Who, What Am I?

Who, What Am I? God Only Knows How Many Diverse, Captivating Impressions And Thoughts Evoked By These Impressions Pass In A Single Day If It Were Only Possible To Render Them In Such A Way That I Could Easily Read Myself And That Others Could Read Me As I Do Such Was The Desire Of The Young Tolstoy Although He Knew That This Narrative Utopia Turning The Totality Of His Life Into A Book Would Remain Unfulfilled, Tolstoy Would Spend The Rest Of His Life Attempting To Achieve ItWho, What Am Iis An Account Of Tolstoy S Lifelong Attempt To Find Adequate Ways To Represent The Self, To Probe Its Limits And, Ultimately, To Arrive At An Identity Not Based On The Bodily Self And Its Accumulated Life ExperienceThis Book Guides Readers Through The Voluminous, Highly Personal Nonfiction Writings That Tolstoy Produced From The S Until His Death InThe Variety Of These Texts Is Enormous, Including Diaries, Religious Tracts, Personal Confessions, Letters, Autobiographical Fragments, And The Meticulous Accounts Of Dreams For Tolstoy, Inherent In The Structure Of The Narrative Form Was A Conception Of Life That Accorded Linear Temporal Order A Predominant Role, And This Implied Finitude He Refused To Accept That Human Life Stopped With Death And That The Self Was Limited To What Could Be Remembered And Told In Short, His Was A Philosophical And Religious Quest, And He Followed In The Footsteps Of Many, From Plato And Augustine To Rousseau And Schopenhauer In Reconstructing Tolstoy S Struggles, This Book Reflects On The Problems Of Self And Narrative As Well As Provides An Intellectual And Psychological Biography Of The Writer

Irina Paperno s expertise includes Russian literature in the 19th 20th centuries and Russian intellectual history Her recent research interests include the history of private life and the intellectual sources of the concepts of self from

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  • Hardcover
  • 240 pages
  • Who, What Am I?
  • Irina Paperno
  • 16 June 2017
  • 9780801453342

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