Wakelands War (Galatia #0.5)

Wakelands War (Galatia #0.5) Alas, another book I can t rate because I m editing it Or rather editing the revision.Suffice it to say that I edited the as yet unpublishedsequel first in a trilogy to which this is a prequel and squeaked like a girl when the author asked me to comb through this in hopeful anticipation of the trilogy s publication. RED WAKELAND Is Living In The Aftermath Of A Devastating Pandemic Most Of Humanity Is Gone, Including His Wife And Children Mentally, He S Barely Hanging On When A Woman Named Elizabeth, And The Boy She Has Taken Under Her Wing, Join Forces With Him As They Forge A Rustic New Life Together, A Town Of Survivors Springs Up Around ThemWhen Unusual Mystical Abilities Begin To Emerge Within Members Of The Community, Including Red, They Employ Them Toward The Common Good The Future Seems Bright Until The Day A Soldier Comes To Town, Shattering Their RealityWhat He Tells Them Is Difficult To Accept, But Red Knows It S True Enemies From The Stars Have Come To Earth And Only He Can Stop Them This Book Is The Precursor To Galatians Arise, An Epic Fantasy Series To Be Released At A Later Date NOTE Meets The SFWA Guidelines For Novel Length Fiction, But Some Publishers Would Consider It A Novella Approximately , Words I was provided with a free copy of this ebook in exchange for an honest review.Red the First Galatia 0.5 by C.D Verhoff Imagine falling asleep one night knowing that you have the perfect cookie cutter life You are married with beautiful children, to a fine looking spouse and have a successful career Then you wake the next day and there is a now a plague tearing thru the world What do you do Redmond Red Wakeland does the best he can, he lives one day to the next This apocalyptic SciFi will take you through the ringer After Red loses his wife, it s only him, his dog Zena, and the memories of life that was Red is a complex character, whose thoughts and emotions stay with you even after it s done He meets quite a few people along his journey each one is as different as the last But the one thing that stays with him throughout it all is that this world is being invaded by aliens This prequel to the Galatia series really has made me want to read the rest now Its done its job perfectly For any individual that enjoys the books that center about life after a huge change like a plague or invasion, this would really be up your alley. I was pretty good, but I feel like I need to read the rest of the series to really understand what is going on So, these are in my t.b.r list Loved this book was completely different from what I thought and it was even better It had twist to it that keeps you reading and wanting to read what is next. I received this book for free through Goodreads First Reads This book manages to meld a plague with paranormal abilities with an alien invasion and all of it works as a very believable future The characters have the reactions of real people under extraordinary circumstances I look forward to the series Guardians Arise because the characters are hard to forget and I want to see how they grow and continue in their New World Thank you C Deanna Red the First is an interesting read Set after a plague has wiped out a great deal of our population, it follows a man named Red as he tries to establish a new life for himself in what is left of the world He finds a new home for himself and slowly gathers and people around him As his community starts to grow, the motives behind the death of the world become clearer and Red has to convince his town that a darker force not of their planet is at work They re only hope lies in the safety of man made bunkers spread through the world, but can Red convince a town that has become accustomed to their new life to give it all up on the word of a few men and their unbelievable story The story at heart is a character driven, as we start with just Red s point of view and then slowly meet and people as they become part of his life At first, Red seems to be a heartless and cold man, having lost his family to the plague and his only friend being a dog that he barely cared about before the disaster As people enter his life, he begins to to open up and becomes a better man then he had been before The rest of the characters are equally complex and each has their own set of baggage that makes them seem real.The plot moves fast, often jumping ahead as the town grows and events transpire If their was one problem with the story this would be it It becomes hard to keep up with the characters, and remember who is who as the timeline jumps around, and we don t get to know some of the characters as well as some of the others.All in all this is an interesting introduction to a new sci fi world The characters are well written and the concept behind it is fresh and new It will be interesting to see where the author takes the story next.

Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Wakelands War (Galatia #0.5) book, this is one of the most wanted C. Deanna Verhoff author readers around the world.

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