Shadow Over Avalon

Shadow Over Avalon Shadow Over Avalon takes you to a different world, but at the same time manages to keep some part of you anchored to a beloved piece of literary history And the way that Lesley does it is as magical as the legend itself Lesley not only creates an environment that mesmerizes the reader, she also threatens, amazes, and makes the reader feel at home, but always with suspense thick in the air The characters make or break a book for me, and these characters were as real as my neighbors unfortunately Some I loved like a dear friend some I loathed But all of them made me feel and that s what s important to me These were not cookie cutter fill ins that Lesley pulled from another novel I m convinced that somewhere, in some life or time, Lesley knew these people They re as real as that Plot is the other thing that keeps me flipping pages in a book, and I have to say I m often tempted to toss a book if the plot isn t strong No worries with Shadow Over Avalon This plot keeps you guessing, keeps you filled with suspense and dread, keeps you wondering what the hell is going to happen next Exactly the way I want it That brings me to prose and quality of writing There s not much to say, except damn good job Every author has a unique voice Lesley s is unique in a very good way Like all good authors, it takes a few pages for her style to latch onto you, but once you settle in there s no going back I read this in two nights, but only because I had to sleep otherwise, I would have pushed through that first night Don t plan on starting this book late you ll curse yourself in the morning if you do.There aren t a lot of books I rave about, but Shadow Over Avalon takes most of what I love in books and wraps it all up in a nice present Great characters, great plot, great prose, add in a great setting and you re set to go I recommend this to anyone who likes a good book And I might say, this could easily be a cross genre interest You don t have to be a fan of Arthurian legends, or SciFi fantasy to love this book Go get it You won t be disappointed Giacomo Giammatteo, author. I read this novel a while ago, when the author and I belonged to a writing group When I write a review, even if I know the author, I try to be scrupulously honest, because I know exactly how an author feels I have a library full of books yes, real ones because for me, the mark of a great book is when I can go back again and again and still find something.When I read Shadow over Avalon again, even knowing the outcome, I discovered the same thrill on my initial reading That pleasure of a great plot that kept me on my seat from start to finish that anticipation when I know I am getting close to reading time at the end of the day Because the characters get a hold of you and you simply have to follow them.If you mention Arthur as a storyline many folks will sigh and mutter stuff like been there, done that Don t be fooled, this is a unique novel where the author s scientific knowledge shows through This Avalon is nothing like the almost utopian creations of Arthur and his round table and his perfect knights This is a battle for survival where Earth has returned to a primitive form Avalon is one of the few outlets that have retained technology, but there is a price Avalon is under the sea.Shadow over Avalon is just the beginning of an epic tale which describes how this happened Arthur, whose talents as a seer, make him a valuable asset rather than a person must discover his true origins to gain freedom Shadow is the mysterious woman whose life he follows upon the surface world to gain that knowledge.The real threat, however is only just beginning to show its ugly head Who or what is truly manipulating events And how did this threat come about But a stunning plot is nothing without the characters who people it Characters you can empathise with, or hate for their actions Shadow over Avalon has it all.Now I am going to tap my fingers for the next one Ms Lesley, please hurry up Shadow Over Avalon is an unusual book that caught my attention, grabbed hold and didn t let go until the very last page I loved the ongoing adventure that was both thrilling, entertaining and wildly suspenseful.This is a well developed story with great characters and extremely good writing So much creativity and imagination Pretty mind blowing if you ask me This futuristic tale took me by surprise and brought me to a completely different time and place How I loved the surprises This story moved at a quick pace as there was never a dull moment Surprising since I am not much of a fantasy or science fiction fan The writing was enough to keep me glued to the pages Loving every minute This is a smart story that will take you places you never imagined existed I would highly recommend this great tale if you are looking for a great escape with a great unpredictable plot I love how the different story lines come together Very clever I would read from this author Without a doubt So enjoyable.Excerpt Two days of rest refreshed Shadow The morning of solstice started a warm, cloudless day She walked along the shore after breakfast, followed by two brothers They didn t appear to trust her not to leave them, looking on the edge with her so near water She returned to the camp with reluctance and one backward glance at the sun glinting off the waves The writing is soothing and poetic Sophisticated and yet easy to get lost into I would highly recommend this sophisticated story that has the wow factor The Arthurian Legend has always held a certain fascination for me, so reading a science fiction version with fantasy elements gave the old tale a new and delightful twist The tale is told over two times, but from the beginning we are immersed in an underwater world that is technologically advanced, versus a surface land that s caught in a medieval like time The characters are beautifully developed and wrought Ashira is fearsome and courageous, but from the beginning there is a sense of mystery about her Her life in the surface lands is a hard one, made difficult when she is betrayed Arthur is bold and inquisitive and has a thirst to discover knowledge and about history Along with the main protagonists, Lesley has clearly developed characters you both love to love and hate There s plenty of twists in the plot and a seamless blending between the science fiction, fantasy as well as the adventure and romance, which together, bring this tale to life I would recommend Shadow Over Avalon to anyone looking for an original twist on an old tale, adventure, romance and a great story. A science fiction novel intertwined with an old tale of knights and villains A young boy and a young girl searching for their paths and their roots takes us from under the sea and an advanced technological world to the surface of primitive mayhem.This is a well written book, filled with action and adventure with a flowery writing style that is both descriptive and intense The genre, though predominately science fiction is also fantastical, as it delivers us to different realms with great imaginative settings and magic.The two young characters are wonderfully developed, as are all the characters, and like all good books, you either love them or hate them I was kept glued to the story and followed the plot and sub plots with ease.This is is an epic story that crosses barriers of time and it took only the first chapter for me to realise that I was going to thoroughly enjoy the ride right to the end. One of my favorite stories growing up was King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table The author has taken this timeless tale and given it a brilliant new twist The storyline is intricate and complex, and one gets drawn into the two entwined stories A boy looking for his origins and a girl trying to survive The plot unwinds spectacularly, and the author manages to keep the book fast paced and exciting, while developing her characters The strengths and weaknesses of each character are explored You feel pity for those that circumstances changed for the worse and sadness for those who got affected by the change I love her style of writing, it kept me glued to the book.A reunion, betrayal, survival and promises of new adventures to come and new possibilities to explore C.N.Lesley ends her book on a note of suspense, leaving us waiting to know what happens next Applause for the author on her own timeless tale Fortune Twists In The Strongest Hands This Is No Repeat This Is What Happens Next A Man, Once A Legend Who Bound His Soul To His Sword As He Lay Dying, Is Now All But A Boy Nearing The End Of His Acolyte Training Stifled By Life In The Undersea City Of Avalon, Arthur Wants To Fight Side By Side With The Air Breathing Terrans, Not Spend His Life As Servant To The Incorporeal Sentient Known As The Archive Despite The Restrictions Put On Him By Sanctuary, He Is Determined To Help The Surface Dwellers Defeat Predators Whose Sole Purpose Is To Ensure Their Own Survival, No Matter The Cost Ashira, War Maid And Princess Of The Surface World, Is Ready To Sacrifice Her Life To Defend Her Kin, But When She Is Betrayed And Cast Out Of The Life Chosen For Her, She Must Choose Whether To Die With Honor Or Become One Of The Creatures Her Kinsmen Fear And Loathe Following Two Threads Of Time, CN Lesley S New Incarnation Of The Arthurian Tales Of Old Delivers The Perfect Blend Of Science Fiction And Fantasy Shadow Over Avalon is a Sci Fi Fantasy novel written with such detail, that you can t help but fall in love from the beginning.Ashira, the heroine and daughter of the King, is bartered away by her own father for his own evil intent Her journey takes her through finding both love and loss and despite all that, she endures and comes back a fighter Aurthur, who dwells beneath the water, is drawn to Ashira s story through his search in the Archives He seeks a destiny greater than what has been planned for him and he discovered the strength to make his own fate This story is masterfully written with endearing characters and detailed world building I don t usually read Sci Fi, but once I started reading, it was hard to put down The author is a wordsmith in every sense of the word Can t wait to see what else C.N Lesley has for us C.N Lesley s has written a beautiful blend of SciFi and fantasy based on the legendry tale of Arthur of Avalon in her, Shadow Over Avalon I searched for a word to describe this book, and only one kept coming to mind beautiful There was so much going on in the story that I had to concentrate in order to follow How the author was able to produce such a masterpiece, while remaining sane, is the reason I thought this a work of beauty I fell in love with several of the characters, but especially Uther and Ashira, and then there is Shadow Brilliant Lovers of SciFi are in for a thrill Highly recommend WOW This is a truly epic and imaginative story, which made yesterday s long train journey fly past How does someone conjure up such a futuristic world combining fantasy and science fiction I loved the characters, especially Ashira and Uthira, who had me captivated from the first pages Arthur is also an interesting character and the author has cleverly woven together the two different story lines.This is a quality book, well written and by no means just about a fantasy world in the future The actions and emotions of the characters are also relevant today Simply a fabulous read

Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Shadow Over Avalon book, this is one of the most wanted C.N. Lesley author readers around the world.

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