Desert Rage

Desert Rage Ferociously Ambitious US Senatorial Candidate Juliana Thorsson Has Been Keeping A Secret The Horrific Slaughter Of A Prominent Doctor, His Wife, And Their Ten Year Old Son Inside Their Scottsdale Home Brings Thorsson To Private Investigator Lena Jones The Slain Family SYear Old, Alison, And Her Boyfriend, Kyle, Have Confessed To The Murders Thorsson Wants To Hire Lena To Discover If Alison Is Telling The Truth, But Before Accepting The Job, Lena Demands To Know Why A Rising Political Star Wants To Involve Herself With The Fate Of A Girl She S Never Met Desperate For Lena S Help, Thorsson Reveals Her Explosive Secret That Ali Son Is The Candidate S Biological Daughter, A Fact She S Kept Hidden For Years But That S Not All Thorsson Then Confides Something Even Unusual Than A Mere Hidden Pregnancy, Something That Could Ruin Her Political Plans Forever Suspecting That Alison S Parents Had Secrets Of Their Own That Could Have Led To The Murders, Lena Finally Accepts Thorsson S Assignment But Interviewing Those Who Knew The Family Well Soon Puts Lena Now A Strong Defender Of The Two Teens In Danger Of Her Life Fast Paced, Probing, And Filled With The Trademark Twists Of The Lena Jones Series, Desert Rage Once Again Shows That Betty Webb Is Unsparing Of Her Characters Yet Writes Their Stories With Wit And Compassion


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    I received a free kindle copy of Desert Rage by Betty Webb, published by Poisoned Pen Press from NetGalley in exchange for a fair review I gave this page turner five stars.Desert Rage is a Lena Jones mystery She is a Scottsdale P.I partnered with Jimmy Sisiwan, a Pima Indian She meets the Honorable Juliana Thorsson, a U.S Congresswoman at her home in Scottsdale, AZ She was requested not to drive the company jeep because it was too well known When she arrived the Congresswoman asked her to exchange the sunshield to something neutral instead of Jimmy s which read Paleface Go Home She researched Lena s past told her some information that had been sealed by the court Lena maintained forced control.She has been called there about the Cameron house murders where an entire family, a doctor, his wife a ten year old son had been killed by Kyle Gibbs, the boyfriend of the surviving daughter, Alison, who was supposed to be the criminal mastermind of this crime Even the family pet was injured They were charged separately.Juliana in her youth was an egg donor was the biological mother of Alison Cameron Her first egg donation had been to her sister that resulted in her niece Ilsa.Lena went to Alison s attorney s office, Stephen Zeller, Esq looked up to see the Superstition Mountains Curtis Racine is Kyle s attorney While Lena was looking at the brutal crime scene photos, her partner, Jimmy said Don t let the fact that she showed mercy to the dog fool you We all practice selective compassion, except for, maybe, the Dalai Lama He pities everyone After seeing the crime scene photos Lena was depressed so she went to the Olive Garden in search of comfort food Even worse, a party nearby was celebrating a young woman s birthday, their merriment reminding me that I didn t know my own birth date How could I I had been found at the age of four at least that s the age the admitting physician estimated lying beside a Phoenix street, the bullet in my head wiping out all memories of birthdays When I emerged from my coma, I couldn t remember who my parents were or who had shot me She experiences post traumatic stress syndrome including screaming nightmares.After Lena met Felix Phelps who was slowly killing himself with food drink she thought Were we damaged children programmed to love our mothers, regardless.Somehow, despite all evidence to the contrary, love continued to flow both ways through the polluted maternal stream Genetic mysteries being beyond my capacity to solve There are many suspects in the murders enough twists turns to keep me guessing How can they narrow the suspect list to find the guilty party Does the Congresswoman have a separate agenda How would the hit run of a prison guard tie in with the other murders Can Lena recover from her beating in time to help solve this mystery Link to purchase

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    When Betty Webb takes us into Lena Jones Arizona world, the mysteries are always powerful and disturbing They blend Lena s own past and her passion for the truth, with a violent contemporary crime in today s Arizona Desert Rage may be Webb s best so far.The police had already wrapped up the case involving the slaying of the Cameron family by the time Lena Jones from Desert Investigations is called in to reexamine the evidence A Scottsdale doctor, his wife, and his ten year old son were brutally beaten and killed His fourteen year old daughter, Ali, and her boyfriend, Kyle, have confessed to the crime But, U.S Representative Juliana Thorsson wants Lena to keep digging When pressed, she admits she s actually Ali s biological mother Thorsson may be an ambitious political candidate, but, she has secrets that could destroy her political career However, she wants the true killer brought to justice She s convinced her daughter isn t a killer.With her own troubled childhood, Lena can understand the two teens, and doubts that they were capable of committing the heinous murders Together with her business partner, Pima Indian Jimmy Sisiwan, Lena searches for answers in the Cameron family s past It s Jimmy who digs up an unusual clue that may lead to the killer But, it s Lena s actions that threaten to destroy Desert Investigations, and endanger her life.Webb s latest mystery succeeds on so many fronts Once again, Lena s own mysterious past plays into the current case, and plays havoc with her life Lena is a tough, determined investigator, but she still suffers from her troubled childhood, still longs for answers, and remains afraid to connect with people, or ask for help when she needs it She wants to help two troubled teens, but remains unable to help, or get help, for herself.Betty Webb herself mentioned that a secondary storyline almost took over the book She s right, but, what a fascinating secondary storyline She s an expert at misleading the reader, while providing clues, and a perfect ending I can t say without giving too much away, but any reader will admire the author s storytelling after finishing this book.It becomes a cliche to say a story is ripped from the headlines, but Webb is so skilled in presenting a mystery that feels as if it was a nonfiction account of a murder and subsequent investigation Every detail is perfect for this story And, the story is realistic not only in the story of the crime and Lena s search for answers Webb s Arizona setting is pitch perfect She knows every street, every town she describes in vivid detail The hot, dusty Arizona climate is perfect for creating the atmosphere of Desert Rage.Betty Webb has changed lives and laws with her Lena Jones mysteries before Desert Rage isn t that type of story But, in my opinion, it s her most powerful story yet, a riveting story of crime, and the search for truth.Betty Webb s website is www.bettywebb

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    Her powerful series, based in part on the knowledge gained during the author s work as an active reporter in Arizona That information infuses her novels with a strong feeling of authenticity Teen aged angst, misunderstandings and over reaction lead Scottsdale private investigator Lena into a dark place where she must pit her analytical skills and persistence against both official stubbornness and a nearly diabolical adversary.As readers of this series have come to expect, the writing is excellent, the characters are well delineated and the story is complicated and real Two teens, Alison and Kyle, plan to run away to Hollywood and in idle exchanges threaten to murder Alison s family When the family is indeed brutally murdered, the teens believe each has separately done the deed and each confesses to authorities Arizona Senator Julia Thorsson with secrets of her own, hires Lena Jones to clear the teens and find the real murderer or murderers The task leads Lena and her partner, Pima Indian computer expert Jimmy Sisawan, into a difficult case with many surprising layers.The action is mostly intense and persistent although there are chapters in which the author seems to lose focus and the action slows considerably However, when Lena is focused on the case at hand and not arguing with her partner the action is brisk and logical There are indications that her journalistic zeal for the story surrogacy, law enforcement assumptions, public attitudes toward politics gets in the way of the story Nevertheless, the quality of the work shines through, the story is compelling and well worth any reader s time.

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    This is my first Betty Webb novel and even though this book is not the first book in the Lena Jones Mystery series, I thoroughly enjoyed it I want to read the earlier ones to get the back story, but this held up nicely even without that info Now I did have some problems with this, but nothing that annoyed me so much that I started deducting stars I liked the characters The MC was a female private investigator and she was well drawn She had some solid relationships that helped create a picture of who she was I liked the way she found clues and revealed them Now with that being said, she seemed like the only competent person in all of Arizona who could do it I like to see some kind of team work This had a little of that, but I would have liked The story seemed pretty cut and dry in the beginning so I was curious how they were going to debunk the way it looked because apparently things were not as they seemed I wasn t disappointed in how that played out Some of my assumptions were wrong This had some well placed and well thought out twists that kept the plot in motion Now there was a fair amount of repetition, especially in specific character traits, in case the reader forgot what they read in the last chapter and the chapter before that I also didn t like some of the descriptive stokes used to describe the young teen girl Her vocabulary, her reactions to her slaughtered family, her stint in just seemed to not fit a modern teenage girl of today I have 2 of them, so Betty Webb s descriptions didn t ring true to me But other than those things, I liked this I look forward to reading .

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    I was please to find this as I read this series when I find it This cozy mystery takes place around the Scottsdale, AZ area Lena Jones is a PI and her partner is a computer expert Lena is asked to meet a Senate candidate anonymously The candidate wants her to investigate a triple murder A prominent Docter, his wife and 10 year son are found ducted tape and beaten to death Their 14 year old daughter confessed that she plan the murders Her boyfriend kill them and he agrees As Lena investigates she vegans to wonder about the confessions Desert Investigation building is fire bomb Lena must used all her sources and skills to solve the murders before she loses her own life Looking to reading another adventure of Lena s Full Disclosure I received a free copy from Poison Pen Press through Netgalley for a honest review I would like to thank them for opportunity to read and review this book The opinions are my own.

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    I received a copy of Desert Rage by Betty Webb and did not realize it was part of a series, however I found this to be a delightful murder mystery and will check into her previous books in the series.

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    As with all in the series that I have read, I liked this book Except there is an inconsistent feel to the characters in this book The prologue reads like it belongs to a different book Almost as if the plot changed as the book progressed How can Ali and Kyle be soul mates , he rescues animals but doesn t know she cared about the dog Also the comment that because she bit me doesn t fit anything else about Kyle in the rest of the book.Additionally the relationship between Lena and Juliana doesn t grow It is barely cool to warm with no progression Otherwise a good plot and the killers are always a surprise.

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    this lena series is good her office gets firebombed by a female body builder on steroids after lena had her hummer towed from their parking lot she was also on the case of a mother father and son that were murdered and the teen daughter and boyfriend were charged both confessed to take away guilt from the other one, but neither did it it was the choc family the dr was the one putting inmates to death on death row and the family was getting revenge when their brother was executed lena got the office rebuilt and moved back in she had a brain injury from a beating by the steroid woman but is better now.

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    I enjoy the issues that this series addresses Even with the serious subject matter, the stories are fun to read and move quickly I keep going to bed late because I m just going to read one chapter I also like Lena Given her past experiences, much of what she does makes sense I ve read series where you wonder after the 5th time the heroine gets kidnapped or her house is broken into why she doesn t own a gun or take a self defense class Enter Lena She s armed, works out, takes water with her into the desert, and clears her apartment when she enters She makes sense Thanks for writing these I look forward to .

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    My first book with this author but it won t be my last Loved the characters and drama While headstrong, Lena has brains enough to work with the police to bring the bad guys to justice She does refuse help from other people but that comes from her background in the foster system I just read that her stories are from real life cases and that makes them even interesting Newcomers to her books with relate if they are fans of Grafton and J.A Jance.

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