Glory Alley and the Star Riders

Glory Alley and the Star RidersGlory S Life Is Out Of Control A Foreclosure Notice Hangs On The Front Door, Classmates Make Fun Of Her Hand Me Down Clothes, Her Siblings Are In Trouble With The Law And Dad Seems To Have Given Up On The Entire Family The Future Looks Bleak, But Glory Has A Plan She Ll Strike It Rich In Queen S Mesa, Saving The House And Her Reputation Then One Fateful Morning It Actually Happens She Finds A Rock Beyond Compare, But Three Otherworldly Guardians Arrive To Spoil The PartyThey Say Moving The Rock Will Disrupt Magic Based Worlds Like Their Own In Order To Set Things Right Again, She Must Give Up The Stone, Sealing Her Family S Fate If She Refuses, Alien Civilizations Will Plunge Into Chaos Surely, There S Another Option, But Can She Find It Before Everything Falls Apart Additional Comments Glory Alley Isn T A Wizard, She Doesn T Slay Vampires Or Zombies, But She Kicks Butt In Her Very Own Way Her Weapon Is Never Giving Up Glory Rocks Nicole From CO I Found Myself Filled With Joyful Holiday Tears This Is A Good Book To Read Around Thanksgiving Or Christmas Donna From IN The Author Draws You Into A Realistic Dramatic Family Life With A Little Fantasy On The Side This Crazy Family Will Make You Appreciate Your Own I Won T Spoil The Ending Of The Story, But If You Like Happy Endings, You Will Love This One JR At Ebook Review If You Are Into Science Fiction Or Fantasy Books, This Tops Them All DB At Ebook Review A Dark, Fantastic, Journey Into The Great Unknown It Made Me Laugh, Made Me Cry, And Kept Me Guessing Until The End Kerry From IN

Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Glory Alley and the Star Riders book, this is one of the most wanted C. Deanna Verhoff author readers around the world.

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    Glory Alley and the Star Riders is the story of a young teenaged girl who like many young teenagers is literally overwhelmed by problems Her problems are both her own personal problems and her family s problems and it is primarily the latter sort that lead her through a series of fantastic adventures in other worlds.She wants desperately to have her dead mother back and, barring that, to have the rest of her family find a way to handle the maze of financial and personal problems that are crushing them She wants to find a way to make these things happen and when her spelunking adventures on Queen s Mesa lead to the discovery of an astonishingly beautiful rock she thinks she has found the key to doing just that.What Glory discovers is that the fulfillment of her wishes for her family can come if at all only at the expense of a civilization which during the course of her adventures becomes, for her, considerably less alien that she first thought it to be The selflessness of her motives becomes clouded to her even as she survives one fantastic ordeal after another.Glory is a brave, adventurous, and highly imaginative girl She makes a believable and likable central character Her difficulties with her schoolmates are easily recognized so are the problems that beset her family In one form or another, they are nearly universal This makes the book an interesting combination of the familiar and the fantastic I enjoyed it, for that reason, a lot than a book which is pure fantasy and wish fulfillment Glory, her family, her schoolmates and even the Wybbils she meets can evoke a great deal of responsiveness in the reader The adventures and the dangers are vivid and fantastic, but the characters seem very real The interblending of fantasy and reality is so complete that at the end of the book the reader is left as amazed as Glory herself about what has happened to her.This is a book which is targeted at young readers I found it to be much less didactic than many books which are intended for that audience and that has a lot to do with why I liked it so much I suspect that some young readers would share that feeling, but it is hard to judge how all of them or how most adult readers might respond There are some minor editing problems, but nothing which interfered with my reading experience I found it to be very well written both in terms of style and integrity of the plot.

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    According to legend, Wybbils are small hairy creatures who live deep underground in caves Ancient people both feared and venerated them It is said that Wybbils leave their tunnels at night to snatch Tullahn children from their beds and bring them to their lair.A girl rock collector risks everything for the chance at a better life.This story takes place on a world very similar to ours The inhabitants are as human as you and I, just trying to make their way in their world.Glory and her best friend, Crash, have agreed They will meet at the pools of Queen s Mesa There s got to be some really good stones in the cavern Glory just knows she ll find what she s looking for there.Glory arrives ahead of Crash and breaks the rules She enters the cave alone and makes her way to the pools And there it is The stone that will save her family Little does she know that by taking this stone she may be able to save her family, but she could be destroying another world.This is no ordinary stone It s absence wreaks havoc on another world and the guardians have come to take it back Glory is not a mean girl despite the abuse she receives from her father and her siblings Since her mother s death, her family has been dying a little death too and she needs to sell the stone before they foreclose on her home She stalls the guardians while she tries to find a solution But time is running out.This is not my usual genre to read, but I ve been reading outside the box lately and I ve discovered some wonderful authors and their books.Glory s life is not pretty She s bullied at school, her older sister has no time for her, her brothers like to torture her and her Dad is in an alcohol induced fog most of the time, when he s not swinging his fists or his belt The only good things in her life are her best friend, Crash, and her baby brother, George.I really feel for Glory All she wants is to have her family back the way they used to be She s bold and wise beyond her years Her connection to her brother George is so sweet I ll let the author show you Three year old George perched on a stool, trying to string white puffs of popcorn Face streaked with jam, he sat there in a diaper and nothing else Glory knew from experience that her little brother defied all clothing He had a stubborn streak, but she liked that about him His messy hair was in need of a trim and looked like delicate threads of gold when it caught the light Glory paused in the doorway quietly singing his name Georg eee He jerked to attention Gwo wee A smile of recognition spread across his face until he forgot the task at hand and stabbed his finger with the needle Ow He held out his injury for her to see Gwo wee Glory carried him to the sink, washing the dot of blood under the faucet He cried, offering his wounded finger Kiss Glory kissed it Better Uh huh He nodded, giving thanks with a runny nosed peck on the cheek Now that s showing me something My face broke out in a smile when I read this The quality of the author s writing spills from the pages, taking you deeper into Glory s story.You ll meet a really scary dog wolf creature, some strange beings, kind of like munchkins, and visit a mysterious, magical world filled with wonders and perils.Glory Alley and the Star Riders brought some magic to me, like a fountain of youth I felt the wonder of seeing or reading through young eyes Kind of like falling down the rabbit hole or going somewhere over the rainbow.This book is great for all ages A good, clean, scifi fantasy I ll be following this series.Oh, even though this is the first book in a series, the author wraps it up nicely and gives you an astonishing ending to this chapter in Glory s journey.

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    This book was than I expected First, it is a modern fantasy about a sad and sometimes violent family Second, it is a classic every man s spiritual journey, a sci fi Pilgrim s Progress if you will The main character travels beyond the physical realm to give us on a soul stirring experience as well The story begins a few years after Glory Alley s mother had died In the wake of this unfolding tragedy her father has become an alcoholic Her three older brothers and a sister engage in self destructive behavior Everyone in the Alley family seems to have little hope for the future that is everyone except for Glory Although she s unpopular at school, overweight and the butt of jokes at home, she has a clear sense of purpose, which includes healing her broken family The star riders arrive thinking they will take the Elboni Stone away from her without a fight, but they have met their match in Glory who is determined to use the stones magic in hopes of improving her family s circumstances The plot is unique and kept me guessing until the very end The writing style is crisp and easy to follow Another reviewer didn t like the dialogue, but I do not share her opinion I thought the conversations were snappy and authentic But what makes this novel a standout is the way the Christian elements are so naturally woven into the fabric of the landscape, integrating into the scenes without drawing attention to themselves My background in theology gave me an edge in spotting them plus it helps that I have read the online glossary wink The Elboni Stone symbolizes God The names of the three star riders mirror the Three Persons of the Trinity Bone the Father Needle the Son White Feather the Holy Spirit The Weinling, the creature who swims in a lake of fire, is lifted from the pages of the Old Testament the Leviathan It lives in a place called the Wein a cosmic hell where aliens and humans alike are tormented in the afterlife The author certainly doesn t sugarcoat The Hoougla is a demonic being that tries to keep Glory from taking the Elboni for herself mirroring how devils works on earth to keep people away from God These are just a few of the connections I found Themes on loyalty, death, hope and resurrection are also there From start to finish this book was a pleasure to read and ponder Unfortunately, as the animosity toward Christianity grows this genre frequently gets a bashing In my opinion, we need like this one.

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    Glory Alley has than her fair share of problems she s overweight, her classmates pick on her, and even worse, her mother is dead To call her family dysfunctional would be an insult to all the dysfunctional families on the planet Tullah But there s hope Glory has found a magical rock with the power to set everything right If only those darn Wybbils didn t want it back so bad.In fantasy writing, one of the most difficult tasks for the author is to create a unique, fantastic, but plausible world C Deanna Verhoff succeeds in creating two interesting worlds Tullah is a lot like Earth Verhoff describes it as a sister planet to ours Tullah is inhabited by humans, and their speech, customs, and technology is similar to ours with few differences What I enjoyed most were the small differences in speech that Verhoff created For both the narrative and dialogue, Verhoff invents a dialect that is just different enough from American English to make the Tullahns sound different, but not so different as to sound alien What I found most impressive was that she did this consistently through the novel, which is something I would find hard to do In contrast, the world of the Wybills is completely alien It is a world run by magic, not science And Verhoff likewise does an admirable job creating both their world and their dialect.Like her world building, Verhoff s characters are colorful and interesting The protagonist, Glory, is morally flawed The Wybbils, while proclaiming their moral superiority over Tullahns, come across as self righteous and condescending And, Glory s best friend, Clash, is likewise an imperfect character Both the Wybbils and Glory make selfish decisions.However, Glory s decisions bothered me Though Glory s intention to help her family s plight could be considered noble, her actions risked the extinction of an entire species Further, her character didn t seem to develop enough to appreciate the level of selfishness it would take to risk the extinction of an entire race I would have preferred to have seen her grow as a person I recommend this book for older teens The book is a well written, fun read It left me wanting to get the next book I am hopeful to see Glory grow as a person.

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    First off, let me preface my review with the fact that this is a story for kids, and I haven t been one in a very long time So my review may not compare to a young child s, and it s the viewpoint of the demographic that the author is trying to reach that matters most not mine That being said, this book has many flaws The story needs better proofreading as it is scattered with misused words and missing punctuations But that is structural and easy to fix The plot and style is what needs the most addressing At times, Deanna writes a scene and I realize that she knows what she s trying to describe, but I as the reader couldn t imagine what she was trying to impart So, if she could keep the reader in mind, I think that might help her to write in a clearer style The plot also, from my adult perspective, needs work The story takes place on another world, and yet it is nearly exactly like earth in language, attitudes and culture I can accept that there could be some evolutionary convergence going on But things are just too similar, and I at no time felt I was transported to another place and time This was only solidified in the fact that the planet, Tullah, has Christmas only by another name I would have liked to have seen the author stretch her imagination and really create a world that felt unique and different.There is no real antagonist in this story therefore, there s no character to hate and hope that he she fails in their endeavors The story itself did not really grab my attention until chapter four, and on the upside, from that point on there were intermittent times in the story where I read with interest and I felt that Deanna was starting to get somewhere in her storytelling So I give her kudos for that I think there s a lot of filler here, and the whole thing would read better if she cut a lot of things out that don t advance the plot So, my suggestion would be to revisit the story and do some re writing If that was done, this book could be much improved and children would enjoy reading it.

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    This book was great I enjoyed it very much I loved the characters and the story line and the setting You should check out this book I received this book from the author in exchange for an honest review

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    I just love it when someone gets this whole writing a book thing so freaking right I ve been meaning to write a proper review for this book for a while First off, I finished reading this end of December 2012 Usually, the time that passes after reading a book, the obvious its flaws become The magic of the worlds wear off, and you start to analyze it with a leveler head That was NOT the case with Glory Alley and the Star Riders I m still reeling in the absolute genius of it all It s just as magical and evocative as ever, even two months after finishing it The following may contain spoilers Glory Alley was a PERFECT MC Flawed, but endearing.I thought her voice matched up to her age perfectly At the start of the novel she s desperate for a lucky break, and spends her time spelunking in what they call the Queen s Mesa in the hopes of finding precious rocks She very naively believes that striking it rich will solve all of her families problems, which are many In a novel, the reader is usually one step ahead of the character There s the moment in which the reader understands something before the character does, and then the moment when character finally understands it for themselves For Glory, she needed to realize that the notion of money solving all of her problems was a false and greedy one She did actually come to this, but I think it could have been a bit sooner This is a really minor flaw, in my eyes I think Glory s brilliant The sci fi fantasy element was fresh, brilliant, and 100% believable I thought the idea of different worlds being on a spectrum scale, and them all being connected together by the same magic was beyond amazing Glory lives on Tullah, a planet like Earth, which is at the bottom of the spectrum, in the Indigo realm The technology is similar to that of Earth s since they are both Indigo planets The author gives us a glimpse of planets higher on the spectrum worlds in which magic is as vital as the air their inhabitants breathe It was a beautiful idea, and it was execute so brilliantly I know, I use that word a lot But what can I say This Was BRILLIANT I should also note that, in my opinion, Ms Verhoff is one of the most accomplished and accessible writers of this age, and it is an absolute shame that both she and her novel aren t receiving higher acclaim The writing is solid beautiful but not flowery introspective but never rambling or redundant She just seems to know when enough is enough, and I love that to death The story was well thought out from start to finish, and amidst all the world hopping and adventure, the moral and the thread of the story were never lost Every question that needed to be answered was answered I just got lost in the story right away and couldn t put it down.I ll admit there are some typos, especially later in the story calling her good friend Clash by Matthew s name on accident when they are in the Bamboozle together but the integrity of this book is not lost just because of it I understand that without an editor, self published novels are likely to contain mistakes The ending for me was bittersweet At first, I didn t think I d like it, because I felt like too many good things were being lost, and that it might turn out to be a bibbidy bobbidy boo fix all ending That was until I got to the last couple pages, and the author redeemed it on so many levels I m so excited to see where the story goes in future books I feel like Tullah is going to change so much, and I m excited to know that in the end, something huge might come of Glory s actions There were also a few things left purposefully unresolved, but the reader understands that resolution is to come At this point, the author has my complete confidence I really trust her to finish this story off in a satisfactory manor I m so excited to read .

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    Deanna did well combining sci fi and fantasy together The lore and aspects that she used to build up the story really tells one how much thought she put into it, which would naturally create a wonderful story such as this.I enjoyed how creative she was with the sci fi modern era part of the story such as using credits , Silvers , Springboards, etc but felt that she didn t go far enough for the first book This was understandable after reaching the second part where the real fantasy began The rules that Glory Alley had to deal with as well as what she needed to do to get her wish was something that makes the story itself interesting and not easy She tries to better understand the culture of the Wybbils which leads her to troubling situations leading to awkward humor Humor in general is all around and one will enjoy a few laughs But the Alley s family situation is naturally sad for both the plot and what drives Glory to get the prize that she must work for.However,Deanna s use of the dialog was confusing at times as well as the writing in general A handful of typos errors really bothered me as well as the thinking dialog it was never clear or stood out that she was thinking of something that would confuse a reader One thing that I didn t really like was the convenient situation or actions that would cause trouble for Glory whether by herself or by another character One particular example was Clash stepping into trouble literally end of the story and being careless which nearly cost Glory success at what she needed to achieve.So I honestly MUST SUGGEST that Deanna must re read to see the writing errors in her story in order for one to really enjoy it My 12 year old cousin was actually curious about this story and I would have recommend this for him had the writing was sharper I take 2 stars but keep 3 because of the amount of work that Deanna placed in this story with the fantasy and sci fi as well as plot

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    Grade 89%Rating Read Full Review book was actually pretty adorable This book is about a thirteen year old girl who basically loses her mind Just kidding, it is about a thirteen year old girl finding something she shouldn t have while in the process, trying to find herself It is very sweet and holds a certain innocence that you don t get a lot of in books The beginning, I would have to say was very slow However, because the author took a step back I could really see the character development, and I greatly appreciate that.I would, in fact, recommend this book to someone who is of the younger audience, someone about 12 15 years of age because I feel that through the main character s innocence the younger reader will relate a lot than I did This did not hinder my experience what so ever, I found it very endearing.

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    I thoroughly enjoyed this book I even stayed up late to finish it, but I was so upset by the ending What about Clash I understand why he isn t a part of her life now, but you came up with a solution to George Couldn t you have somehow saved her PIC FTTE I received this book through goodreads and will look for 2 in the series hoping something is done with Clash in the future.

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