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The Art of Work Jeff Goins, A Brilliant New Voice Counting Seth Godin And Jon Acuff Among His Fans, Explains How To Abandon The Status Quo And Live A Life That Matters With True Passion And PurposeThe Path To Your Life S Work Is Difficult And Risky, Even Scary, Which Is Why Few Finish The Journey This Is A Book About Discovering Your Life S Work, That Treasure Of Immeasurable Worth We All Long For It S About The Task You Were Born To Do As Jeff Goins Explains, The Search Begins With Passion But Does Not End There Only When Our Interests Connect With The Needs Of The World Do We Begin Living For A Larger Purpose Those Who Experience This Intersection Experience Something Exceptional And Enviable Though It Is Rare, Such A Life Is Attainable By Anyone Brave Enough To Try Through Personal Experience, Compelling Case Studies, And Current Research On The Mysteries Of Motivation And Talent, Jeff Shows Readers How To Find Their Vocation And What To Expect Along The Way

Jeff Goins is the author of four books, including the national best seller, The Art of Work He is also a full time blogger, speaker, and entrepreneur.Originally from Chicago, Goins graduated from Illinois College and spent the next year on the road with a band After that, he moved to Nashville to chase a girl and spent the next seven years working at a nonprofit He now writes and speaks for a l

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  • The Art of Work
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  • 23 September 2018
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    Answering a call will sometimes feel that way It won t make sense and may even open you up to rejection and criticism, but in your heart you will know it s right How There will be confirmation You will take a step, and things will happen Opportunities will reveal themselves Through the words of others and even in the pit of your stomach, you will know this is the path to take not because it s easy or safe, but because it is right.Hm Okay So my question here is WHAT ON EARTH It s getting two stars, because I m tired of political correctness, I m tired of flowery language, and I m tired of authors trying to beat around the bush And I m not quite harsh enough to give it one star, heh On the one hand, this is filled with inspiring stories of people who rose above difficulties and challenges in their own lives It s got some great themes about determination, hard work, and overcoming obstacles It s very well written, with a style that s never choppy or hard to read.BUT That s where the good stuff comes to an abrupt stop The idea behind this book is actually kinda brilliant but the execution is fatally flawed.It s a book about finding your calling, and it s from an author who I THINK don t quote me on this claims to be Christian And yet there s something conspicuously missing here God.Instead of reading the Bible and praying, the author advocates things like listening to your life to determine what your calling might be What does he mean by this statement I read a whole chapter about it, and between the flowery language and evasive, vague structure, I have no clue Whispers of New Age are strung throughout this But it s almost always implied than direct Although at one part I got hit with this You have everything you need to be your whole self it s already in you Now you just have to become it.The statement above is easily the strongest reference to New Age in the entire book and like I said, it s still not all that direct The parallel between this statement and New Age seems clear to me, but then again, it s hard to tell exactly what the author means by this statement and other statements that are even less clear Plus, author Brennan Manning and his book Ruthless Trust are cited twice I think in the extensive list of notes in the back of the book, and since Manning was a well known Catholic mystic, this says a lot But at the same time, could Mr Goins just be citing Manning out of ignorance It s hard to tell anything really This is just so, so, so incredibly vague and politically correct that it s near impossible to tell what the author himself believes He seems to advocate some sort of New Age form of Christianity, but there s nothing explicit in here that advocates the view that he has a belief in EITHER He does tell a Bible story at one point, but he avoids mentioning God or pointing out that the story came from the Bible Basically this frustrated me to no end The question here is What exactly does this author believe And what is he trying to say It s like abstract art only instead of colors thrown onto a canvas, it s words thrown onto a page And it left me scratching my head and saying WHAT DOES IT MEAN

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    Rarely do I breeze through a non fiction book, especially one that s business minded But that s what I love about Jeff Goins writing It s creative, inspiring and encouraging, and not once while reading The Art of Work did I find myself bored or the writing dull I received an advance PDF copy of the book as a result of preordering The Art of Work will change your idea of calling and propel you toward embracing your purpose Goins principles and observations are so simple they should be obvious but I found myself renewed and challenged by his way of thinking Thoughts like calling being a journey and not a one time event and how a life lived in multiple arenas is not chaotic but a portfolio I will refer back to this book often to practice the principles and listen to my life.If you re not sure your life has a plan, or you re following a plan and now find yourself lost, or you re facing a career transition, this is a book that needs to be in your hands, not just on your shelf Goins lays out an easy to follow guide that can be tailored to whatever your life entails It s not a how to book in that it will give you a list of steps to follow to find your calling It s an invitation to listen and act based on what is already a part of your life.I d give this book stars if I could

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    I understand that Jeff and or publishers titled this book in such a way as to hit a larger audience However, this book is about finding your God given purpose calling than it is about your work I get that they go hand in hand.It s FULL of nuggets that you can use for conversations with others about determining what they want to do when they grow up , even if they are 50 years old.GREAT work, Jeff Congratulations on another well written book

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    Sometimes originality isn t in dreaming up something no one has ever thought of before, but in synthesizing many different pieces into a cohesive and inspiring whole This book offers the opportunity to change your thinking about work in a similar way Steven Pressfield did with creativity in The War of Art.This isn t a self help book full of celebrity heroes on seemingly special journeys unavailable to the rest of us, it is full of everyday relatable people whose lives didn t turn out as they expected and what they discovered when they changed those expectations The last reviewer, Grace, said it perfectly finding our callings is not something grand, but rather something beautifully complex, somewhat accidental, and not at all contrived It s a delicate balance that has blindness on one side and addiction on the other The book is organized into a series of themes that, when broken down don t attempt to define THE path which doesn t exist, but a way to open ourselves up to our own unique journey.Even if you have discovered your calling , Jeff offers a new way to look at what that means It is realistic The struggles on our journey, obstacles in practice and apprenticeship can forge our characters and highlight what is uniquely our own A change in thinking, awareness and the reframing failure is not only a good idea, it s necessary The book encourages us to consider redefining the meaning of success and legacy.I find the weaknesses of the book to be in the narrative Jeff can be a little too economical with his storytelling, making this reader s connection with his interviewees tenuous He breaks the narratives to make a point and sometimes this is ok, but it makes some chapters too choppy This is why I couldn t quite give it a perfect rating.The book was really a 4.5 star experience.There are Christian overtones to the book, but they aren t intrusive or proselytizing Take those snippets or leave them.The Art of Work is the second book I have read from Jeff Goins and he is living up to his potential I am going to be reading this book again when my print copy arrives and getting out the old school highlighter and writing in the margins The Art of Work can remind us to open our minds, be willing to let go of our expectations and LISTEN to life Highly recommended.

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    Despite of the high rating, I somehow did not quite enjoy this book, let alone being inspired by it.One of the main values of this type of writing is how the writer connect between one source to another, and then bring an interesting conclusion from these connections To this I feel Goins did not do well enough His points are mostly superficial, very few of them feel original or made me feel as if they came from meaningful eureka moments Every now and then, he would quote some good writers such as Handy, and these are the parts where I enjoyed most.I wonder if maybe the ideas were briliant, only that they were not being properly laid Some parts were longwinded and there were quite a few unnecessary repetitions, especially when describing the real life stories So many parts are quite boring.Regardless, there are still one or two meaningful propositions, which I appreciate, and while I do not understand how it can be, I hope this book continues to inspire people.

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    I read this fast maybe not the best for absorbing but I will reread for sure The writing style and content kept me interested I didn t feel like I needed to take a break I feel like this was a good, gentle read A lot of books in this genre can be so encouraging and informing that it feels fast paced and like the author is shouting at you FOLLOW YOUR DREAMS ALREADY I feel like Jeff s writing style is calm, collected, and gradual Over the course of the book he brings up good points which build on each other Segues from one point to the next are intuitive.The questions at the end I thought they were wonderful Too often books preach great content but then leave you hanging as to how to apply the concepts to your own life Some readers might not even know how to do that without a prompt Helping readers evaluate their own lives is an important step too many authors overlook or choose not to do.

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    If this book doesn t change your life, then you haven t read it.The Art of Work is an excellent book, but you should expect no less from Jeff Goins Highly motivational, inspirational and well crafted, this is a book you ll want to keep around and read several times during your stay here on Earth More than just a bunch of concepts, The Art of Work contains real life stories about real people searching for their calling A meaningful career path A life well lived The book shows you how to find that path and walk it, all the way from Preparation through Action to Completion The highly useful Appendix has lists of exercises and discussion questions for you to turn theory into practice.I don t like the cover Crashed paper airplane Representing boredom in a dead end career, I guess And the title is sure to get this book lost in a sea of all the other Art of books Should have used calling or purpose or meaning in the title instead, as they have to do with the content than either art or work A book about your calling sounds better to me than a book about work At least it doesn t have the world girl in the title Covers and titles aside, nothing can tarnish the 5 star content inside this book If nothing else, you ll buy this book thinking it s going to get you out of your drab cubicle and into a corner office But instead you ll be amazed Zero

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    How does one classify this book It s equal parts self help, inspirational, amazing stories, and heart felt passion for life Yet, is it something so much raw than any of these books Within these pages you ll find a series of insights that describe every human s primal need to do something better with their life Goins uses a combination of stories around the world, purposely choosing normal folks that we do not see their faces plastered all over the internet and top news sites to weave through the lessons he has learnt from them about the nature of finding our calling and vocation in life He choose these people by design to show us that finding our callings is not something grand, but rather something beautifully complex, somewhat accidental, and not at all contrived It s a delicate balance that has blindness on one side and addiction on the other Goins takes us on a trip through the stages that one usually goes through to find their vocation, see it through, and leave a legacy From wishing, to listening, to discovery, to doing, and finally to legacy, the whole story of how to be great is there The point that impressed upon me the most is how we all need to be great in our own way, not in someone else s way What is great for one is not necessarily the greatness for another And, oddly, it s rarely what we think it should be Now, I should warn those of delicate sensibilities that cannot tolerate anything with a religious content On pages 91 97 Goins uses a bible story to illustrate a particular point he s trying to make about listening to the cue of your life to figure out what your calling and vocation is Sometimes it s obvious, but sometimes it is not For those of you that can t stomach a little of this sort of discourse, feel free to skip these pages it will be a great book without them The book ends with a summary of sorts, which I must say, is an asset to the book as you can get overwhelmed in reading it, then want to go back to your notes and be out of sorts The appendices do a great job of summarising everything, giving actionable steps, and getting you going after the entirety of the book has made you restless and wanting to hear your own calling.

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    I just finished crying all the way through the conclusion of this book I joined an online writer s group reading this and it was one of the best decisions of my summer Sometimes, it s very easy to get lost in the forest to forget we are our own compass and that we have everything we need to commit and fulfill our life s calling And that it never ends, not even when we die There s this word, legacy, and what it means is how we, instead of working to live, live to work, to be our best selves, and how this can impact others Well, Mr Goins, you re leaving a fine legacy It s touched me and I hope I can utilize all I m learning to do the same I had already been part of a group building a library for our small communities, but the day to day grind, the red tape, the politics, the trying to share the vision with others who can t believe in something so large I was overwhelmed This book broke it down for me That it s all a process and calling is not about doing something on your own, and how much impact we can have by living our daily lives the best way possible.It also helped me to say, I am a poet That may sound like such a small thing to many, but knowing this clarified so many things for me and now I feel like I m on the right path The path may throw me for a loop or several, be hard, scary, uncomfortable, but I know it s the true path I m not just a poet with words, but with my life Sometimes, a book like this can open you up to what was already there, obvious to perhaps many but yourself.I am on fire again Only it s not a consuming fire It s life affirming and my hope is I leave behind a legacy of light and warmth for many others.Great book Go out and get your copy.

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    This book far surmounted what I expected I read it on my Kindle, highlighting countless pages Now I m going to print those pages, so I will have a handy reference of notes on my computer.I m 82 and have learned over the years about calling and how that applies in my life However, I was surprised by what I learned from Jeff s illustrations they enriched my own understanding, helping me think and better clarify those things I still long to do like get my first book finished this year Jeff is strengthening and encouraging thousands of everyday people as he shares what he is learning His writing style makes me think he s sitting at our table with a cup of coffee in his hand, talking, as I listen and understand Keep writing, Jeff and come sit at our table anytime.

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