Blood & Thunder

Blood & ThunderDex isDex.Ash isAsh.Sloane is just fucked up.Oh, and Cash Charlie Cochet is a trickster She s lured me into this world with gifts of humor and charming characters, and then she s waylaid me with unexpected anguish In other words, I love it THE CHARACTERS Sloane could see Dex going into detective mode every time he opened a file It made him once again question whether Dex would be happier in Recon Sloane Brodie As Team Leader, Sloane has to keep everyone safe, but ghosts from his past test his strength and resolve Sloane broken is crushing Wherever his team went, Dex seemed to pick up a fan following Something about the guy fascinated Humans and Therians alike Sloane was still trying to work out what it was Especially since the guy waswell, kinda weird Then again, crazy had a way of attracting crazy Dexter J Daley Dex No one can push Sloane s buttons like Dex Even when he s done something right, he s causing friction Dex in action is thrilling though For all the THIRDS rules on fraternizing, the place was incestuous Special Mention Cael Ash, Calvin Hobbs Or Cash and Cobbs respectively THE STORY As the chase for bad guy Issac continues, Dex makes a hero maneuver against orders that really pisses Sloane off But why It was the right thing to do Sloane decides to be hard headed, Dex decides to keep his head down, and the rest of the world explodes around them Karaoke night The bro hijinks in this story help to level out the heavier, harder hitting dark parts I don t think Charlie Cochet can really ever write the dark stuff she s just too kind , but she definitely paints an edgy, seedy picture showing how bad the ugly parts of society can be.I m impressed with the balance and contrast achieved here If you look you ll see that Cochet has created a world parallel to ours in which bigots are Therian shifter haters and it brings into high def just how ugly that sort of hatred really is THE WRITING I knew going into this series that it was supposed to have humor, but I wasn t really sure that Charlie Cochet could pull it off to the level that was hyped My apologies to Charlie she has certainly surprised me Why did I have any doubts I ve always found a certain delight in reading her works She always brings wonder, excitement and brightness But this time, she has slammed me with her humorous wit.In my rushed review of book 1, here, I mentioned the monumental world building that was done to give this series a huge presence In book 2 I think that detail was given over to the development of the characters, Sloane in particular Yippee for me, cus I m a Sloane girl The focus has not really been on the shifting, but rather on personalities and struggles and intriguing characteristics.I think you ll find you ll be hooked by the humor, but will want to stay for the characters charms I know I will I would like to thank Charlie Cochet and Dreamspinner Press for providing me with an advanced copy in exchange for my honest review. Take a look at my Male Male Romance Book Blog 4.5 starsI absolutely loved this one Sloane was a bad ass, and Dex was just a lot of fun Then again, how could you not love a guy who loves Journey When A Series Of Bombs Go Off In A Therian Youth Center, Injuring Members Of THIRDS Team Destructive Delta, And Causing A Rift Between Agents Dexter J Daley And Sloane Brodie, Peace Seems Unattainable Especially When A New And Frightening Group, The Order Of Adrasteia, Appears To Always Be A Step Ahead With Panic And Intolerance Spreading And Streets Becoming Littered With The Order S Propaganda, Hostility Between Humans And Therians Grows Daily Dex And Sloane, Along With The Rest Of The Team, Are Determined To Take Down The Order And Restore Peace, Not To Mention Settle A Personal Score But The Deeper The Team Investigates The Bombings, The They Believe There S A Sinister Motive Than A Desire To Shed Blood And Spread ChaosDiscovering The Frightful Truth Behind The Order S Intent Forces Sloane To Confront Secrets From A Past He Thought He D Left Behind For Good, A Past That Could Not Only Destroy Him And His Career, But Also The Reputation Of The Organization That Made Him All He Is Today Now Than Ever, Dex And Sloane Need Each Other, And, Along With Trust, The Strength Of Their Bond Will Mean The Difference Between Justice And All Out War 3.5 4 StarsI like it long time Give me . Re read 08.06.2019 This series is actually good It kinda had it all friendships, family, action, sexy times, depth, funny scenes, great characters and good chemistry It s strange how I don t love itthan I do Probably because for one, it s long, two, it has a lot of information Maybe that s why Who knows What I do know is that I adore Sloane and Dex together It s awesome watching reading them get closer and their relationship growing in depth Also, I don t know why, but that dream Sloane had at 17% into the book, made me shred a tear for some reason It didn t the first time reading it though On to the next re read New Rating 3.5 3 stars Can Contain Spoilers First read review The second book in the series still centers around the Defense Agent used to be a homicide detective the Human Police Force Dexter Dex Rookie J Daley 33 and his Team Leader Sloane Brodie 37 , who s also his jaguar Therian partner It picks up four months after the first one left off 8 months since Dex joined Destructive Delta The team is looking for the whereabouts of The Order of Adrasteia a group who believes Therians are abominations and should be wiped from existence The Order had declared war against the THIRDS by executing a THIRDS agent at the end of book one and it s causing chaos and tention between humans and Therians, and time is running out I m glad we got another book regarding Dex and Sloane as I felt the first one didn t gives anything close to a closure for the twoThe guy loved playing hard to get Dex was fine with that He loved a good challenge, especially when that challenge concerned his grumpy, sexy Team Leader, and as of four months ago, lover. The thing is, these two books aren t bad It s filled with action, friendship, betrayals, a hint of heartbreak and team work However, something big is actually missing for me to really, really like it, and I believe it has to do with the fact that there has been two book centering around Sloane, and we didn t really get to know him his past until the end of this book Not even Dex knew And this was a problem because there was such a huge space between Dex us and Sloane Their connection wasn t isn t still for me complete I had hoped that we d getclosure for the two in this one, but I still feel like they have a long way to go and this troubles me as I think this was the last book centering around them From what he d learned, Unit Alpha was the most popular unit at the THIRDS It was also the most dangerous and the most difficult to get into. Other Characters Isaac Pearce, a Homicide Detective His brother, Gabe, who had been a THIRDS agent and died a year ago had been killed by a Therian informant Though that proved to be a lie Isaac had killed his own brother Gabe used to be Sloane human partner Sloane and Gabe were sleeping together A year before Gabe died, it had gotten pretty serious They d been together four yearsI know Dr Abraham Shultzon was a First Gen doctor Yours, Ash s, as well as dozens upon dozens of other First Gen Defense agents we employ The Chief of Therian Defense is well aware of the danger Dr Shultzon is in, and in turn, the danger the THIRDS is in Isaac Pearce vowed he would destroy the THIRDS, and he s discovered a way to do that Well, I don t know if it would destroy us, but it would certainly discredit us, and throw enough red tape to unleash chaos within our ranks It seems that s why he kidnapped MorelliAnthony Tony Sarge Sergeant Sir Maddock, Dex s adoptive father and a sergeant at the Therian Human Intelligence Recon Defense Squadron otherwise known as the THIRDS THIRDS Destructive Delta Agent Tech Expert, Cael Maddock 27 , Dex s adoptive little brother and a cheetah Therian Rosa Santiago, his human partner and Destructive Delta s crisis negotiator and medic Both Recon agents Ash Keeler, a lion Therian and Destructive Delta s entry tactics and CQC expert, and his human partner, Julietta Letty Guerrera, their weapons expert Ash was also Sloane s best friend Ethan Hobbs, a Therian Tiger and Destructive Delta s sniper and his human partner, Calvin Cal Summers, their demolitions expert Rafe the oldest and Seb , Hobbs s big brothers, both were Defense agents as well and Therians Dr Nina Bishop, THIRDS Destructive Delta s medical examiner and a human Dr Hudson Colbourn, THIRDS chief medical examiner, and a Canis Lupus Therian Lieutenant Sonya Sparks, a THIRDS and a Cougar Therian Partner to human Tony Louis Lou Huerta, Dex s ex boyfriend of four years THIRDS Agent Taylor, Team Leader of Beta Pride or Beta Ambush , and a Therian THIRDS Agent Stone, Team Leader of Beta Pride or Beta Ambush , and a TherianYou said it yourself No matter what, I don t lose faith in you Well, maybe it s time you have some faith in me You know me Whatever happens between us, you know I wouldn t walk away from you, so please, don t walk away from meQuick basic facts Genre Adult Paranormal Romance M M.Series Series, Book Two.Love triangle view spoiler No hide spoiler 4.5 Singing Stars I think I loved this one eventhan the last one..but I still feel like it leansheavily on the suspense side vs the romance side But I LOVE all of the supporting characters, theythan make up for it.and the storyline is exciting and different I was expecting a ton of..But surprisingly, it wasn t near as angsty as i thought it would be Or maybe it was just the kind of angst I could handle.not juvenile and annoying I was hoping for a bit There wasn t too much shifting going on this book There was still plenty of..The banter amongst the group is one of my favorite things about this series The steam factor was a bit higher in this one, which I hope just gets better and better as the series goes on I m hooked I absolutely ADORED Blood Thunder I just want to squeeze this book in my arms and never let it go Everything was perfect And Dex There s too much in my head to be able to write anything coherent My mind is like I loved that, and that, and that, and that and I ll just end up copy paste ing the whole book and that would be taking the spoiler thing too far Can t wait for the next one When is that exactly Tomorrow asks with the heart in her eyes 4.25 StarsThe story was as good as book 1 but still, I didn t like Slone Well, I don t know exactly why Maybe because I think he loves Gabethan Dex I know he likes Dex it just I can t feel it And I m really tired of him pushing Dex away It s not fair to Dex and Dex is too forgivable in this case But still, I loved it I liked the banter, the actions, their attractions In book 1 I was intrigued to knowabout Ash Cael but in this one, I was intrigued to know about Calvin Hobbs story I know, I have to be patient but I just can t This team is awesome and it has so many lovable side characters Told in dual POV, 3rd person It s the second installment in the THIRDS series and has to be read in order Overall, it was an enjoyable read and hope you like it as well Re read February 2019I love this series Awesome awesome awesome DexSloaneWe got some awesome sexy times And Dex was hilarious as always Especially on karaoke night..And I loved the way Dex and Sloane got closer Although Sloane was a bit of a stubborn ass at times But there were some tender moments that were totally worth it.More Dex and Sloane please I couldn t leave the house this morning until I finished this 2nd book I m officially hooked on this series and so excited I have so manybooks ahead of me to enjoy.I just can t figure it out Where was I when this awesome series first released Why has it taken me so long to finally read it I wish I had a tbr hammer to the head buddy who would hound me if I was putting off one of these gems currently accepting applications


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