Dog Days of Summer

Dog Days of SummerI received a copy from the author for an honest review With a voice hoarse and dry, Jeremiah said, Here s how it s going to go We ll go over things with Ricky and Janice so tomorrow will run smooth Then, we re leaving together and tonight we re going to be together No of you avoiding me I want you Joci and you want me Stop this frustrating, ridiculous game of cat and mouse you ve been playing this past year It serves no purpose I will have you tonight Jeremiah Dog Sheppard is a Marine Corp Gulf War veteran He has raised his twin sons alone and runs his very successful Rolling Thunder Motorcycles, Inc Joci is a biker chick who runs her own marketing business and has raised her son alone Having been cheated on in two former relationships, she steers clear of men Understandably, she doesn t want to get hurt again Dog fell for Joci the first time he saw her Joci, too, was attracted to Dog, but had turned him down on the several occasions he asked her out He knew in his heart that one day she would have to give in in the meantime, he would be patient.As they are drawn together for a yearly veterans ride charity event, they are forced to face their pasts Can they build a future together You ll have to read to find out I couldn t stop reading this book once I started The characters are relatable and I found myself cheering for them every step of the way There are some familial elements in Dog s family that makes the reading even enjoyable.I recommend this to all readers age 18. An endearing book with characters that will captivate your mind and pull your heartstrings Every relationship has challenges but dog and Joci s has than their fare share The secondary storylines are just as fantastis as the primary ones.The author positively portrays the biker community, the veterans, and the family dynamic.By the end of this book I was crying happy tears It touched my very soul. I really liked this book Jeremiah Dog Sheppard, owns Rolling Thunder Motorcycles, Inc He raised his twin sons on his own while growing his business.Joci is a single mother and graphic designer Her son, Gunnar, works for Dog They meet when Joci agrees to help organize the annual Veterans Ride Joci isn t interested in getting involved with anyone as she has been cheated on in the past But, Dog is relentless in his pursuit The family relationships are heartwarming The sex is steamy and the love is undeniable. Great 5 Star Read Dog has raised his twin sons with the help of his mother and sister in law He built his motorcycle business, Rolling Thunder Motorcycles, Inc from the ground up He s a veteran and believes in supporting other veterans What he didn t know, was when he met Joci, his life would change He became obsessed with her and getting to know her Joci was enad with Jeremiah from the moment she met him but, because of past hurts, she just couldn t get involved They worked together organizing a Veteran s Ride for Rolling Thunder Getting to know him as a person, was paramount to becoming involved with him.As they finally start their relationship, the ride begins LuAnn has always thought Dog would be hers What she doesn t realize is that she is nothing that Dog wants But her jealousy of Joci will test their budding relationship in ways than one Can they survive LuAnn s shenanigans This is the story of a relationship we all want to have A devoted man, great kids, businesses that are thriving and family members that support at any cost Happily ever after is a definite, and the drama is kept to a minimum It s really nice to read a story where the angst is at a minimum and the love abounds To read about families that aren t at each other s throats all the time and truly love each other That doesn t mean there aren t times that I wanted to see what would happen next The roller coaster that Dog and Joci go on is believable, endearing and utterly sigh worthy. This is a Great Story Dog is a 45 year old, single father of grown twins sons He raised the boys alone, built his motorcycle shop, Rolling Thunder Motorcycles, and being a veteran himself, set out to help other veterans Life was good Business was thriving, his sons were working with him Then, one day he met Joci.Joci walked into Rolling Thunder Motorcycles, as a favor to her son, Gunnar, and her life changed She met Jeremiah Dog , and was smitten After being cheated on by two men, she decided to steer clear of Jeremiah She turned him down, four times, but, what Dog wants, Dog gets.I believed in these characters I wanted them to be together and be happy Relationships are hard, and Dog and Joci had to learn to grow their relationship on their own terms I recommend this book to anyone who loves mature characters and steamy love scenes. Damn, what wasn t there to like about this book I think that Jeremiah is the hottest book boyfriend right now He s committed, attentive, a business owner, gorgeous, and he knows what he wants and he s patient enough to get it His only flaw was wanting to take care of someone who was obviously toxic to him and his business But sometimes it takes something drastic to make people actually see what others are doing to them I loved this book from start to finish Jeremiah is so understanding, and the relationship that he and Joci build over the year that they get to know each other is fantastic They do encounter a few stumbling blocks, one I already mentioned The other main one is Joci s trust issues because of what s happened to her in the past Jeremiah and Joci manage to work through this a little at a time, with the exception of that one person who Jeremiah feels he has an obligation to Joci can only take so much, and honestly, I don t blame her I absolutely loved this book My favorite part was where Joci explained to Jeremiah the significance of the vine tattoo on her foot It was beautiful the first time, and brought tears to my eyes the second 5 stars isn t enough for this book in my opinion, but it ll have to do for now I can t wait for in this series I m hooked Owning Rolling Thunder Motorcycles, Inc and raising his twin sons was top priority in Dog s life Until he met Joci, the sweet, loving, single mother of Gunnar, a young man who works for Dog.Joci raised Gunnar alone all of his life after being dumped by a jerk she called her boyfriend The chemistry is undeniable The passion is incredible The family bond is like no other This is an amazing, 5 star read Joci has been burned twice in her life by two men that she fell for so when she meets Jeremiah Dog Sheppard she keeps a wall built around her heart so she doesn t get hurt again Joci s son Gunner works for Rolling Thunder Motorcycles where Jeremiah is the owner so when the yearly Veterans Motorcycle run comes around Joci designs the logo this year for the t shirts and hats and she tries to stay her distance from Jeremiah even thought she can t keep her eyes off of him because he is HOT Little does she know that Jeremiah has felt the same way about her since he first laid eye on her a year ago Jeremiah isn t going to let this cat and mouse game go on any longer and the night before the run he take matters into his own hands..but will Joci let the walls come down from around her heart or will people from both of there lives try and step in to keep them from falling in LOVE How many obstacles do they have to climb so they can be together or will they be two many for them to keep it together before one say enough Joci is looks for a man that will love her completely, doesn t let her down, doesn t betray her, keeps her safe, holds her when she is sad, shares her happiness and wants her and no other..can Jeremiah be that man You will have to read there incredible journey as they discover love for the first time My favorite quote is when they were at the meeting the night before the bike run when Dog is giving instructions and thanking people for helping when he says to Joci without her knowing and says Thanks Babe My heart melted for her.The story line and writing were fantastic in this book I couldn t wait to turn to the next page to see what lied a head for the two incredible individuals I Loved this book and can t wait for in this series Truly Amazing Joci Was A Mother First, A Biker Second And Was Running Her Marketing And Design Business, Third She Believed In A Good Cause While Enjoying The Open Road With Friends And Family Dog Owns A Successful Business Building Some Of The Greatest Motorcycles Around Men And Women Alike Respected And Envied Him Being A Veteran, He Believed In Helping Other Veterans In The Only Way He Knew How, By Riding Motorcycles They Meet, Try To Ignore The Attraction And Ultimately Fall In Love Only To Have Their Love Tested By A Jealous Employee Who Wants Dog For Herself Can They Survive What a great book The only time I put it down was to go to work Dog Joci are perfect for each other I loved how everything came together for very deserving people What a unique story of true love, respect, honor.

I was born in a suburb of St Louis, Missouri named Bridgeton During my time in Missouri, I explored the Ozarks, swam in the Mississippi River, played kickball and endless games of hide and seek with the neighborhood kids Spending summers in Kentucky with my Grandmother, Ruth, are the fondest childhood memories for me At the age of thirteen, my family moved to Wisconsin to learn to farm Yes,

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