The Right Kind of Love

The Right Kind of Love Damaged, But Not Broken, Sydney Summers Picks Up Her Life And Moves Halfway Across The Country After A Tragic Event That Has Rocked Her To The Core, She Is Determined Not To Let It Taint Her Future Her Entire World Is Turned On Its Axis When Her New Roommate Isn T The Person She Thought They Would Be Making The Best Of The Situation, Like She Always Does, She Trudges Forward And Learns That, Although Life May Not Seem Perfect All The Time, It Can End Up Being Pretty Damn Good Damien Blue, A Tattoo Artist By Day And A Musician By Night, Is A Man Whore With A Revolving Bedroom Door, He Knows No Limits When It Comes To Women Then He Meets His Game Changer Everything He Knew Before Is Completely And Utterly Turned Upside Down When He Can T Keep The One Woman He Thinks Is Too Good For Him From His Mind Or His Heart When Fate Rears Its Ugly Head Again, Will They Be Able To Come Together As One, Surviving Their Hot And Cold Relationship Will Sydney Be Able To Let Go Of Her Past And Fight For Their Future Together, Will They Be Able To Find The Right Kind Of LoveThis Book Contains Mature Subject Matter That Is Not Suitable For Those Under The Age Of

I was born and raised in Kansas City, MO where I grew up with four older brothers I now reside in Overland Park, Kansas I d always loved to write as a child My teachers would call home not because I was in trouble but because I had a creative imagination and they wanted my parents to know about the crazy stories I was writing I ve always been a hard worker I started working with my family s c

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  • 08 March 2017

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    She s done it again Fantastic book, I loved every minute of it Sydney moves to Las Vegas for a new start, running away from a nightmare she is desperately trying to forget Thinking she is getting the perfect female roommate, she instead walks in to find Damien A tattooed sex a holic with a revolving bedroom door Damien doesn t do relationships, ever But that s ok, Syd isn t wanting any type of relationship after what happened to her The banter between the two as they start up a friendship is hilarious Damien is always accusing her of being prude and having a stick up her ass Well, we re even because you, my friend, have a stick so far up your ass I can almost see it coming out the other side Syd doesn t tell him about Wes and why she ran away However it doesn t take long for him to figure out that she is hiding something when the text s start coming in and the nightmares start When I first started the book I was all little worried because Syd seemed to just get over what happened and not deal with it But throughout the book, you could she was dealing with it in her own way, trying to be strong and get past it While she still suffers the side effects, she does do her best to move on and start a new life for herself I was not damaged, but I wasn t broken. Damien is a singer in a rock band, and one of my favorite parts of the book was when Syd finally admitted that he was good and she was fangirling over him, that part was hilarious As most relationships have bumps in the road, these two seem to have mountains to get over, but they do and their story is really sweet and romantic Overall, this was a great friends to lovers story The characters have great chemistry and are very relatable I loved their ending they got their special I also enjoyed learning about Damien s family throughout the book PS they need their own books Everyone should check out this book, you ll love it ARC generously provided by the Author in exchange for an honest review

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    4.5 Give Me Special , Damien Stars Peeps this tatooed bad boy player shows us he is way than that when the right girl comes along Damien..has a very special Jacob s Ladder for your pleasure and boy does he please I loved this story and the only reason why not 5 stars was for some editing issues Go read this one This book does cum with the special D.R.I.P Warning

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    I wanted to read this novel because a story that has a tattoo artist by day and a musician by night and don t forget to total man whore is right up my alley D So World meet Damien Blue, one hot guy with a revolving bedroom door that might be just a tinny it s bitsy obsessed with sexand only sexSydney Summers moves to Las Vegas to start her life all over again after she was view spoiler raped by her stepbrother hide spoiler

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    3.5 Stars A great second novel by Kennedy A story about a young woman that experiences the very worst possible thing that could happen to her and the sexy tattoo d man ho that ends up showing her that she can still have special in her life A warning though. this book starts out with a very serious assault scene It s in your face and pretty brutal Those with triggers to these situations may want to skip the prologue or at least proceed with caution Sydney Summers. she s leaving Detroit and her living nightmare behind and moving to Las Vegas for a new start A new apartment. new roommate..a new life Damien Blue a sexy tattoo artist by day and sings in a rock band at night A complete man ho who s pecker probably should have fallen off a long time ago Sydney shows up I Las Vegas at the apartment she found online through a roommate finder website. she thinks she s getting a chic and Damien thinks he s getting a guy Imagine the surprise when Sydney knocks on his door. And they were like oil and water Sydney pretty much disliked him immediately One of his skank ho s answered the door to her rather rudely giving Sydney a rather bad first impression of Damien And Damien felt like Sydney had a stick up her ass She was rude right back and really not very friendly at all This is a point I had a slight disconnect with the story For a good portion of the story I just couldn t connect with Sydney and Damien Part of me was trying very hard to sympathize with Sydney and what she went through That would give major cause to any woman to be stand offish, rude, unfriendly..etc with anyone of the opposite sex But Sydney chose to move across the country and chose to move in with this strange man that she knew nothing about. after what happened to her So that was a bit of an issue with me OK. moving on. Once Sydney began to thaw out with Damien and Damien s fuck fest revolving door slowed down dude was banging a different chic every night I started feeling invested in the story Damien has no idea what happened to Sydney..but he knows its something bad. she s having nightmares and getting secret texts that make her verbally ill Once Damien finds out what happened, he s full on alpha protective mode and will do anything to protect her..He s starting to fall hard for her I want you to listen to me and listen real good I brushed my hand on her cheek as I stared deep into her eyes I m a simple person Guys are fucking simple, so you should take their words at face value because usually, what we are saying is real Fucking real So here it goes I may sound like a pussy, but I m going to lay it all out You ve come into my life like a ball of thunder You have turned my world upside down and made me feel things I never would ve imagined And I m not talking about sexually, although I wouldn t mind that Just when you think Sydney couldn t take any set backs. she s hit with devastation. but this time Damien wants to be there for her and show her that he s for real They ve got some major obstacles in there way and Damien is going to have to do a lot to prove to Sydney that it s really possible to have a happily ever after. Yes, I struggled with some parts of this book but in the end, it was sweet story and I enjoyed it Looking forward to from Kennedy Advanced copy sweetly provided by author Love that cover

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    ARC kindly provided for the exchange of an honest review

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    Advanced copy generously provided by the Author I really liked this book It starts off with a bang And though it was hard to read it really starts you off having a lot of respect for Sydney At first I did not like Damien he was such a jerk He and Sydney Syd find themselves roomies by mistake but decide to do it any way Damien was such a man whore He would bring skanks home and fuck them and they were both so loud Sydney couldn t sleep some nights EWE He even sleeps with a co worker of hers even though it isn t a big deal in the book I thought it was awkward So anyway Damien and Sydney actually start to become friends Damien is really sweet to her dog Zues AKA rat That s what Damien calls him lol Thats where you really start to fall in love with these two I thought the author did a good job in making us believe these two could be together even after all they have been through And let me tell you, there is a twist in here which I won t give it away but I do not know what I would do in Sydney s or Damien s position I enjoyed this alot and a big thanks to the author for the ARC

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    I really hate DNFing books, especially at 10% like I did with this one I ve never DNFed a book this early into reading it But I just couldn t stand the flow of the book, the way both characters acted, thought and talked I m no prude, but to have every other word be an explicative not only coming out of the characters mouths but also present in their thoughts as well was quite excessive There was a lot of contradictions within the first few chapters Not to mention the prologue which comes right out of left field to slap me in the face There needs to be a warning for that It s a trigger for people I do condone Sydney for not letting the trauma she experience ruin her life, although it does kinda rule it She has night terrors, and swears off men But two seconds later she s checking out Damien.Damien was so full of himself it wasn t even funny He sees himself as a man whore, with a revolving door of women I ve never seen someone so full of themselves in my life.The dialogue was some of the most awkward and forced I have ever seen Even the writing itself seemed really off There were many grammatical mistakes, words and sentences didn t flow, or even make much sense sometimes I m not sure how extensively this was edited, but it really needs another go through.

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    I can t wait to read this

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    5 BEAUTIFUL STARS This is a beautiful, heartbreaking, sweet, sexy, and naughty story about two broken people who find friendship and healing from one another This book is NOT your typical love story and has so many twists and turns that it will have you gripping the edge of your seat wanting to get to the end and find out what is going to happen This book was also naughty and totally sinful with the delicious Damien.This is Damien and Sydney s story Sydney is on the run from an abusive man When she finds a place to settle with an apartment and new roommate, she thinks things are finally looking up But when a mix up happens and her girl roommate turns into a guy who is a man whore, Sydney s life is about to get interesting But as Damien and Sydney grow closer, despite their obvious love hate relationship, feelings start to develop on both sides and it is only a matter of time before the sparks ignite between these two But things can never be that easy and with a stalker and some serious issues happening, will these two be able to weather the storm and get their happy ending Will Sydney learn what the right kind of love is Ok so I will say while I liked a lot about Damien, I didn t like the women who paraded in front of her I mean he obviously had feelings and tried to purge her from his mind the WRONG way With that said, Damien totally redeemed himself and I ended up loving him God the man was perfect after he got his shit together I also liked Sydney and admired her strength, perseverance and motivation to move her life forward and remain strong.I highly recommend this book And I am pleading with the author to PLEASE make this a series because each Blue boy and the Blue girl need their OWN stories PLEASE Nothing was mentioned at the end of this book so it would be awesome to get that Review Post

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    ARC given by Netgalley in return for a honest reviewThis is a story of a beautifully damaged young woman named Sydney Syd and a oh so sexy manwhore named DamienSydney has just went thru somethig very tramatic. she has decided she is moving to Vegas. via a draw from a hat She is ready for a new go at life. a fresh start so to speak. When she gets to Vegas ready to meet her new roommate..she knocks on the door and is greeted by a female whome she thinks is her new roomie. NOPE she gets the door slammed in her face she knocks again. this time she is greeted by the oh so sexy. tatted up sex god Damien. I enjoyed how these two started out pretty much dealing with each other the then became friends. I loved the nick manes they had for each other. and how he called her dog the rat eventually they grew into great friends. but you could soooo see the sexual frustration these two were dealing with. One night Syd has a horriable nightmare. her tragic incident and Damien is there for her. He knows something is going on. she just wont tell. Eventually she tells him. when the nightmares are sooo bad and she starts getting threating texts. Damien is bound and determined to help and protect her. I absoutly love this one. From the first time I saw this book was coming out I knew I had to read it. Thank you again for allowing me the opportunity Now off to read book 2 with Bee Justice

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