Blaze (Blaze #1)

Blaze (Blaze #1) Kaydence Morgan Was A Twenty One Year Old Single Mother By Force Definitely Not By Choice Being A Sheltered Teen In The Hood Of Little Rock, Kaydence Didn T Know Much About Much Her Mother Wanted To Protect Her From The Harshness Of The Streets So She Wouldn T End Up Pregnant And Alone As She Had Been All Her Life Unfortunately Being Overprotective Backfired In A Major Way Because Once Kay Was Pursued By Nate Daniels All The Teachings Her Mother Tried To Implement Flew Out Of The Window Becoming A Teen Mother At The Age Of Eighteen Is Exactly What Happened After Giving In To A Night Of Close Attention From Nate Struggling To Make Ends Meet Working As An CNA, While Attending School To Become An RN Things Are Hard Without Any Type Of Support Raising Her Son On Her Own Was Her Penance For Never Telling Nate She Was Expecting After Rumors Were Spread About Her Possibly Being Unfaithful To Him Kayson At Three Years Old Is A Very Crafty Little Boy And Is The Only Reminder She Has Of Her First Love Nate Blaze Daniels Was What Some Would Call A Kingpin But To Him He Was Just A Guy In His Prime That Knew How To Grind He Didn T Have A Father Role In The House Being Raised By His Grandmother And Other Women In His Family All The Men That Helped To Impregnate Them Were All Missing In Action From Day One, Having Him Make A Vow To Never Follow In Their Footsteps Hitting The Block At A Young Age, Gaining The Street Name Of Blaze, He Stacked His Paper All While Attending School Regularly Always Making Good Grades And Being A High Achiever, A Lot Of People Had No Clue He And Blaze Were One In The Same Blaze Was A Cruel Heartless Son Of Bitch That Only Had One Thing On His Mind, MONEY, Nate Was A Smart Boy Chasing Academics Meeting Kaydence Morgan Was What Caused Nate To Second Guess His Original Rule Of Never Settling Down Even Though She Was In High School While He Was Taking College Courses For Him Everything Started Off As Just Conversing With The Little Young Timid Girl Soon It Turned Into A Strong Attraction Eventually That Moved Into A Serious Relationship Falling In Love With Kaydence Is Where He Went Wrong In His Line Of Work But She Betrayed Him In The Worst Way Further Hardening His Already Tough Heart When These Two Have A Chance Meeting After No Interaction In Three Years, Who Will Blink First In This Intense Stare Off Join the newsletter mailing list at

❰Read❯ ➲ Blaze (Blaze #1)  Author K. K. Harris –
  • Paperback
  • 340 pages
  • Blaze (Blaze #1)
  • K. K. Harris
  • 14 March 2019
  • 9781499300536

10 thoughts on “Blaze (Blaze #1)

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    This is a re read, It s that good, Kay and Blaze were made for each Kay been in some shit but beat it all, I was confused and mad at Blaze but the author wrote the book in a way that had me with my mouth hanging open, In my mind Blaze was crazy as hell, did not like him but ended up liking him and everything he stood for I see a part 2 cause I know who coming

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    Well well well this was awesome sauce Really enjoyed this crazy ass book I wasn t expecting it to be half this freaking good but it was

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    OK now I loved Love Drug and Mo Better by Mrs Harris but this book really don t have all that I was looking for in it I read the book in two days because her first two books were really good and I love the characters and the stories themselves I thought this one was going to be the same fast paced, crazy, drama filled story But, this book I wasn t really feeling mainly because Of Kaydence naive ness and plain foolishness for Blaze and her backstabbing ass friend Tisha I hated that the author made her so naive to not see what Tisha was doing and planning all along, and when it came to Blaze I hated that she took him back so easily after he dumped her and got with her friend so easily then got engaged to him also that fast And I hated Geneva to, how could she hold a grudge on her on daughter about a mistake that she made because her daughter was making the same mistake Like really, that was f d up how she just handle the whole situation Kaydence did seem to grow stronger at the end and speck her mind that s when it started to become interesting to me but Honestly I didn t really enjoy this book.

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    I truly enjoyed this book I loved, loved, loved it The connection and chemistry between Blaze and Kay was undeniable They had some intense love for each other Folk were throwing some major shade their way, especially Kay s trifling best friend Tisha or Trisha or whatever her name was Am I the only one who wanted to throat punch her.ugh She was throwing major shade at Kay and causing trouble Oh and Blaze aka Hotness was just that.HOT He came out of pocket a few times, but he was a cool dude He loved him some Kay Anyway, if I am not mistaken, I am sure we have not heard the last of Blaze and Kay Great job, Ms Harris

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    BlazeThis was an alright read I can t believe how stupid Blaze and Kay The evidence spoke for itself You become so full of yourself, you don t see what is right in your face Both of them irritated me to know end Kay came too far out of her shell, but still couldn t communicate with her Man.Too drawn out Recommended.

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    Wow Glad I found this book It was so good , love , hate , revenge , redemption ,lust and fun This is a great read Blaze , loved him and hated him , Tisha deep hatred for her Kay , She was too trusting.FIYAH a must click.

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    I am hooked This is the first book I have read by this Author and it won t be the last She does a great job reeling you into the world of Blaze and keeps you hooked Her writing style will have you thinking you are right there front and center, Well Done K Harris

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    Loved this book I ve been wanting to read it for awhile but I waited for it to be on kindle unlimited.

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    I enjoy reading K Harris s books she always brings all kind of emotions out,which makes for a good book,can t wait until part 2 drops

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    Blaze blaze blazeBlaze blaze blazeI ve read ALL of K Harris books and they have all been on fire Get with her or get lostjk

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