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Marco Effekten New York Times And Internationally Bestselling Author Jussi Adler Olsen Returns With An Astonishing And Sinister Case For Department QAll Fifteen Year Old Marco Jameson Wants Is To Become A Danish Citizen And Go To School Like A Normal Teenager But His Uncle Zola Rules His Former Gypsy Clan With An Iron Fist Revered As A God And Feared As A Devil, Zola Forces The Children Of The Clan To Beg And Steal For His Personal Gain When Marco Discovers A Dead Body Proving The True Extent Of Zola S Criminal Activities He Goes On The Run But His Family Members Aren T The Only Ones Who Ll Go To Any Lengths To Keep Marco Silent ForeverMeanwhile, The Last Thing Detective Carl M Rck Needs Is For His Assistants, Assad And Rose, To Pick Up A Missing Persons Case On A Whim Carl S Nemesis Is His New Boss, And He S Saddled Department Q With An Unwelcome Addition But When They Learn That A Mysterious Teen Named Marco May Have As Much Insight Into The Case As He Has Fear Of The Police, Carl Is Determined To Solve The Mystery And Save The Boy Carl S Actions Propel The Trio Into A Case That Extends From Denmark To Africa, From Embezzlers To Child Soldiers, From Seemingly Petty Crime Rings To The Very Darkest Of Cover Ups

Jussi Adler Olsen is a Danish author who began to write novels in the 1990s after a comprehensive career as publisher, editor, film composer for the Valhalla cartoon and as a bookseller.He made his debut with the thriller Alfabethuset 1997 , which reached bestseller status both in Denmark and internationally just like his subsequent novels And She Thanked the Gods prev The Company Basher

[Epub] ❧ Marco Effekten Author Jussi Adler-Olsen –
  • Kindle Edition
  • 484 pages
  • Marco Effekten
  • Jussi Adler-Olsen
  • English
  • 13 November 2019

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    B 77% Good Notes It s a lot of empty calories the story moves, but not in a way that advances the plot much or pays off well in the end.

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    Listening to a good book can be even better than reading it well that s my experience anyway But it all depends on the reader I ve listened to lots of audiobooks where the reader has truly brought the characters and places to life I ve also listened to some where the opposite is true and it s ruined what was potentially a good book This one delivered a strange and confusing experience, I m afraid.I was up for a bit of Scandinavian crime fiction and when this was offered up as a daily deal by Audible I quickly grabbed it at what I thought was a bargain price It s book five of a series so there was always a risk that I d have missed some back story but in my experience authors seem to keep this in view and it s rarely a significant problem.For a story set in Denmark I d assumed I d get a reader with an accent to match and characters that felt and sounded like they belonged in that place Unfortunately inexplicably what I actually got was a reader with a generic English accent who imbued the characters with a bizarre range of British brogues Welsh, home counties and broad Birmingham amongst them It was just wrong and I found it really hard to see past this element to the story buried underneath.If that wasn t bad enough, after a promising start the tale got quickly bogged down in a whole load of office politics involving characters I d not met before and updates on carry over issues and antagonisms that meant nothing to me And it started to feel like I d jumped into the middle of a book by Mark Billingham or Peter James not really what I was looking for I gave up.Ah well, can t win em all

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    The characters are still great Wishing for a little info on Assad than the tidbits Jussi is revealing in each book But I found this particular storyline the weakest of the Dept Q books Pretty repetitive with Marco on the run and managing to slip away Over and over Doesn t mean I didn t like it but myexpectations were high and it didn t meet them Still love you tho, carl, rose and Assad

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    We open up with Marco s story Yes him in the title which keeps us going for the opening chapters as the scene is set before department Q make an appearance his account is excellent, giving an insight into a different way of life in Denmark, exposing a seedy underbelly the ways of a street gang.With old favourite Assad recovering after the events of the prior episode, Rose comes to the fore by getting out of the office doing some training which is great as she undertakes it all in her unique style to much amusement for Assad an equal measure of chagrin for Carl It s great how they all grate swim together as their caseload shifts it s focus to coincide with Marco s story case It s prolly the best book to date for the interactions of department Q along with a few other characters that come, go change it all adds to the overall flavour.One small downside niggle was the amount of leaps coincidences that connected the stories but all in all Department Q delivers a good mystery which connects the dots as we go, 4.5 stars for me.

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    The Marco Effect is a great addition to the Department Q series I was drawn to Marco s character, and I could not put the book down when the narrative was told from Marco s perspective I am ready for the next book in the series

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    The Marco Effect is the 5th in the Department Q series by Danish author Jussi Adler Olsen His books tend to be long so I listened to the audiobook this time which didn t disappoint The book centers around 15 year old Marco a lovable character from a gypsy clan relocated from Italy Marco goes on the run after discovering a body killed by his clan His clan being nothing than a criminal network forcing their young members to a miserable life of petty crime.There are a lot of twists and turns and a number of plots in this book which I totally enjoyed I love a book with a lot going on and full of detail Detective Carl Morck s humorous relationship with his staff, Rose and Assad, always brings a delightful addition to the series Expect a lot of suspense.Looking forward to the next translation in the series.4.5 out of 5 stars.

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    Rating 3 out of 5 After the first four brilliant books in this series, this fifth one was disappointing Not that I m particularly surprised, I try to avoid any book which involves any sort of mafia or criminal network I picked this up solely for having loved the first four so well The other thing I m beginning to notice after 35 hours of Swedish audio books in three weeks is that my Norwegian is becoming considerably worse The two languages are closely related and difficult to keep apart even on a good day The reason I listen to Swedish or read Swedish editions of Scandinavian books rather than Norwegian is simple price Anyhow, I digress In this fifth installment about the police department Q they start to look at the disappearance of the banker politican whatever William Starck several years ago After a trip to Africa he disappeared, despite having a close relationship with the daughter of his girlfriend Out on the streets, there is a boy on the run, Marco He has fled his clan because Zola, the god father , has decided he must be made lucrative for begging by handicapping him Hearing this, Marco runs away He accidentally ends up hiding William s grave When he notices, he takes a piece of African necklace hanging around the neck of the corpse and flees But now the clan are no longer interested in just handicapping him, no, now they want to kill him.There are endless scenes of running, fleeing, chasing involving Marco, the clan and the henchmen of the latter Eventually it become bothersome I spent plenty of time rolling my eyes wishing Marco would finally go to the police He has other ideas, since he s afraid that being an illegal immigrant he ll just be thrown out of the country.There s plenty of action in this book, but it mostly moves in circles I haven t been put off Jussi Alder Olsen by any means, but I do hope the next book is better.

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    Amai effe bekomen weeral een straf verhaal.

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    4.5 StarsI swear, 1 2 star went to just finding out some background info on Assad Hell, maybe I should give that a full star LOLAnyway, 15 year old gypsy thief, Marco, decides that today is the last day of being in the family gang Except on his route of escape, s t hits the fan and he finds a body He really has no intention of making it an issue, until the family decides he needs to be dealt with From that point on, we are on a roller coaster of backstabbing, murder, backstabbing, Carl s tumultuous personal life, Rose s weird life even than usual , murder and backstabbing, and Assad It doesn t get any better.well, it can, but this is good enough for me.

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    English translation The Marco Effect Book 5 in the Department Q series I enjoyed the previous books in this series for the investigative procedures in solving crimes and for the humour of the interactions between Carl Morck,the lead detective of the Cold Case unit and his two assistants the mysterious Assad and Rose The book started out with financial fraud between Africa and Denmark, and then switches to the plight of a young boy, Marco who belongs to a group of people in Denmark illegally who force the children to steal and even cripple some to become beggars When Marco realizes there is a plan to handicap him, he runs away Soon he is forced to hide and discovers the body of a man killed by his tribe who is connected with the bank fraud This makes his tribe determined to find and murder him At this point Carl and his assistants have not shown up, and I was thinking I downloaded the wrong book in error and had to look ahead to make sure I was actually reading a Department Q story Marco continues to run and escape his pursuers and after a while I found the chase scenes boring The Department Q investigators are also looking for him, and Marco will not go to the police to save his life as he does not want to be deported I would have enjoyed the book without the financial dealings, and about Carl s difficult home and personal life and about his assistants, Assad and Rose

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