come along very often, one of those stories that touches your heart and will make you shed a few tears but that will also make you smile along the way It s very clear from the prologue that something terrible has happened, Iris is at the funeral of someone she is close to but you are given no indication of who it is that died The story then begins several months earlier and you spend the summer watching Iris blossom from a child into a young adult as she falls in love for the first time At the back of your mind you always know that something bad is coming but that sense of foreboding doesn t make the journey any less enjoyable, in fact I think it is what makes this quite such an addictive read.I don t want to go into much detail about the story because I think it is a book that needs to be savoured and is best read with as little knowledge as possible I d rather talk about how much I loved the characters, Iris is a young girl that I think most people can relate to She is going through a difficult time at home and is at that age when you start to question the things you are told and stop believing everything just because a parent tells you it s true She is learning some hard truths about family and friendship and her experiences help shape her into the woman she is going to become Iris is constantly being told that the travellers are bad news but she wants to make up her own mind about them by getting to know them She is smart enough to realise that no family is perfect and that we should react to people based on the way they treat us not because of someone else s prejudice.I didn t feel we get to know Trick as well as we know Iris, probably because the story is told from her point of view, but we know enough about him to hurt on his behalf when he is bullied and picked on by local teens The events that unfold towards the end are heartbreaking and I think it was made even worse by the fact that that people who are most to blame are the ones who walk away from the incident unaffected Infinite Sky is a book that will make you think, it touches on difficult themes but does so in a sensitive manner The writing is beautiful for it s simplicity and it s hard to believe that this is C.J Flood s debut novel, I know I ll automatically be reading anything she writes in the future If you haven t already fallen in love with Infinite Sky then I urge you to pick up a copy as soon as possible, the setting makes it a perfect book for reading on a lazy summer afternoon and I m sure you won t regret giving it a chance. Infinite Sky is a beautifully written story of first love and loss It s a bittersweet read which squeezes the heart and fills you with a longing for something that s just out of reach.From the very first page, the most striking thing about this book is the quality of the writing It has a beautiful simple sound to it It reads as if the author considered every beat, every single word, every simile It doesn t come across as flowery language or particularly poetic It s an earthy, honesty in the words and the main character s viewpoint that spoke to me.This is the story of Iris She s desperate for school to be finished and the summer to begin She wants to escape her self centred, shallow friend Matty She wants peace and I got the sense that she wanted to let nature wash over and embrace her Things haven t been great in their rural home since her mum left Her older brother Sam s been acting out of character getting into trouble at school, avoiding his best mate And dad is drinking and.As the summer arrives so do a group of Irish travellers who set up home in one of the family s paddocks Iris s dad is furious he spouts prejudicial comments about them being scroungers, a scourge on society etc and warns Iris to stay away from them But as Iris watches out the window at the family living a completely different way of life she becomes and curious about the boy who disappears off into the wilderness.Iris and Trick connect because they listen to each other They ignore the prejudice that their parents would have them believe and instead discover their own truth about friendship, honesty and love But of course, they re blossoming relationship cannot stay secret and soon the conflict between their families turns to tragedy So it s also a story about forgiveness.Infinite Sky is a book that you can lose yourself in It s poignant, moving and has a life all of its own Highly recommended. I loved this book As a Brit expat, its Englishness gave me a sweet longing for those slow, lazy summers that Flood describes so well here But don t be fooled by sunny fields and cornfield hideouts they re woven through with the very gritty stuff of abandonment and loss, judgment and prejudice, in a compelling and heartfelt story told through the understanding eyes of its main character, Iris Left by their mum, Iris and Sam face summer with their dad, who s busy drowning his sorrows Sam, particularly close to his mother, is devastated by her departure, his rage brewing and building as time passes Iris, meanwhile, finds solace in the wonderful Trick, whose traveller family s presence in the Dancy s paddock is the catalyst and fulcrum of the book s action The conflicts and personal dilemmas that arise for her are beautifully handled throughout by the author The choice of names for Iris and her leading lad are another thing I loved Iris, the gentle eye through which this tough story is seen Trick, the boy whose heart we re never quite sure of, but who is one of my favorite characters ever And Fiasco, for the dog All great.I have one reservation, to do with Sam The story starts with him already angry, and all we see is him beingwell, not the nicest guy Not that I d fault Flood s depiction of him as such her tone with the current situation as with everything else is perfect It s just that since I didn t witness what a stand up bro he d been before the story began, I couldn t quite identify with her abiding love for him Loyalty, yes He is, after all, her brother.But that is than made up for by Flood s very fine writing, and the fact that Iris s story has curled up in a corner of my heart where it feels like it s going to stay for a long, long time Hence my 5 star rating.

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