放課後保健室 8

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or is a popular manga ka Japanese comics creator who started out in the d jinshi self published manga circles Her first real dabble in the world of creating manga was in 1985 when she participated in the publication of a d jinshi She remained active in the d jinshi world until her debut in 1993 with the short single Fuyu ga Owarou Toshiteita Winter Was Ending that ran in Sh gakukan s Puchi Comic magazine.Though her current drawing style is high on the aesthetic value, her earlier works had less finesse Regardless of the lesser emphasis on the visual elements in her earlier works, her popularity grew largely due to her unparalleled grasp for storytelling Her works are noted for their slightly askew plots and deep exploration of the human psyche Even her lighthearted Sh jo works usually have darker underlying elements With an incomparable ability to craft stories that puzzle, sadden, assure, pervert, and move the depths of one s heart, she has gained a cult like following Her works include shojo, josei, and yaoi, and have been translated into multiple languages, including English, French and German.See also

❮PDF / Epub❯ ✅ 放課後保健室 8 ❤ Author Setona Mizushiro – Ultimatetrout.info
  • Paperback
  • 177 pages
  • 放課後保健室 8
  • Setona Mizushiro
  • English
  • 07 February 2017
  • 9781933617633

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    Sono confusa Non ho ben capito cosa stia succedendo, per sono curiosa di capire dove si voglia andare a parare.

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    More Kureha maturing and moving through her trauma

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    See my review for

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    Finally Finally FINALLY I think I said that in my last review too We FINALLY get to see the issues of someone else, someone that can be considered a main character but not necessarily is one.It surprised me slightly that he would snap so soon though, since he s been pretending for a long time, and he only broke now Tough nut.Okay minor spoiler, just skip this paragraph if you don t want one So Mashiro and Sou are having their first time, well first time for Mashiro first time together , and then Sou tells Mashiro that he s just using him her I mean, who tells the other person that while they re doing that Kay, spoiler over.The part when Sou s trying to compare Kureha and Mashiro is adorable He says Fujishima is like a squirrel, and Mashiro like a penguin And he s SMILING in his chibi form The page before that, panel three.Best Face Ever It s probably the most realistic face I ve ever seen drawn in a manga, and I don t even think I could draw an expression like that its so accurate.I m glad Kureha is ready to graduate, but she lost her opportunity because she wanted to see Mashiro off He ain t gonna willingly graduate anytime soon girl.Why did her dream form change Now she has armor, and although she not heartbroken about Mashiro and her breakup, she still somewhat has feelings for him because she wants to help him graduate And her Sensei I thought they all saw the same person Well I was wrong.I m glad that the Parasite issue was cleared up a little bit, but its not like she s that hard to get rid of in the dream.I have a feeling that Koichiru yes I know what to call him now is either going to not go to classes, or try to graduate, but if he waits he ll have to wait for 3 weeks, or if he s trying to graduate, well Everyone s trying to graduate now Maybe he ll commit suicide outside the dream Hopefully not.Btw on page 155, panel one He looks EXACTLY like Mashiro, especially with the extra little blush like marks I didn t like that Something was finally not about him, and then I accidentally mistook the character to be Mashiro Me O.o where the heck did Mashiro come from Then I realized it was just drawn kind of differently.That did not make me happy.At all.

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    The surreal story of love, death, and strange graduations continue in the 8th volume of After School Nightmare Mashiro has finally come to grips with her feelings for Sou is willing to give him a second chance with her, however his past relationship with his sister threatens to ruin everything Ai loves her brother isn t willing to let him go without a fight Meanwhile Kureha comes back from her trip home with a new outlook on her life, complete with a new form in the dream world She s getting close to graduating but will she choose to do so I m really enjoying the sheer trip value of this manga Just when you think that you ve started to figure out what s going on, small details change what you ve previously believed, such as discovering that not everyone s teacher in the graduation room is the same Small detail, but VERY important clue when it comes to the mystery of the series Those who are unknowing of the true mystery will enjoy piecing the clues together, but those who already know the ending will also enjoy the incredibly enthralling storylines subtle hints The fast pacing of the story may now throw off some who were used to the leisurely pace previously seen in the series, but overall this series is one to collect, keep, and re read.

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    As Ichijou Mashiro s hard kept secret is revealed to his classmates, Mashiro s dream world is turned upside down The after hours class Mashiro signs up for is not at all what he expects it to be Passing the class is his only chance of graduation and the horrors he finds there are only the beginnings to the mysteries yet to be revealed.This dark series is filled with controversial and emotional issues that take the reader on a journey through what the characters are feeling and what they experience There is always some sort of twists throughout causing the reader to re think about the issues involved.Interesting concept to say the least The story itself invokes a creepy mysterious concept taking place throughout the school I was impressed with the complexities of the students and situations involved throughout the series Reading this series the author does an amazing job of making the reader feel the characters pain and suffering Note This review was completed after reading volumes 1 10.

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    EhhhhhI m realizing that I m losing interest in finishing this series I m also realizing that I don t actually like Mashiro or Mizuhashi very much, and am ready for all the romance angst to be over and done with I feel like that s always been the weakest part of the story So I might at some point borrow the last two books, but I m certainly not planning on buying them, and will most likely not keep the ones I already own either thank goodness I only paid 2 each for them Good art, interesting idea, buttoo drawn out and not executed as well as it could have been In my opinion, anyway.P.S How the hell did I manage to stumble into TWO BROTHER SISTER INCEST STORIES in the same week

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    We learn of kendo sempai s background Which was trying to give me ideas for a new Slytherin character of mine.Ex girlfriend has spent time at home and has resolved her angsty issues But she s not ready to graduate yet Which is good, because if she did and everyone forgot about her, it d be like half the story didn t even exist Which would be weird And Doctor Whoish And Ichijo is making up with the annoying guy, or something Even though I read this yesterday, I ve already lost track.At least it s all winding up to a conclusion I hope Two volumes left.

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    Love this series There is so much that happens in this volume between Mashiro and Sou Just paging through it again makes me smile In this volume Mashiro is willing to be with Sou Which leads to problems with his sister Ai Kureha returns from vacation does this make it harder for her being around Mashiro I just love all of the twists and turns in this story Two books and the serious is over Sad

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    This love story is very different it involves a boy who has girl parts and a boy Mashiro is just now coming into who he is, and who he loves In this book in particular you learn about Sou sister and why do she stays in a child form This book is very interesting in so many aspects Not just the characters but also the plot is very interesting and different And I love different

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