The Coachs Discipline

The Coachs Discipline I have read a lost of DD books lately and this one is easily in the top 5 This is a beautiful story of discovery Claire is a woman in her 30 s trying to qualify as a runner for the Olympics With an emotionally abusive mother and former coach, and recovering from an eating disorder she lacks the confidence and belief in herself to succeed Luckily she meets Nick and he becomes her coach He is an amazingly sweet man who falls fast for her Through love and caring discipline they both find their place in the world MILD SPOILER AHEADOne endearing quality about this book is Nick He is strong and confident but not perfect He does not have all of the answers but wants nothing than to care for Claire and help her succeed in everything she does On of the most powerful scenes is the corner scene The guilt and hurt he feels for inadvertently hurting her comes across as very real, as does his moment of uncertainty afterwards Claire had to self evaluate and then communicate to Nick what she needed The moment was a very strong one for both of them.The only critique I would have has to do with Claire s mother I wish there had been some sort of confrontation where Claire stands up to her. Authors are often advised to offer something fresh and new within their genre of choice and author Katherine Deane has done that with spanking romance domestic discipline In The Coach s Discipline Claire is a marathoner with some self defeating habits that have not permitted her to live up to her potential Nick is the coach who believes in her and sees the best Author Katherine Deane breaks the spanking romance mold with a heroine and hero who are both vulnerable and unsure of how domestic discipline will affect them.The story and characters feel authentic and real, and offer an excellent example of what loving domestic discipline truly is.I enjoyed the marathon running setting and learned a lot about the sport I had no idea there was so much to running The Coach s Discipline is only Deane s second book but it is one of the best spanking romances I ve read this year It s a sure pleaser for spanking romance fans but would also be an excellent introduction for those readers who are new to the genre Five stars Cocktails and Books ReviewOriginal Review Published here Jacobs is a marathon runner and while she is good at running, she seems to lack the ability to focus Claire also seems to battle internal demons besides her lack of focus In addition, her experiences from her last coach still haunt her Claire is a smart woman who falls for her coach almost upon meeting him.Nick Fox is a coach that is known for his unconventional techniques The time he spends with Claire the he is taken with her commitment to running and her commitment to those around her as well Nick slowly gives her discipline increasing it as needed and as closer they get.The connection between Nick and Claire is intense The both Claire and Nick open up to each other the closer they get I also loved how slowly Nick incorporated discipline into his relationship with Claire in a way that help her achieve her goals.I found this book well written with a very lifelike plot The main and secondary characters were interesting and appealing The ending was somewhat predicable but the book seemed about how the main characters arrived at the ending than the ending itself Overall, this was a fascinating book. A Coach s Discipline goes up there as one of my favorites in the genre There just aren t that many sports spanking books out there I feel it s an untapped area in spanking fiction that has a hellava lot of steamy potential Although Katherine Deane certainly set the bar high with her page turning novel.Initially I wasn t sure how I would feel about it being a non athlete Well let me tell youLOVED it I didn t want to put this book down It s not only a sexy steamy read, the main character Claire had me rolling with laughter with her sense of humor verbal faux pas BUT what I loved even than the hot steamy spankings was the emotional depth to the story This is a story that you can sink your teeth into There is a real vulnerability with Claire who has not had to easiest time This is a story of her triumph over her past her own self doubt.Nick, her incredibly sexy, dominant coach turned love interest helps to guide her with this in all the right ways.He is HOT, HOT, HOT A Coach s Discipline is a fun, sexy, emotionally deep, incredibly satisfying read Pick it up You won t regret it Olympic hopeful, Claire Jacobs, has big dreams of making the team Can she overcome past failures and her own insecurities Coach Nick Fox has been highly recommended as someone who can get Claire past her hurdles.Coach Fox admires Claire for all of her support to the team He has a firm rule of no patronizing with those he coaches, but he quickly learns that Claire needs something that only he can give her When Claire falls to old habits he s than willing to help her out.This book was an easy read The author puts you right there with the characters and make you want to cheer them on A sexy and steamy read that you will enjoy Lots of heat, and passion.I would recommend this book A heartwarming story of Claire, an athlete struggling with health and emotional issues which hold her back from success She meets a coach who teaches her to trust in herself and others and to fulfill her potential, with the aid of domestic discipline.Both Claire and Nick were wonderful main characters, strong but humanly flawed and both had such depth that the reader can t help but become their friends and root for them all the way Some fun moments that will have you laughing, other tense moments that will make you chew your nails and lots of hot erotic spanking and sex to heat you up.Watch out spanking romance readers, Katherine Deane has just entered the race, and she s going to succeed A great job all round. The Coach s Discipline is a real treat It offers depth and sweetness in addition to the hot spanking, sex and seduction Claire is a sweet character who is working to overcome her habit of being her own worst enemy She wears her heart on her sleeve, which sometimes means she completely crumbles Nick Fox is a teddy bear as her tough, no nonsense but understanding coach He provides her with the firm hand she needs to spread her wings and shine.I giggled and teared up at Claire s endearing story all the while luxuriating in the erotically charged spank scenes.Bravo to Katherine Deane on her debut solo novel The Coach s Discipline was a well written spanking novel that I highly recommend I loved it I was a little nervous about reading a sports themed book because that s not usually my thing, but I enjoyed it so much that I wish I had read it sooner The romance that develops between Claire and Nick is sweet, and there are some really hot moments too Seriously one of the best spanking romances I ve read in a while 5 stars This utterly lovely spanking story tells the story of runner Claire Jacobs and is set in a world of competitive off road running, fitness coaching and Olympic tryouts It did strike me before I started reading that a fitness trainer was very much the perfect guy for a BDSM ish spanking book Doms and personal trainers tick all the same boxes They demand obedience they push people as far as they can go while remaining conscious of their limits and they cause pain Lots and lots of pain I was expecting Claire s coach, Nick Fox to be something of a monster Turns out he s actually a total sweetie I mean sure he s all about barking commands, and enforcing discipline but his absolutely devotion to the girls in his running squad and especially towards Claire is so touching that I found myself wanting to reach into my Kindle and give him a big hug.I really love the author s writing style, particularly the way she handles the switches between Claire s and Nick s points of view While Nick handles his and Claire s relationship both personal and professional with a calm alpha authority which is a hot as hell, it s lovely to hear his though processes behind it including his own doubts and vulnerabilities.They are such a cute couple Their banter is just adorable, particularly when Claire teases her man, although she usually has to pay the price for that There was a real heartfelt story here with Claire s personal journey at the heart of it There were some great secondary characters including the other girls form the running squad, Claire s best friend Jenny and a mysterious guy called Oz who I m hoping is going to get a book of his own at some point Meanwhile, Katherine Deane includes lots of opportunities for Nick to bend Claire over something and give her the spanking she needs This is Katherine Deane s first solo book and I am really, really looking forward to whatever she writes next Marathon Runner Claire Jacobs Has Always Dreamed Of Making It To The Olympics, But She Has A Habit Of Getting In Her Own Way With The Help Of Nick Fox, A Legendary Coach Known For His Unconventional Techniques, She Prepares For One Last Shot At Her Dream Traumatic Memories Of Her Experience With Her Last Coach Still Haunt Claire, Though, And In Spite Of His Reputation She Finds It Hard To Trust Nick S AuthorityThe Time He Spends With Claire, The Nick Finds Himself Enchanted By Her Drive And Deep Commitment To Her Fellow Runners But When Her Self Destructive Behavior Crosses The Line, Nick Realizes He Has Only One Option To Help The Woman He Has Come To Care About So Much He Will Need To Give Her The First Spanking Of Her Life And Make Sure It Is One She Will Not ForgetDespite His Firm Discipline, Claire Quickly Comes To Crave Nick S Dominance And Direction, And Soon He Has Grown To Be Much Than Just Her Coach But When Jealousy And Misunderstandings Threaten To Tear The Team Apart, Will She Run Away As She Always Has In The Past, Or Can She Trust In Her Newfound Love And Race Toward Her Goals With An Open Heart Publisher S Note The Coach S Discipline Is An Erotic Romance Novel That Includes Spankings, Sexual Scenes, Anal Play, Elements Of BDSM, And If Such Material Offends You, Please Don T Buy This Book

USA Today bestselling author, Katherine Deane is a multi published, top 100 romantic and BDSM author and romantic at heart While she enjoys her life as a stay at home mom, married to the man of her dreams, she also loves fantasizing She reads and writes in many different genres, but her favorites are erotic romance, paranormal, fantasy, and science fiction She blogs about her life as an everyd

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