New X-Men, Volume 1: E Is for Extinction

New X-Men, Volume 1: E Is for ExtinctionCassandra Nova Has MurderedMillion Mutants Now She Has Her Sights Set On The X Men Xavier And His Team Of Mutants Have Long Dreamed Of A Time Of Peace But The Time For Dreaming Is Over Now It Is Time To FightCollecting New X Men, New X MenAnnual

Scottish comic book author Grant Morrison is known for culture jamming and the constant reinvention of his work He is known for his nonlinear narratives and countercultural leanings in his runs on titles including DC Comics Animal Man, Batman, JLA, The Invisibles, Action Comics, All Star Superman, and Doom Patrol, and Marvel Comics New X Men and Fantastic Four Many of these are controversial,

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    Morrison gets credit for three things finally committing mutant genocide as X Men plots are always threatening, in volume 1 no less not using Magneto giving Charles Xavier the balls to kill Frank Quitely is awesome I love his stuff, but why does everyone look Asian Seriously The character design is a bitoff Wolverine is really husky And Beast is very feline and Victorian Basically Beauty and the Beast Professor X looks like, I dunno, a Bond villain The plot revolves around Cassandra Nova, a mysterious telepath who s hellbent on killing all life, mutants and humans included Like all telepaths she gets in people s heads, but there s a slight and much needed twist There are also crazy evolutionary sentinels that look super creepy, like sentinel heads with pistols poking out of them So an interesting if weird start to this series.

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    Originally reviewed at Bookwraiths Reviews The New X Men E is for Extinction was written by Grant Morrison and illustrated by Frank Quitely with Leinil Francis Yu and Ethan Van Sciver helping out When I picked this one up back in 2002, I was an old time X Men fan one who had cut his teeth on mutant madness during the twilight days of Claremont and Byrne s famous run on the title, retained my fandom for years even with Claremont s ever convoluted plots and glorified in the tremendous artwork of people like Marc Silvestri and Jim Lee until the Age of Apocalypse in the mid 90s made me finally walk away So when I read Morrison s take on the X Men, I wanted to be blown away by it and turned back into an X fan Unfortunately, I wasn t This graphic novel was okay but not much than that The story setup here is that a new super villain has shown up her name being Cassandra Nova Not only is she some super telepath, but she is also an identical genetic clone of Charles Xavier and embodies a new type of evolutionary advance in the human race Ms Nova is quite frankly a dynamic leap in homo sapiens superior, a.k.a as mutants, so in other words, she is a mojo bad ass Add to this the fact that she wishes to annihilate every mutant on the planet, and it is clear that the X men have got a major problem on their hands.Like all good stories, Morrison has than one plot line going on here, so Super Nova isn t all the fun We have lots of relationship issues among the team Henry a.k.a Beast is dealing with his continued mutations Scott is acting withdrawn and a tad bit crazy after his recent possession by a villain Naturally, he and Jean are having problems Emma Frost comes on board the team after a huge cataclysm on Genosha, and she instantaneously begins seducing Scott Wolverine is lurking around, and Professor Xavier is his normal self Oh, and we have this crazed New Age cult leader who is preaching that mutant organs should be used to turn regular humans into super humans What Yeah I don t know how that would actually work either, but I m not a scientist.Anyway, the action begins in this one very earlier and just gets ratcheted up and as the tale goes along We have sentinels killing mutants Mutants killing mutants Humans trying to kill mutants, so they can get their body parts to become mutants And by the end, we have a major twist in the story that nicely sets up graphic novel number 2 Imperial As for the art, I cannot complain at all It was top notch and told the story extremely well Each panel was tailored to convey the mood of the characters as well as their inner struggles or tone of voice Many times I found myself already knowing what type of encounter I was about to read just by viewing the art, which means that the artist is doing a great job in my world All in all, E is for Extinction had all the elements of an interesting graphic novel great team, lots of action, and several plots going on Like always, Morrison gives his readers a great villain this time it is Cassandra Nova, who is powerful enough, devious enough and bloodthirsty enough to carry the story Even the team dynamics and Whoa is me, I m a mutant plots were somewhat interesting As for the art, I can t say anything bad about it However, this graphic novel fell flat for me in 2002 and again in my 2014 re read Perhaps I am not a Morrison fan though I have enjoyed other books he has written or perhaps I treasure the old X Men of my youth too much Whatever it is, however, this graphic novel was a bit schizophrenic in its story telling for my taste, so much so that even the great ending can t save it.Like I always say though don t take my word for this graphic novel, read it and see what you think.

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    This is the beginning of Grant Morrison s reboot of the X Men, released in 2001 I have never read the original comics but have seen all the movies and love them I know some of what happened in the older comics and this is all brand new Morrison kills sixteen million mutants in like the third issue So he s pretty much kicking continuity s ass.The villain in this one is Professor X s twin sister, separated at birth Jean Grey and Cyclops are here, along with Wolverine, Dr McCoy, and Emma Frost There s a new version of the Sentinels too I enjoyed it It seems like a good start, but I wasn t blown away.

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    3,5 5Este primer volumen de los 8 que componen el coleccionable de la etapa se trata una historia divida en tres n meros, a la que se suma el New X Men Annual 1 USA acompa ados por una interesante introducci n de Juli n M.Clemente y rematando con el Manifiesto Morrison sobre donde quer a llevar a la franquicia, la cual al parecer venia de una poca con malas ventas.El volumen nos narra como una bi loga y un dentista viajan a Sudam rica para hacerse con una nueva tecnolog a con la que causar un holocausto mutante, deshaci ndose de 16 millones de mutantes que habitan en Genosha de una tacada El profesor X junto a su peque o equipo formado por Jean Grey, Bestia, Ciclope, Lobezno y Emma Frost tendr n que enfrentarse a una temible villana que amenaza con destruir a todos los mutantes de la tierra Por fin he comenzado a leer a los mutantes tras el arrebato que me dio al ver X Men Apocalipsis, y creo que he escogido una buena etapa.Un comienzo impactante e interesante, sobre todo por ese genocidio mastod ntico que hace un reinicio en el universo mutante, por lo que tengo entendido Morrison centra su atenci n en sus personajes, sus motivaciones, sus relaciones y como conforman un grupo El cambio de look de los personajes m s adaptado a su inserci n en el mundo cinematogr fico y ese dibujo quiz algo tosco de Quitely le vienen muy bien a la historia Quiz s tiene algunos puntos abierto o precipitados que no me han convencido del todo sobre todo ese Anual que no encaja en la linea temporal , pero ha sido un buen comienzo.

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    I usually like Grant Morrison s writing, but I wasn t crazy about this The story didn t flow well, a lot of the time it felt like events just happened haphazardly and randomly The pacing was strange, too in the first chapter, Cassandra Nova monologues about her various evil schemes for like fifteen pages, and then the destruction of an entire country takes one page Then everyone is kind of like, well, that happened, let s do something else now It may very well be that story seems disjointed because it s a set up for later events, but it makes for tough reading I didn t really care for his characterizations, either, the characters seemed sort of stilted, dull and mostly interchangeable Even a strong personality like Wolverine felt toned down and in danger of fading into the background I often had the feeling that Morrison was making characters do things for the sake of driving the plot down a certain path with no regard for whether that was something that the character would actually do Frank Quitely s art was interesting, but I found it distracting much of the time It seemed overly baroque for an X Men story It sort of contributed to the off kilter, fragmentary feel of the story Perhaps that feel was intentional, as well I plan to give this collection another read through in a few days, and will reevaluate then.12 1 14 After re reading, I bumped my rating from 2 to 3 stars I still don t like the pacing, but the characterization and story seems better the second time Not great, but better Still didn t care for the art.

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    Book Info This collection contains New X Men issues 114 117.ABSOLUTE RATING 3 5 stars STANDARDIZED RATING 3 5 starsI m sure most serious comic book fans will view E is for Extinction as at least a decent X Men story for a few pretty obvious reasons Most notably, it sets the groundwork for certain defining moments that will shape the face of the X Men and all of mutantkind well into the future I know this because most of the X Men I ve read was written after this, and what happens here is referenced later Just to give you some kind of idea of what we re dealing with here, have you heard the X Men refer to some really important event that happened in Genosha involving Cassandra Nova That happens here, and it s a doozie Trust me on that one.But as big a deal as all that was, and as laudable as Morrison s vision was to conceive it, I seriously think it could have been handled better Normally, I d say that under the direction of a mind such as Warren Ellis a writer who can actually combine good writing with his big ideas this could have been legendary But after seeing what he did for Ghost Box , I m somewhat convinced he could have been channeling Morrison a little bit too much there at least in terms of the style of dialogue , and would have been much better off going down a different path Aside from that though, I m sure he d be the perfect man for the job.Anyways, I really think the emotional fallout of what transpired here should have been pronounced think Schism multiplied by ten and if you re aware of what transpired there, you d know that s saying a lot But based on the Morrison books I ve read, it seems to me that good characterization is not one of the writer s strong suits, so this may have been impossible Any of the brief moments where genuine feeling would be expressed were almost instantly quashed by attempts at humor almost every member of the team consistently cracked jokes or acted glib during conversations and situations that were meant to be serious, and that made those segments fail to capture what I m sure Morrison was going for Still, this could have worked a little better, if only I got the impression the characters were relying on levity to reduce tension In reality, they spoke this way no matter the circumstance So while this did allow for some clever dialogue at times, it ultimately did harm than good.And as for that pacing What s the damn rush If, at the time, Morrison felt he had to get this story out of the way before tackling pressing concerns, it shows And honestly, I don t think this issue is confined to only a few of his stories I haven t read too much of his stuff, but I did feel like JLA Earth 2 and Batman Reborn both suffered from this as well What are the odds that three of his top ten comic series according to Goodreads would share the same flaw I had my doubts going into this about whether Morrison was a writer I could get into, but now I m pretty sure he s just not.The second thing this book does well and related to the first is that Morrison puts this team through a meat grinder you d be surprised what the X Men go through in these four short issues, and the future ramifications that are implied after the volume s conclusion It s all very dark and vast in scope in a promising way It s X Men like you may not have seen it before, and that by itself is very commendable And Nova has proven herself to be an exceedingly formidable villain, and I would have liked to see what part she might have played later on during this run.Since the volume was too short to make it both action packed and exciting, while still packing that emotional punch, it almost seems like Morrison had to choose one Looks like he went with the former To strike a balance between the two, I m pretty sure an additional two issues and dropping that shitty annual would have done the trick I could understand if, because of publishing constraints, he had to work with what he d been instructed to do, and did the best he could given the circumstances But one shouldn t actively choose to box themselves in like that unless there was no other choice.Also, too casually does Morrison pull out all the stops and just move along like nothing happened It seems like many people might find that cool, but I think it demonstrates either laziness or flippancy on the part of the writer Of particular note were Morrison s treatment of the Genosha incident and Professor X s cold blooded, last resort methods while there were arguably legitimate circumstances precipitating the latter event, Morrison didn t do such a great job of exploring the psychological implications for either one.But, in terms of writing, Morrison does get something right I found Emma, Nova, and Professor X to be pretty well written I guess it must have something to do with the hubris that comes with being a telepath that lends itself nicely to Morrison s style.At the end of the day, it doesn t surprise me at all to see how popular this run is, and I don t hold that against those who really enjoy it But for me and aside from All Star Superman which I now suspect I may have been wrong about I ve yet to find the Morrison book that speaks to me And at this point, I m in no hurry to actively hunt it down.Postscript I know that the whole point of gallows humor is to lighten the mood in the face of hopelessness or trauma, but I think there s a point at which things are grave enough that the attempt to use it only demonstrates very poor taste And beyond that, it can seem unrealistic if not handled well If you only knew the specific circumstances surrounding this scene, you d see that it s even inappropriate that it looks here Beast s lucky Professor X didn t hear that shit, cuz he would have kicked his blue ass to the curb and rightly so.

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    Wow That shakes things up, but I don t know how to feel about it I picked up the entire run of Morrison s New X Men on a sale at my local comic shop and am jumping in about a decade after my knowledge of X Men ends and when I finish reading it, will be about 8 years shy of when my knowledge of X Men picks back up This volume contains an earth shattering change for mutant kind, and introduces a new villain that I have mixed feelings about whether they are a good villain to hate, or lazy writing Time will tell.The art is hit and miss for me sometimes it feels a bit ugly , and sometimes that fits, sometimes it doesn t I do love the new design for Beast, and the detail work in some of the environmental shots makes me smile.

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    3.5 starsOk, so i wanted to start reading the x men books I don t wanna read the old and boring stories with boring art i want something modern Of course i already saw the movies, watch some episodes of the animated tv show, saw a lot of videos about the x men and also read a lot of things in the internet I even read some random books of the x men, so im pretty familiar with the characters and some plots.After a long and intense search i finally made a list of titles to read So i decided to start with the new x men 2001 About the book It is what i was expecting Really good for new readers, but not in your face type of information and not the boring and repetitive introduction of the characters and the team You don t feel lost believe me Its an all new story and chapter of the x men history But its really important that you already know a little something about the 6 main characters the x men team present on the cover of the book.The publication that i have 2001 pritting contains an extra at the end Morrison Manifesto And its just an amazing read Morrison is the man I know that the 2011 printing don t have this extra Instead contains the new x men annual 2001.In my opinion this book is for everyone who are interested in the x men An amazing read.

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    Meh I really like the X men, but I m afraid this story just didn t do it for me.For one it didn t make a lot of sense with the main protagonist having been around for as long as Professor X, and being as powerful, but never having been heard of before This is especially true considering the Cerebro and Cerebra mutant detection machines that the X Men have been using ever since the beginning to detect mutants.There were also a few cheap gimmicks which I thought cheapened the story such as the character who was introduced just so that he could die with Cyclops subverting a cliched line concerning his eyes If the character had been important to the story it would have been acceptable, but in reality he was just a walking, talking, thinly disguised plot device.The artwork was okay, but I thought the depictions of Jean Grey, Cyclops and especially Emma Frost was far too young looking for characters that are supposed to be very experienced.Recommendation One for the collection, but not a great one.

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