February Fever (Murder-by-Month Mystery #10)

February Fever (Murder-by-Month Mystery #10) At first I felt as if this novel was slow pacing dragging on.And then the last few chapters sucked me back in and I m over here in my office at work hey I m taking a break don t judge bawling my damn eyes out Damn Jess My heart aches for the folks of Battle Lake and I cannot wait to read where Mira ends up in her life. I think the idea that someone is unlucky because death appears to follow her is an interesting concept In February Fever, Mira is known for bringing bad luck to her town because death seems to follow her A murder arises and she feels compelled to help solve them Yet, she hopes this next adventure is murder free Her boyfriend gets an internship across country and Mira is ambushed into traveling by train to see him Instead of having a relaxing cross country train ride, she boards a Valentine s day train with singles seeking a love connection Little does she know that this love train will become the scene of a murder.In this funny but semi serious mystery, there is a moment of sadness when I want to believe that a certain character did not meet their death Although the character is a sidekick, I think Jess Lourey writing makes you love them and wish they did not die I think she does an excellent job of balancing serious aspects with humorous and mysterious characters I mean it cannot be all serious and dark on a love train and I think she does a good job of recognizing that while writing an engaging mystery. All Aboard The Murder Express Mira James S Hot And Heavy Relationship With Boyfriend Johnny Leeson Is Definitely Warming Up Her Winter But When Johnny Has To Go To Portland, Oregon, For A Month Longth Internship, Airplane Averse Mira Lets Her Septuagenarian Friend Mrs Berns Talk Her Into A Visit On The Plus Side, Mira Can Make The Trip A Tax Write Off By Attending The International Private Investigator Conference On The Down Side, Mrs Berns Books Them Much To Mira S Dismay On The Valentine Train, A Place For Singles To Meet And MingleAfter A Few Glasses Of Champagne And Mrs Berns Encouragement, Mira Begins To Relax And Enjoy Herself Until A Fellow Passenger Is Murdered And A Snowstorm Traps The Train In The Rockies If Mira Can T Track Down The Killer, She May End Up Derailed Permanently Probably the best one of the series yet. Not as good as many of the earlier books Part of the appeal for me was the small town Minnesota setting in the library which gets left behind in this book, perhaps for good I am sure I will still read the next one just to see where it goes from here. What a fun story Fans of the Stephanie Plum novels written by Janet Evanovich will love this series Wacky characters, lots of humor and an amateur sleuth named Mira make this a delightful read This was the tenth in the series that uses all 12 months in the titles, but it was easily a good standalone Now I need to go back and read the rest Good work, Jess Lourey. I should have left this book on the shelf at the library I missed the previous two books in the series, normally I would have looked for them first Instead, I picked it up on impulse This book just left me sad and unsatisfied, and wishing I had never read it. liked the train setting disliked the death at the end series not light hearted as in beginning. I was ready to give this book a 3.5, maybe 4 at the most Just ok, but wandered a little too much Then I got to the end Oh My God. Never considered this series to be muchthan fun diversion, but the last several have left me wondering why I bother at all This had none of the quirky charm of the first few and an ending that left me wondering if Lourey s evil twin hadn t altered the manuscript.


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  • Paperback
  • 264 pages
  • February Fever (Murder-by-Month Mystery #10)
  • Jess Lourey
  • 09 November 2019
  • 9780738742144

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