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Nelson Mandela Get A Behind The Scenes Glimpse Of What It Takes To Change The World In This Comprehensive Biography That Tells The Complete Life Story Of Internationally Renowned Peacemaker Nelson MandelaCivil Rights Activist World Leader Writer Throughout His Life, Nelson Mandela Took On Many Roles, All In The Pursuit Of Peace Born InIn South Africa, He Grew Up In A Culture Of Government Enforced Racism And Became Involved In The Anti Apartheid Movement At A Young Age Deeply Committed To Nonviolent Activism, Mandela Directed A Peaceful Campaign Against The Racist Policies Of His South African Government, And Spent Twenty Seven Years In Prison As A Result In The Years Following His Emergence As A Free Man, He Continued His Efforts To Dismantle The Country S Apartheid System And Was Awarded The Nobel Peace Prize Alongside South African President FW De Klerk InHe Was Inaugurated As South Africa S First Black President And Served Until His Retirement From Active Politics InAt The Age Of Eighty One He Continued To Promote Global Peace Until His Death In , And His Legacy Lives OnFrom Nelson Mandela S Childhood To His Monumental Impact On Race Relations And Nonviolent Activism, This Comprehensive Biography Shares The Truth About The Man Behind The Iconic Smile His Struggles, His Triumphs, And The Sacrifices Along The Way

Born in Glendale, California, Beatrice grew up in Southern California After graduating from Pomona College, she worked in publishing near San Francisco There she met and married Robert Gormley, and they moved to Massachusetts They have two daughters Since age 9 Beatrice had wanted to become a writer But it wasn t until after her children were born that she really focused on her writing In 1

[Read] ➭ Nelson Mandela  Author Beatrice Gormley –
  • Hardcover
  • 256 pages
  • Nelson Mandela
  • Beatrice Gormley
  • 14 December 2018
  • 9781481420594

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    It thought this book was great Although it talked about lots of violence, it gave a true story about Nelson Mandela While he was in prison, he started writing his book, The Long Walk To Freedom This book explained his entire life story, along with how he became well known for helping make equal rights in South Africa As said, this book was incredible.

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    I definitely enjoyed this book immensely It encompasses many aspects of Nelson Mandela s life with reader friendly text It is the right amount vehement so that the reader can add their own opinion to the story, but will probably lean towards one that the author suggests Although the story is a bit slow, I ate this book and all the facts in it up.

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    Wow Mr Mandela went through so much in his life What an incredible man

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    A good book for the basics of South African history and Mr Mandela s life Doesn t dwelve into a lot of depth, and good as a beginner s book.

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    This is well written and includes a ton of information about Mandela He s an important figure for students to read about for sure, but I doubt this book will do a good job of enticing readers who aren t already into history and or biographies It s packed with so much detail, which is a good thing, but it also feels a bit like so much detail squeezed out any chance of this having a narrative feel Not that non fiction always needs to be narrative in style, but I do think it helps to pull in a younger audience So if you re looking for some non fiction to hook a younger reader, maybe don t start with this one.TpT Store Pinterest

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    Gormley, Beatrice Nelson Mandela South African Revolutionary, 237 pgs Aladdin Simon , 2015 17.99 Language G 0 swears Mature Content PG Violence PG Nonfiction.Nelson Mandela was the symbol for antiapartheid in South Africa This simple biography follows him from his childhood, through his growing activism, his years imprisoned on Robben Island, his eventual election as president of South Africa, and finally his death at age 95 The book includes a timeline and a glossary at the back I thought the author did a wonderful job of telling one man s incredibly complex story in a concise manner that will be easy for a young adult reader to understand The book is exactly what it claims to be the story of Nelson Mandela and it relates his story without becoming overly political or biased in any way It is written in a style appropriate for a middle school audience, but the book would be acceptable for a high school audience as well The book earns its PG rating for the mention of some of the violence and ugliness surrounding apartheid MS ESSENTIAL HS ADVISABLE Reviewer TChttp 2016

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