The Southern Belles Guide to Witchcraft

The Southern Belles Guide to Witchcraft Southern Magic Series Book OneScarlet Burke Isn T An Ordinary Witch She S A Guardian, Charged With Protecting Humanity From Things That Go Bump In The Night And Bite Did She Mention The Biting As If That Isn T Enough She S Raising Two Teenage Daughters To Follow In Her Footsteps, Juggling Her Crazy Family, And Avoiding The Attentions Of An Amorous Werewolf, Jake Mills, The Chief PoliceJake Has Been Chasing Her For Years At Times He S Bossy And Possessive, But He S Just As Often Charming And Teasing And He S Definitely Easy On The Eyes She Has No Idea What To Do About Him He S Refusing To Stay In The Friend Zone She S Placed Him In For Years As He Works His Way Firmly Into Her Life, Her Ability To Resist Him WeakensTo Add Insult To Injury There S A New Evil In Town And It S Gunning For Her But Identifying The Killer Is Even Harder Than Finding Him As He Begins Killing Off Members Of Her Family, Scarlet Is In The Fight Of Her Life When Her Daughters Become The Final Targets Of An Ancient Dark Ritual She Is Forced To Make An Impossible Choice Fight Evil With Evil Or Hope That Combing The Powers Of The Witches And Demons In Town Will Be Enough To Defeat Him Failure Is Not An Option

As a native of the South, is it any wonder Loribelle has a love of storytelling She started writing seriously as a teenager and finished her first manuscript, a mystery, when she was nineteen After a few bumps along the way and stints as an Army MP, a waitress, a book store manager, a student, and a wedding photographer, she turned to writing full time Now she divides her time between a husband

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    Reviewed by Rabid Reads.This book s blurb had fun written all over it, and there s nothing sexier than a werewolf with handcuffs, so Loribelle Hunt made an easy sale with THE SOUTHERN BELLE S GUIDE TO WITCHCRAFT I surmised that this story would be light on intrigue, and heavy on passion, but it was actually fully loaded with both which really worked in SOUTHERN MAGIC s favour because what originally started out as an lazy Sunday fling now has the potential of being a lengthy affair The Burke witches have pizazz Paranormal Romances routinely only incorporate enough world building to put the plot into context, thus I was delightfully amazed by the amount of detail that the author opted to include This series universe was lush and vast from its affluence of supes, to the lore encompassing the Earthly Terran plains, to the deeply rooted history of the Burke family Hunt also made future installments hugely appealing with her simple yet efficient set up, and by getting readers to rally to her secondary characters.Witches are an acquired taste that I haven t managed to completely adopt, however Scarlet and her relatives are definitely on the right track It helped that she wasn t merely a magic practitioner, but also a capable Guardian, and an all around stand up human being One would have to be in order to take in her deceased sister cheating ex husband s children The extremes Burke goes to in order defend her town, and kin were enough to make anyone love her, including this witch y naysayer.The romance was understated, yet impossible to overlook for one, the chief of police presented an imposing, but tasty figure, and two, they never had sex in a bed The hood of a car scored big points, however first place goes to the lunchtime hook up they had on his desk AT the station It s good to be alpha I liked that these scenes didn t drag on as they are wont to do in this genre, although Scarlet s chain insta O s were a little too rapid fire to be convincing, but that s par for the course in PNR.THE SOUTHERN BELLE S GUIDE TO WITCHCRAFT was deep fried fiction at its finest 4.5 Stars

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    I loved this book A hilarious yet tough witch against an evil murderous bad guy and fighting off an insane attraction to a werewolf who s dogger her path for forever And the seriously awesome family drama of witches and demons and vamps Oh and don t forget we re in southern Alabama so it s hot, humid, and just a little on the bloody side I freaking wanna move to Purgatory Scarlet is our leading lady She s bad ass, and yet her mom, sister and cousins are equally scary, or worse I believe I will be aunt Mona in 30 years except with dogs and cats hahahaha She s never gunna let evil win, even if it killed the one person who should have mattered but his betrayal almost earned him his death Almost cuz no one should die like that I loved her inner thoughts and her character is fantastic Jake is my new book boyfriend he s hawtness wrapped in bacon on a stick Roman is the perfect side distraction Scarlett s sister ruby is pretty cool and her mom Rose, she s just damn right bad ass scary Sawyer is pinging on my radar but we ll have to watch and see oh and I love Lennox and Bubba see some much fun surrounding Scarlet The writing is fantastic and once I picked it up I couldn t put it down I now must have from this author I seriously hope this one continues with I totally need 5 AWESOME BLOODY WOLFY PAWS

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    I enjoyed The Southern Belle s Guide to Witchcraft by Loribelle Hunt I loved getting to know Scarlet and her family They are the Guardians and Scarlet is fighting not only her attraction to Jake but also an evil that has never been witnessed by her or the residents of her little town And Ms Hunt did a wonderful job of showing us Scarlet s struggle She has been burned by love and is raising her twin nieces as a result of her fickle ex husband She is afraid to open her heart again even sixteen years later.Ms Hunt did a great job of showing the push pull relationship between Scarlet and Jake Jake knows that Scarlet is his but he allows her the distance she needs until it is no longer safe to do so He knows that her calling as Guardian is dangerous but until the current evil that has come a calling, he trusts that Scarlet can protect herself with him having her back I love that Jake is sure enough in himself that he appreciates the seemingly contentious relationship he has with Scarlet up to this point But when her life is at risk, he doesn t allow Scarlet s fears to continue to drive a wedge between the relationship they could have.I thought Ms Hunt gave us a well rounded story It was full of emotional depth and the characters were well developed I have always been a fan of Ms Hunt and this story reminded me why I enjoy her storytelling.

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    Favorite Quotes OK, she hadn t meant to go quite that far Dating, definitely Sex, absolutely Bonding Moving a little fast Suddenly she wanted very much for him to ask After dancing around each other for so long this was moving pretty freaking fast There d been no flowers, no chocolates, no fancy dates Seriously, she should at least get a real proposal Scarlet, put me out of my misery and marry me There were three religions in the South Methodist, Baptist, and college football My Review Alabama witches are not to be messed with I seldom read paranormal but found The Southern Belle s Guide to Witchcraft to be a pleasant surprise and a welcome diversion from the heavier genres I have been reading It also made me wonder why I don t read paranormal romances as Ms Hunt s book was entertaining, well written, and contained an involving and intriguing mystery as well as a steamy romance So what if there are werewolves, vampires, demons, witches, elves, and the non edible variety of brownies Turns out this was just as entertaining and maybe just as believable as sexy contract waving billionaires Smirk

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    Satisfying paranormal romance between werewolf sheriff Jake and witch Guardian Scarlet Once burned twice shy means its not easy for Scarlet to trust any man her ex impregnated her younger sister and Scarlet is raising the twins Jake struggles with his protective instincts when it comes to letting Scarlet act as Guardian, but they need to work together to stop a string of ritual murders that are targetting Scarlet s family I enjoyed the Deep South setting and concept of a town near a portal inhabited by various supernatural types.Quibble The book spent a little too much time in the heads of non main characters for my taste I don t mind some set up for the next books in the series, but I kept wanting to get back to Scarlet and Jake

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    Loved it, loved it, loved it

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    Very goodI really liked this book It has a good mystery and plenty of action Can t wait for the next one.

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