The Undoing Of Daisy Edwards (A Time For Scandal, #1)

The Undoing Of Daisy Edwards (A Time For Scandal, #1) London,Stage Actress Daisy Edwards Goes Looking For Escape At A Wild Party Instead She Finds Reckless Passion With A Total Stranger Like Daisy, Dominic Harrington Is Reeling From The Great War, Desperate To Feel Again But The Erotic Force Of Their Encounter Leaves Daisy Unsure Whether To Run Or SuccumbEven If He Hadn T Met Her In A Police Cell, Dominic Would Have No Doubt That Daisy Is Trouble For The First Time In Years, He Feels Intrigued, Aroused And Vibrantly Alive Both Insist There Will Be No Promises, Only The Rapture Of The Moment Pleasure Is Its Own Reward But When It S This Addictive, How Can They Ever Walk Away

Marguerite Kaye is a prolific historical romance author hailing from Argyll s West Coast She is a voracious consumer of books, Scotland s world class larder, and the occasional cocktail.Find out on her website at

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  • 90 pages
  • The Undoing Of Daisy Edwards (A Time For Scandal, #1)
  • Marguerite Kaye
  • English
  • 27 April 2019
  • 9781460335666

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    Moving, romantic, poignant, love love love Marguerite Kaye s intuitive understanding of the human psyche Two lonely people, isolated by their experiences, the aristocrat in denial, and the famous actress, drinking and taking drugs to escape to oblivion.This story has been written by Ms Kaye in the first person, I don t remember ever having read a book written in this fashion It was something I had to get my head around before getting started, but when I did I felt as though I was really in the head of both Dominic and Daisy It s a thought provoking way of writing, I certainly slowed down and thought about what the characters were thinking and saying.The telephone rings at 2am and it is the duty constable at the local police station calling, little does Dominic Harrington realise that his dull, lonely existence is about to be given a thorough shake up Grace, Dominic s little sister has been running a little wild, her mixed up way of dealing with their brother s death in the war and their Mother s departure for America, he is regularly called to rescue her from the cells after a wild night out Resigned, he turns up as usual, but finds Grace gone, instead he is confronted by a stunningly attractive, sleeping young woman he does not recognise as the famous actress she is, his sister has left instructions for Dominic to be called and then disappears without explanation Daisy wakes up the next morning having evidently spent the night with the attractive stranger slumbering beside her on the bed, after a moment of panic, she realises that she is unmolested, her clothing is intact as is his Both Dominic and Daisy are survivors of the Great War, each in their way damaged, neither has recovered their zest for life from before They are suddenly very physically attracted to each other, a feeling neither has had for a long time and by mutual consent they make sensual, wild love, will this encounter make them feel something.anything The relationship continues on a one day at a time basis with Dominic being the first to realise that there is after all, life after the dreadful experience of futile war and loss.his persuading of broken, fragile Daisy and his understanding of her fears, is partly what makes this the beautiful, moving story that it is Also how eventually both Daisy and Dominic come to accept that the guilt they carry of surviving a war in which their loved ones perished, is not their fault.Marguerite Kaye s ability to set the scene is quite unique, from the first page I felt as though I was thereas I previously saidinside the head of both Dominic and Daisyin the 1920 s Her fabulous descriptions of Daisy, a smooth cap of hair that looked a shiny blue black in the dim light , and I pulled on my favourite Chanel, the claret velvet with the long sash , are just two of many gorgeous quotes that conjure up privileged, wealthy, 1920 s flappermodern, rebellious young woman.This is a thoroughly well researched and poignant romance, a perfect follow on from Ms Kaye s Never Forget Me , her WWI tale of a family at war I keep saying it, but Marguerite Kaye never fails to keep us, the readers, interested, entertained and wondering what she will come up with next, and she always surprises 5 stars, there is nothing that I do not love about this little gem of a story.I was sent an advance copy for an honest review, again I am privileged to be one of the first to read Ms Kaye s extraordinary work.

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    This was a quick and very interesting read about two people greatly affected by the Great War I like the unusual setting for a historical romance, in 1920 s London Both characters, Daisy and Domonick are hurting Daisy lost her husband in the war and hasn t been able to recover from itshe s looking for a way to feel again She finds it in Domonick, who lost his brother in the war and has dark memories of it himself They re incredibly drawn to one another, but while Domonick is the first to be willing to take a chance, Daisy refuses to put herself in a position to be hurt again This is not a story that gives you happy feels, but it is still an emotional story, for all that it s short and there s not a lot of character development It s rather well done But that being said, in a story of with this emotional intensity and depression, I d really like to see a lot scenes of the characters finding happiness in each other, rather than just escape Sadly, the scenes of them really falling in love with each other aren t written, but told about What we do see is both of them being needy and having sex as some sort of forgetting remedy.

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    I received an advance review copy of this book in return for an honest review I m rating it between 3 4 stars, because it is a special book and my review is slightly complicated First of all I love books set in the 1920s, in fact I love the 1920s so I was really happy to review this book and its sequel about Daisy s sister Poppy Edwards, which I ll be reviewing next I had a feeling that after reading Marguerite Kaye s book Never Forget Me set during WWI that the emotion would overrun into these novels and I was not wrong In fact I found these far emotional that the stories in that books.What is important to note first of all is that the story is written in the perspective of the heroine, Daisy, and the hero Dominic Harrington I loved Harrington btw, as it s a family name not that Marguerite knew this one So I did find it a little challenging that I had to be directly in the heads of each of them and as the story moved between the two of them it was marked with their names To be honest though it was well written and cleverly done I personally found that I did not enjoy this and found it a little irritating I did not let it stop me enjoying the story though.This story is so much worth the telling and the opportunity for a romance of redemption for both the characters which is always the sweetest Dominic has survived WWI against the odds and lost so many people he loves He has tried to make a new life for himself while leaving things like the family home to rot as he struggles to move forward Daisy is another thing entirely She is extremely traumatised by the death of her husband also in the war So much so she seeks pleasure to continue to numb herself and associates with some of the Bright Young Things and takes drink and as we meet her has injected herself with drugs Although Daisy is an actress it is almost like she is frozen and not really acting on stage, but acting some kind of existence instead.Despite the trauma surrounding them they cannot fight the attraction and there are sensual scenes from early on There are also scenes whereby the past has to be dealt with by both which are particularly emotional and I did find this book hard to read Please don t think that I disliked this story however, I found it very worth the while unfortunately having recently suffered a bereavement it did touch a bit of a nerve It is not a light read, but it is a romance and love does much to heal in this book.

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    Of all the places to meet a woman Dominic Harrington meets Daisy Edwards in a police station After a night of drinking and injecting cocaine our heroine finds herself in the last place she thought she would be.Daisy had lost her husband during the Great War, she now finds herself hiding from herself and everyone around her trying to find something to make herself feel alive again Nothing does, she wants so much but feels guilty that she has lived and her husband is gone.Dominic too feels guilt over the loss of his brother in the same war, now a Lord and heir to a stately home but refusing to use the house or title as they belonged to his brother Not him, never him he is sad and lonely Believing his mother blames him for being alive whilst her first born son is dead Domanic too feels that his sister is against him and as such they don t have a great relationship when in truth he has shut his family out.Daisy only portrays Tragic characters and I loved the references to Shakespeare and Dickens in the novel I did have to laugh at contraception being called a preservative something I had not heard before This is a first person story of loss and trying to rebuild lives after the horrors of the war Both our hero and heroine are fighting against themselves and denying the attraction they feel for each other The love scenes are hot and sensual as I have come to expect from marguerites books.The 1920 s is an era I actually no little about and this was the first book I have read set in that era Through all the heartache of the war to the rebuilding of loves and lives our two characters find it hard to let go of their pasts and fordge a future together Taking one step at a time, I was taken through many emotions whilst reading this from sadness, to happiness and then wanting to shout at the characters for being so silly and wanting them to give love a chance They were too young to give up on life.

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    The Undoing of Daisy Edwards by Marguerite KayeA Time for Scandal Book One London 1923, five years after the Great War and people go on trying to live in their own ways Or for some like Dominic Harrington they go on, existing not living They have all lost someone and have to accept they are still alive Dominic does have his wild little sister to help out of trouble Only this particular night, it s not Grace at the jail.Daisy Edwards is a stage actress After losing her husband she continues acting Both on and off stage Drinks help dull things for the moment but the endless cycle returns the next day Then she meets Dominic and for the first time in five years something sparks to life in her Does she want to be truly alive again The story lets the reader get a glimpse of what people may have felt during this time Some partied, like Grace, and others buried themselves in their work Can love claw through the darkness of this time Help them get over those who are gone and start moving forward again This is a shorter novella A second novella is called The Awakening of Poppy Edwards who is Daisy s sister Sexual content Received from author for honest reviewhttp

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    Dominic Harrington meets Daisy Edwards in a police cell after his sister asked the police to call him to come a rescue Daisy Daisy had gone out looking to feel again after tragic events in the war, she hides from how she really feels and although she wants to move on she feels too guilty and to hide that fact she doesn t allow herself to feel she cuts herself off from the whole world. Even her sisterDominic isn t too doing too great at the moment either, he also lost someone in the war, and refuses to accept what has happened He also cuts himself off from his family believing they wish things had worked out differently I have to be honest while the book is writen in first person and clearly states whose head we are in I did find it confusing at times. Sorry Marguerite I did however enjoy the book, it was just challenging at times but PLEASE don t let that put you off I really enjoyed the book My review is short as I don t want to give too much away as it is a brilliant book. Anyone thinking of getting the book you really should

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    The bewilderment, sadness, and devastation of the Lost Generation is beautifully evoked in Marguerite Kaye s dual novellas in her A Time for Scandal series The Undoing of Daisy Edwards and The Awakening of Poppy Edwards Like Let s Misbehave by Rae Summers which I reviewed last year , both of these stories have a dark and melancholy tone yet, since they are romances, there are hopeful and happy endings.In The Undoing of Daisy Edwards, Daisy and Dominic are merely going through the motions of life, both simply trying to cope day by day with the aftermath of loss and grief from the Great War Daisy is a widow and a stage actress who loses herself in drinking and partying while Dominic, an aviator, is the second son and heir to a neglected and unwanted title When they meet, they are two terribly lonely hearts whose passion ignites into an explosive affair And both are content for just that it helps them forget their mutual pain in mindless pleasure.For my full review on my historical romance history blog

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    This is the story of Daisy Edwards and Dominic Harrington In 1923 they are still suffering the aftermath of WWI Daisy lost her husband and herself, alienating her sister, Poppy, in the process The two of them were part of a singing duet but now Daisy can only do tragic roles.The way she and Dominic come together is one hell of a cute meet He s sent by his sister to rescue Daisy from a prison cell after she collapsed from drink and drugs in an attempt to feel something .Dominic suffers from survivors guilt as so many soldiers did But somehow when the two come together, they find themselves feeling than they expect.This is a really sweet though intensely steamy story of two lost souls connecting It isn t easy for either of them but they challenge each other and open up new possibilities.The story is written in first person with alternating viewpoints of Daisy and Dominic I m not a fan of first person but this worked quite well in the short format.

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    The Undoing Of Daisy Edwards is not a perfect novella, but there is a lot to be admired about it I believe Marguerite Kaye did a brilliant job at creating two people damaged by the Great War Though I wanted story, I think it s a great short read Especially for those who are interested in the 1920s And the war, the bloody war, it s very good at making you care too much against your will, because it s way, way too practised at fulfilling your every nightmare.

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    I really enjoyed this story a lot mostly because of how the author handled WWI I loved that both characters had trouble thinking about a future in the wake of such tragedy I also loved that the author didn t rush her ending It ends well, but not in a syrupy saccharine way that would have been completely out of character for this hero and heroine.

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