Between Heaven and Hell

Between Heaven and HellIn a unique twist of fate, in a time when you imagine a white settlers home being savagely taken from them by Native Americans, Hannah watches a group of white men murder her family and burn her home to the ground Her mother saves her life by sending her out the back into a briar patch to hide She is found by members of the Osage Tribe and taken in by them In a horrifying twist it happens again later in her life as she sees her Osage Mother and Sister savagely killed by white men who want to take her as well She escapes yet again Will she forever be haunted by this second tragedy She is pursued by her Osage Brother Eagle Feather because he blames her for his Mother and Sisters death.Paden grew up with his Commanche Grandmother Half White and Half Commanche he is trying to fit into a White world He is married to a Generals daughter who is brutally murdered while he is away This is where he is cruelly wronged by the murderer who blames his Commanche brothers for her murder Vengance became a way of life for him There is a connection immediately between them when they first meet They are drawn together perhaps by the past they have lived, without knowledge of it from the beginning Secrets present themselves and are hidden between them Courage to bring them to light is needed The beautiful Oregon Trail makes a stunning backdrop for this tale They will travel the trail between His life and Her life, finding ways to help each other in spite of the demons from their past Love, fear, anger, hurt and peace will find them, but they will travel many roads to get there This is an excellent story about Love Well written and well developed characters with an engaging plot I loved this book This book is breathtaking from the first pages until the very end For readers who love western romances, Jacqui Nelson creates an adventure into the wild west that will never be forgotten.Hannah is torn between two worlds the world of the white settlers she was born into, and the world of the Indians who raised her as their own after her parent s cruel deaths Taught patience and kindness, Hannah s life is shattered a second time when the tribe she calls family is attacked Banned from remaining with her Indian tribe and marked to distinguish her from the whites, Hannah is searching for refuge and a place where she can finally call home She is so very tired of being on the run.Paden Callahan is a striking and forceful wagon master who is determined to keep his wagon train safe from harm He is running from a past he can t forget, with vengeance fueling his fire to move forward When he dismisses a drunken ruffian from being a scout, he never imagines that the person who steps in to take the open position will be a frail beautiful blonde dressed in Indian clothes with the deepest sky blue eyes he has ever seen She is a remarkable horse rider and shooter, but even stunning is the effect she seems to have on him After years of coldness and unfeeling, his heart begins to melt as she draws closer to him With her being raised by his enemies and with his dark past still haunting him, Paden knows it would be wrong to allow Hannah anywhere near him However, he cannot resist the urge he feels to be near her With her life on the line, he can t bear to make the same mistake twice He can t let another women he loves be killed The characters are richly described and masterfully portrayed The depth of feeling in the story is beautifully done and will linger with the reader long past the final pages With a plot that is so good you won t be able to put the novel down, Between Heaven and Hell is a must read Be prepared to take an adventure into the wild west and to fall in love with some very remarkable characters From the first page to the last paragraph, Between Heaven Hell was action packed with pure suspense Jacqui Nelson is phenomenal in her writing style and delivery of this down to earth, gritty western that isn t just for women This one is had me on the edge of my seat the entire time Hannah a blond haired blue eyed girl raised by Osage Indians after her family was attacked by militia men, must escape those hunting for her as a scout on the western wagon train She must keep her secrets from everyone, including Paden, the sexy mysterious lead scout who intoxicates her desires and has his own secrets to keep hidden.I can see why she won so many awards with Paden and Hannah s journey Now she realized where she was didn t matter A place wouldn t make her feel safe and strong, make her feel whole again A person could Paden could But first he had to live An intensely gripping book Enjoy the journey and struggles Jacqui Nelson takes you on, through a dangerous unforgiving country and the enemies who refuse to stop their hunt for Hannah. Between Heaven and Hell by Jacqui NelsonKansas spring 1850Hannah Blue Sky as she was known by her adoptive Osage family is fleeing from her Osage tribe after the brutal murder of her mother Morning Star and her daughter by the white man Looking for a new beginning she enters Fort Leavenworth and stumbles upon the wagon train bound for the West looking for a scout, she s confident that she s the right person for the job She knows that there will be conflict and scorn towards her but the one man that makes her feel safe is Paden Callahan She can feel the turmoil beneath the surface of this man and the connection is strong between them but will his past haunt him and his memories be a barrier to a love that s just blossoming Paden Callahan is fighting his demons as an ex Ranger his mission was to protect but he couldn t protect the woman that he had sworn too as her husband Rejecting his Comanche heritage believing they were the cause of his wife s murder he swore to take vengeance But when Hannah comes in his life running away from Eagle Feather her Osage brother who s sworn to kill her, he knows that he ll do everything in his power to protect the woman that has captivated his heart.A well written story of the trials and tribulations that these people faced while travelling to the West A journey fraught with dangers of not only the Indians but also amongst themselves This is an epic tale of action adventure, danger and a love that has proven the hardships and struggles of Heaven and Hell Jacqui Nelson pulls the reader in this extraordinary tale of love and redemption in the Wild West I highly recommend Jacqui Nelsons books she will never disappoint, reading her books is a movie for the mind.Received a copy from the author for my honest opinion. 4.5 StarsThe Western Frontier called to many settlers in the 19th century Some were looking for land to call their own, to find lost relatives or simply to start anew Hannah is looking for just that a new start Orphaned young and taken in by Indians, Hannah has now become an outcast in both societies Unfit for civilized settlers and unworthy for the Osage Tribe With two warriors intent on fighting for her, one for her death and the other for her love nothing is certain except for bloodshed I am a big fan of old western romances It always piques my imagination and wonderlust of a time long gone I became Hannah s big sister by the end of the prologue and was hooked the entire book I loved the timing the author created with the characters in the beginning and in the middle The end did seem a bit hurried for me I wish there was a little bit information on how Hannah and Eagle Feather made such personal character progression in the last few pages However, I ended this book with a smile on my face and joy in my heart If you enjoy tales with cowboys, indians and the wild west you will love this Reviewed by Maggie Wadsager Brings back memories of the first books I fell in love with historical romances, and this one is set in the wild west As a young girl, Hannah witnessed the death of her parents at the hands of renegade white men She was found hiding by a band of Osage Indians, who took her in and cared for her until tragedy strikes again, and she is forced to seek out a new beginning amongst the very people that have twice stolen those most dear to her Shunned by most white folks for her time spent with the Indians, and being hunted by the very ones who raised her, she hires on as a scout for a wagon train heading west to California It s a hard, dangerous job and one that wagon master Paden is not inclined to let her do, but he also didn t want to leave her at the mercy of those at the fort who treat women who are alone and with her background poorly Paden is an ex Ranger helping an old friend lead a group of people out west His past is complicated Hailed as a hero for his efforts against the Indians, he just wants to get the wagon train safely to California and head back to his home in Oregon With a troubled past of his own, he didn t expect to meet someone and fall in love Add in the dangers of that past coming back to haunt him, Hannah s past coming back to disrupt their budding relationship, and others seeking revenge, and this is one trip that is fraught with danger than is typically expected on the trail.If you love historical romances, and like westerns to boot, this is a cute one, but for one flaw It is a little raw and needs some editing There are missing words throughout Typically preposition words like as It gets a little distracting when reading, but overall written well except for this. I m a huge fan of Jacqui Nelson s new Old West creations anyway That being said, I was moved by this story Hannah is a young child when she is rescued by the Osage tribe Growing up as a white girl in an Indian camp couldn t have been easy, but Hannah is protected by a mother and her daughter Evil rocks their world when trappers come into the camp and kill her adopted family Suddenly, Hannah is very white and is cast out into a world that is unfamiliar and just as hostile Moving west seems the only way she can outrun the danger that is following her In her quest for peace and a new life, Hannah never expects to find love with an ex Texas Ranger carrying a horribly painful past and a fist full of secrets You won t want to miss this story When I was a little girl I loved sitting watching westerns with my dad When this book came up for a blog tour I couldn t resist having a go although I haven t read many westerns before This was a fantastic surprise for me The author has a great way of telling a story I felt as if I was right there with the characters This story had lots of twists and turns While reading this I could actually picture it as a movie If you like western romances then I certainly recommend this story Will be keeping my eye out for this author in the future. Between Heaven and Hell was an incredible read for me I love stories taking place in the old west used to watch the old westerns on TV when they were popular and this book took me back to those days I could picture yellow haired Hannah, fearful but brave, as she rode up to the wagon train in Fort Leavenworth Kansas, facing her deepest fears in order to apply for the position as a scout for a wagon train bound for the western territories Needed a cracks shot, a strong rider and someone who could speak different Indian languages What they didn t want was a woman, especially one who dressed like an Indian herself But when Hannah proved her worth by outshooting and outriding a barrel chested braggart who wanted the job himself, she made one enemy Now that made two men who would follow her Padan, the handsome wagon master, wanted nothing to do with this Hannah girl and her problems But how could he leave her behind to face the wrath of the man she d taken the job from He had to protect her and from that moment on, life became very complicated and dangerous Which just made this intriguing story hard to put down I loved the characters, even the secondary ones whose experiences constantly added adventures Not only was the book well written, for me it was a winner On A Trail Full Of Danger, Will He Guide Her To Heaven Or Hell Fort Leavenworth, Kansas Hannah Knows One Thing The Moment She Enters Fort Leavenworth She S Arrived In Hell But Inside Is The Means To A New Life, A Position As A Scout On A Wagon Train Bound For The Western Territories All She Has To Do Is Convince The Wagon Master, Paden Callahan, She S The Right Person For The Job After His Wife Was Murdered By The Comanche, Paden Let His Work As A Texas Ranger Consume Him Now He Wants Nothing Than To Disappear Into The West Unfortunately, The One Man He Can T Refuse Has Asked Him To Guide A Wagon Train Full Of Tenderfoots Across Thousands Of Miles Of Indian Land But Paden S Greatest Challenge Turns Out To Be Hannah, A Woman His Heart Won T Allow Him To Ignore Even Though She Was Raised By An Enemy He Hates

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