There Goes Ted Williams

There Goes Ted Williams Ted Williams always dreamed about being the best hitter in baseball Growing up in California in the 1930s, he practiced till his hands would bleed Recruited at 17 by the NY Yankees, his mom wasn t ready for him to be so far away and he played minor league for another couple of years, until he was recruited by the Boston Red Sox in 1939 He played with them till 1960, taking a few years off for World War II and the Korean War This book captures the determination and hard work that must accompany a dream to make it come true An Author s Note acknowledges that Williams had his human foibles, as do we all, but still managed to do much good during his life, and to fulfill his baseball dream The language is full of imagery and action, and readers see him as both a baseball giant and an air force pilot advisable for elem sch lib This is a biography that talks about Ted Williams life and how he was the greatest hitter who ever lived This is only a partial biography because it does not go through his life from birth to death It was pretty authentic although I felt like the author left out an important detail in the story of Ted Williams life that he briefly mentioned in his author s note in the back However, the detail was still not specifically described and to me it is a major accomplishment of Ted Williams The book however, does do a good job in telling about the career of Ted Williams minus the one missed detail I thought it was interesting how he went back and forth from his baseball career to the military and how the book went in chronological order like that and not just a section on baseball and a section on his military experience I think this could be used in a text set about baseball, or sports We looked at another book with it and it helped to provide a detailed depiction of Ted Williams life If teaching a unit on nonfiction or biographies, it could definitely be used for them You could have your students write their own biographies, or their own version of a biography on Ted Williams with the information they think is important and how they depict his life. A Lively Picture Book Biography Of Ted Williams From A Master Of The Genre Just In Time For Fenway Park S CentennialTed Williams Lived A Life Of Dedication And Passion He Was An Ordinary Kid Who Wanted One Thing To Hit A Baseball Better Than Anyone Else So He Practiced His Swing Every Chance He Got He Did Fingertip Push Ups He Ate A Lot Of Food He Practiced His Swing Again And Then Practiced It Some From His Days Playing Ball In North Park As A Kid To His Unmatched Season In To His Heroic Tours Of Duty As A Fighter Pilot In World War II And Korea, The Story Of Teddy Ballgame Is The Story Of An American Hero In This Engrossing Biography, A Companion To Henry Aaron S Dream, Matt Tavares Makes Ted Williams S Life Story Accessible To A Whole New Generation Of Fans Who Are Sure To Admire The Hard Work, Sacrifice, And Triumph Of The Greatest Hitter Who Ever Lived This brief biography of baseball slugger Ted Williams is accessible and enjoyable, partly because of its simplicity but also because of the author s use of repetitive phrases Readers will enjoy following along with the Boston Red Sox player s successes, but they will also learn from some of the choices he faced Although this version of the famous player s life story has been romanticized in many ways, the text and detailed watercolor, gouache, and pencil illustrations make it clear how much he loved baseball At several points, he literally dances around the bases, and his face almost always seems to be wearing a smile Interestingly, Williams chose to fight for his country during WWII and the Korean War, a decision that could have cost him his career Although the book doesn t explore those choices, teachers could certainly prompt a discussion about them during class time as well as examining similar choices made by other athletes during wartime By the time readers complete the book, they will recognize that this most single minded of men had accomplished his goal of becoming the greatest hitter who ever lived p 32 An Author s Note includes additional information about the author s connection to Williams through his own father and some of the unpleasant aspects of his personality It also describes his involvement with various charities Although none of that information has been woven into the story, these facts add to the man s complexity. Matt Tavares hits a home run with There Goes Ted Williams The Greatest Hitter Who Ever Lived Tavares grew up hearing amazing stories about Williams from his father He says, The Ted Williams I grew up hearing about seemed larger than life He could see the seams on a Bo b Feller fastball He could fly a fighter jet He could do just about anything Even when Tavares discovered a less likeable side of Williams through his research for this book, he also came to realize that despite his faults, Williams was still a hero His batting record included in the back of the book supports this, as does Williams voluntary enlistment to become a fighter pilot in World War II and the Korean War Very few players would jeopardize a successful professional baseball career to serve in the military There Goes Ted Williams is told in prose so spare that it is almost poetry The text is combined with wonderfully evocative illustrations that capture Williams determination and grit to become a legendary baseball hitter, and his deep seated joy in the game of baseball A quick, but memorable read, this appealing, engaging volume is sure to be a hit with all readers. I know nothing about baseball I grew up in Alvin, Texas in the sixties When I grew up, I went to work teaching out of town and the first thing people said to me when I introduced myself was whether I knew Nolan Ryan Who is Nolan Ryan I asked.So don t think that I adore this book just because I adore baseball I am still clueless about baseball.Even if you are like me, don t let that stop you from reading this book Matt Tavares shows his adoration of Ted Williams on every page You can t help starting to love Ted, too, as you read along, learning that Ted grew up always swinging something, becoming one of the best hitters ever by the time he was twenty two when he was unexpectedly drafted in World War II, coming back from the war and picking up right where he left off in baseball, and then being sent off again for combat missions in Korea this time, crash landing his plane, somehow okay, and then going on to play for seven baseball seasons Amazing how much this story made me love Ted Williams and baseball Just think how much you will like this book if you already love Ted and baseball. There Goes Ted Williams The Greatest Hitter Who Ever Lived sheds light on Ted Williams as a professional baseball player and his work during World War 2 Ted Williams worked day and night to become a famous baseball player and his dreams came true after being recruited by the Yankees at a young age Williams didn t accept the offer from the Yankees and instead waited until he could play for a team closer to his home Eventually, Ted Williams was recruited by the Boston Red Sox s in 1939 and played with them for years being noted as one of the best baseball players in the game Ted Williams accomplished great things both on the field and off the field He fought in World War II and the Korean War and took time off from baseball for the wars The book doesn t focus on the downfalls of Williams during his baseball years, and instead focuses on his determination and accomplishments This book can be used as part of a social studies unit about historical figures The students can go in depth about Ted Williams work as a pilot and write about other people who fought for our country. Matt Tavares infuses this easy to read biography with his palpable love of the subject Sharing the story of Ted Williams in the present tense makes it seem like he is telling the story directly to the reader as it happens His warm engaging illustrations are perfect counterparts to the baseball legend s trajectory from an ordinary boy obsessed with his swing, to a major league contract player at age 17, serviceman in two wars, and a player with an uncanny ability to hit home run after home run Includes Author s Note, Bibliography, player statistics and index Perfect for an early grade biography report.Although I really appreciated the details supplied in the Author s Note, it seems to me that some of the negatives in Ted Williams s life mentioned in the Note his temper, swearing, feuds with fans and media would have rounded out the portrayal of this larger than life figure if they were included in the body of the book. Matt Tavares is an enthusiastic, joyful fan of baseball his delight for, and exhilaration over the sport comes through in all of his books Ted Williams is a perfect subject for Tavares since Williams also had so much enthusiasm for the game.Tavares tells what a hero Williams was, in spite of his reputation for being a jerk by throwing tantrums, cursing, dissing the fans, and so on But most baseball fans have excused him, because he was just too good not to appreciate He was Tavares father s childhood idol.The book explains just how and why Williams was so amazing both on and off the baseball field For example, Williams was a figher pilot Marine hero both in World War II and Korea His military service took nearly five full years out of his career, nearly all in his prime, yet he still managed to amass amazing batting numbers Most modern statistical analyses place Williams, along with Babe Ruth and Barry Bonds, among the three best hitters to have played the game And his service garnered him accolades as well, including a Presidential Medal of Freedom.The illustrations watercolor, gouache, and pencil , also by Tavares, are up to the author illustrator s usual high standards in terms of historical authenticity and the ability to capture action and convey emotions At the back of the book there are background notes and a page of statistics.Evaluation I don t like watching baseball, but I sure love reading about the heroes who have participated in the game This is a great book, and not just for baseball fans 2012 Junior Library Guild Selection2012 Oppenheim Gold Seal Award2012 Booklist Top Ten Sports Books for Youth2012 New England Book Award finalistNote This is an author you should get to know Besides producing well researched great books, he spends a lot of time with kids, reading, signing books, and sharing his love of baseball This picture book biography of the great Red Sox hitter, Ted Williams, is an engaging tale of a sports hero who often seemed larger than life Beginning with Williams childhood in San Diego Tavares follows the slugger s career from being tapped at age seventeen by the San Diego Padres to his retirement from the Red Sox at age 40 in 1960 Through his delightfully colorful illustrations, Matt Tavares places much emphasis on Williams drive and tenacity in his lifelong desire to have people remember him as, the greatest hitter who ever lived Tavares also highlights how stints in World War II and the Korean conflict affect, but do not derail, Williams brilliant baseball career Being the Red Sox fan that I am, I thought I knew quite a bit about Ted Williams However, I gained a whole new understanding and respect for his drive for perfection I had been aware of his service in World War II, but I had been unaware that he also left the game to serve in Korea Although he only highlights Ted Williams history as one of baseball s legends Tavares does explain in his author s nots that Williams was far from perfect He scribes Williams famous temper and rocky relationships with the Boston fans and sports media There Goes Ted Williams would be a great addition to a biography unit in a classroom from grades three through middle school For a struggling middle school reader, the wonderful illustrations could aid in comprehension of Williams story Both this book and Tavares Oliver s Game would be useful in highlighting how going to war can affect and change a person s life.

Matt Tavares was born in Boston, and grew up surrounded by books and reading From the time he was very young, his mother read to him every night, and his family made countless trips to the public library Years later, as a studio art major at Bates College, he rediscovered his love for picture books, and decided to try to make his own.For his senior thesis project, Matt wrote and illustrated a st

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