I Love You, Grandma

I Love You, Grandma Little Bear Is Curious And Asks His Grandmother A Lot Of Questions Fortunately, This Is A Grandma Who Knows A Lot While Searching For Food, His Grandmother Gives Him All The Answers I Love You, Grandma Has Beautiful Illustrations By Kristina Stephenson And A Sweet Story By Jillian Harker In Text That Easy To Read

Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the I Love You, Grandma book, this is one of the most wanted Jillian Harker author readers around the world.

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  • Hardcover
  • 32 pages
  • I Love You, Grandma
  • Jillian Harker
  • English
  • 01 December 2017
  • 9781405466608

10 thoughts on “I Love You, Grandma

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    Nolan and I have completed reading one of the books on my 2019 reading list this one a Christmas gift from Nolan Nolan s review I like the part when Nolan and Nana say they love each other and the hair you can see on the pictures of the bears

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    Story about little bear and how curious he is about his grandma s nose, claw and tongue Grandma teaches little bear why bears have such a large nose, sharp claws and long tongue to help them find food.Encourages little ones to always ask questions about their world.Good to use for Grandparent s Day.

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    This is an enjoyable read about how many ways a grandma can show you how much they love you I gave this story due to it being such a cute book but it is a book that I would only read to kids who are younger due to it being targetd towards their age level It is a heartwarming story and is perfect to read to those who are lower elementary The illustrations were fun to look at and flowed perfectly along with the story.Reading Levels Guided Reading CATOS 1.3Trait presentation

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    6 yo It was about a little bear who wanted to know all his parts and how to get food.

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    This narrative tells about a little bear that is spending time with his Grandmother and asks her many questions about his physical features He asks her questions about the largeness of his hands, and nose along with some of his other bear features Every answer that the Grandmother gives him correlates with everything he will need in order to survive as a bear Harker creates a loving Bear grandmother who has the attributes and dialogue of the matriarchs whom most adults as well as children can identify with This grandmother reassures him that every characteristic is a part of his greatness and reveals to him how to use his attributes when each opportunity arises Stephenson s illustrations grace the pages with sweet cool colors and vibrant colors allowing the reader to be engaged with the soothing colors that go along with the Grandmother s love for her grandchild As a teacher, I will use this text to teach my students that all of their attributes are wonderful and play a major part in their greatness as well I also believe that this book also teaches them to value their elders and know that they are here to guide and teach them about how beautiful life can be when they learn to appreciate everything.

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    This is a good story, featuring a warm cushion of a grandma bear s love for her grandcub around the primary tale about looking at the world with perceptive eyes and being willing to learn about oneself in relation to the rest of the world What really draws these lessons and, in turn, the entire book together is the love between grandma and grandcub A nicely done work.

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    Reading this book it made me excited to be a grandma because this grandma bear and baby cub have such an amazing bond in this story I would want to read to some of my younger students to show how much love your family can have for you.

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    This would be a good book to read around mothers day This is a sweet story about a grandma and grandson, and their love for each other The children can write a letter for their grandmother as an activity.

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    a young cub and his grandma are walking along and the cub asks his grandma why do I have and goes from his claws, to long tongue etc and Grandma always tells him why and in the end the cub knows that Grandma loves him.

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    This book was inscribed with a note reminding me how special it is to be remembered by people who are of great importance to me Brian, Brooke, Bandit It may not be considered great literature but it is among the favorites in my library.

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