Marvel 75th Anniversary Omnibus

Marvel 75th Anniversary Omnibus In 2014, to celebrate their upcoming 75th Anniversary, Marvel Comics asked its fans which stories were their favorite From those votes, the company selected several to appear in this 1,000 page monster of an omnibus With a history ofthan 75 years, there are no shortage of great Marvel Universe stories to choose from, and each story in this book is rightly considered a classic And of course every reader who grew up with Marvel Comics has his or her own favorites To me, there are some really glaring watershed moments that aren t covered Maybe Marvel thought these were reprinted in enough other formats to make it superfluousThe Avengers Marvel Two In One Annual crossover with Thanos, Warlock and Captain MarvelNamor finding Captain AmericaThe Death of Jean GreyThe first appearance of DeadpoolDaredevil s Born Again arcSecret Wars the first one Civil WarAvengers DisassembledStill giving it five stars though, because the book is still awesome I just wish there werevolumes. lo unico malo de este libro es el precio 75 dolares, y el dolar a 3.000 pesos colombianos pues pero gracias a un amigo con recursos pude ver este libro que es una carta de amor a los comics en mas d e900 paginas Grandes historias de Marvel comics, es un placer poder leer la muerte de Gwen Stacy, ver el primer numero de los 4 fantasticos con los poderosos lapices de Kirby, la muerte del capitan america muertejajaja incluido el traumatico numero 700 de spiderman doc ock Si te sobra un ri on y lo puede vender, dale, no te arrepentiras. Such a cool way to reread some of the classics and have them all together in one cover Beautiful and extensive. A lot of really good content but some of the stories from the 80 s and 90 s weren t very interesting Also a lack of 2000 era comics Still worth a read though. Great selection of titles and stories It was a little jarring as it got into the modern age, where the individual issues aren t self contained and the To be continued is never continued, but that s to be expected If you re looking for a crash course in Marvel, this comes pretty close. In Late , The Fledgling Timely Comics Published MARVEL COMICSIntroducing The Human Torch, Sub Mariner And To An Unsuspecting Populace Seventy Five Years Later, Marvel Comics Has Become A World Renowned Multi Media Empire, Home To Some Of The Most Recognizable And Beloved Fictional Characters Ever Known Now, The Cream Of The Crop Is Presented In One Deluxe, Oversized Hardcover That S Right, It S The Best Of The Best From Marvel SYear Publishing History From The Golden Age To Marvel NOW As Chosen By You, The Loyal Fans So Face Front, True Believers, And Prepare To ReliveYears Of Greatness As Only Mighty Marvel Could Do It

John Lindley Byrne is a British born Canadian American author and artist of comic books Since the mid 1970s, Byrne has worked on nearly every major American superhero.Byrne s better known work has been on Marvel Comics X Men and Fantastic Four and the 1986 relaunch of DC Comics Superman franchise Coming into the comics profession exclusively as a penciler, Byrne began co plotting the X Men com

❰BOOKS❯ ✸ Marvel 75th Anniversary Omnibus  Author John Byrne –
  • Hardcover
  • 1000 pages
  • Marvel 75th Anniversary Omnibus
  • John Byrne
  • English
  • 10 January 2018
  • 9780785191988

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