Usurper Kings

Usurper Kings The Magic Of The Perpetual Condition Is Not The Animal In Us, But Our Compulsion To Be Like God It Is Creation Not Animalism Every Kiss Has The Possibility Of Creating A Galaxy, A Universe, A Life It Is This Act Of Creation Which We Are Compelled To Call Blessed Act IV Chaos MachinesUsurper Kings Is An Inspection Of The Feminine Through Time Sapha Burnell S Large Scale Poetic Debut On The Surface, Is A Poetry Collection In Five Acts However, Without Each Poem S Strength And Individual Beauty At That Exact Placement, The Entire Structure Would Fold In On Itself Move A Piece, And The Laws Governing The Works Are Turned On Their Heads Without Each Work Proclaiming Its Necessity, Obstinate In Its Existence, Usurper Kings Would Serve No Purpose, And Become A Litany Of Words Rather Than A Treatise On Cosmology And Feminism Throughout Time And Beyond Our ScopeAvailable Now In The Popular Digital Formats, Usurper Kings Awaits Its Initial Print Run In Summer A Poetry Collection In Five Acts, Usurper Kings Is Sapha Burnell S First Solo Project Part Art, Part Essay On Cosmology And Feminism Throughout The Ages, Usurper Kingsstarts At The Big Bang And Ends With A Chill Crawling Up The Spine

Sapha Burnell is a Norwegian Canadian chilling in the Pacific West Coast, and is on the National Council of The Writers Union of Canada 2016 2019 Surrounded by artists scientists, she bridges the gap between Left and Right brains on a daily basis She yanked a grab bag of English Francophone Lit, Theatre, Film and Chemistry at Trinity Western University, then played Life Hooky and volunt

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  • ebook
  • 109 pages
  • Usurper Kings
  • Sapha Burnell
  • English
  • 20 February 2018

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