Where To?

Where To? Dmitry Samarov s bookWhere To A Hack Memoir is odd little collection of memories, thoughts, ideas, and contemplations from his career as a cab driver in both Boston briefly and Chicago Released by Chicago s Curbside Splendor Publishing, Samarov s book was financed in part through a Kickstarter campaign The overview Where Tois a memoir ish look at the life of a cab driver, written by Dmitry Samarov, a visual artist who decided he d rather drive a cab than try to support himself with a 9 to 5 or service industry job The book is a light read, existing somewhere between a short essay collection and a longer slice of life narrative I sat down with the book, and finished it one sitting The good I m a sucker for non fiction stories that stretch beyond the author s own perceptions of the world Certainly Samarov s work is told from his point of view, but the book is filled with vignettes of the people who are passing through his cab I found myself wanting to know about some of the passengers, or to understand about the bad nights to drive But that wanting is part of experience of driving a cab, and the book does a good job of painting the picture of what drives somebody to keep coming back to a job that sounds, at times, quite horrible.Even his lengthy diatribes against the bureaucracies that actively push against cab drivers felt like vignettes about City Hall and the people who end up administering those policies than stories designed to allow Samarov to pontificate on politics Executives at Uber and Lyft will undoubtedly send these sections of the book to anyone who might want to shut those services down The bad Oddly enough, the vignettes that worked the least within the book focused on the regulars who many times became part of Dmitry s social life outside the cab The juxtaposition of these stories were, it seemed, meant to counterbalance the short one shot scenes with so many random strangers staggering in and out of his cab In that way, I think those longer, personal recollections painted a fuller view of life From a narrative perspective, those moments pulled me out of the odd space Samarov created with his other characters, and I couldn t wait to return to them Ultimately, the book isn t really about Samarov it s about life in the cab Those deeply personal connections, while important to the author, felt dropped into the wrong story.So Samarov s book is quick, fun read, punctuated by the illustrations he created to accompany the book You won t walk away from the book with a deeper understanding of the world, but you ll be entertained while you get a glimpse into the world of the cab driver As a GenXer, I appreciate the latter much than the former. Damn good sketches of life in Chicago Samarov does a fine job of getting to the heart of a situation, whether it s an absurd route somewhere, a boorish customer, or a portrait of a neighborhood. Interesting and sad to spend your life behind a wheel of a car and dealing with people and issues non of your own I really enjoyed looking threw the eyes of Dmitry would never in a life time would think of doing this for a living His thoughts and art are rough but good and plan to read it again It opened my eyes to how aweful the east is I had almost forgot and thankful I live in Idaho where life is so much simipler Thanks for sharing This was a gift from Goodreads Excellent little memoir filled with beautiful paintings and drawings by the author as well This is about driving a cab in Chicago from 2010 2012, and for something that was less than 10 years ago the nostalgia came on strong for me as the city s already so different, and no one takes cabs hardly any , Uber and Lyft have a large market share I found it delightful and fun to read on a night I couldn t fall asleep Funny, Touching, Observant, Philosophical, Sad, World Weary, Artful And Wonderful Are The Stories That Pepper This Book There Has Never Been A Cab Driver Like Dmitry Samarov And, Since He S Given Up For Keeps Late Night For Hire Driving, There Never Will Be Rick Kogan, Hall Of Fame Reporter For The Chicago Tribune With His Gorgeous Pen And Ink Drawings And Funny, Tragic, And All Too True Stories, Samarov S Chronicle Of His Adventures As A Chicago Taxi Driver Is By Far The Best Ride You Ll Ever Take In A Cab Wendy MacNaughtonDmitry Samarov S Illustrated Memoir Captures Encounters With Drunken Passengers, Overbearing Cops, Unreasonable City Bureaucracy, His Fellow Cabdrivers, A Few Potholes, And Other Unexpectedly Beautiful Moments Accompanied By Dozens Of Samarov S Original Artworks Composed During Traffic Jams, Waits At The Airport, And Lulls In His Shifts The Stories In Where Toprovide A Street Level View Of America From The Perspective Of An Immigrant Painter Driving A Cab For MoneyDmitry Samarov Was Born In Moscow, USSR, In He Immigrated To The United States With His Family In He Got In Trouble In First Grade For Doodling On His Lenin Red Star Pin And Hasn T Stopped Doodling Since After A False Start At Parsons School Of Design In New York, He Graduated With A BFA In Painting And Printmaking From The School Of The Art Institute Of Chicago In Upon Graduation He Promptly Began Driving A Cab First In Boston, Then After A Time, In Chicago captures better than a surveillance camera the pureed blend of good and bad that makes up actual life I picked up this autographed copy a little while back from UnAbridged Bookstore in Chicago Finally getting to it No real reason I didn t read it sooner, though I like to think we organically choose our next read for a reason I loved it this book I think part of it was reading this extremely Chicago with hints of Boston work almost a year after leaving Chicago I loved getting a personal insight into the workings of the Chicago cab system, one I used frequently for a decade and a half plus I knew knew of every part of town Dmitry mentions I could share in I Was There for the blizzard of 2011 I could run my fingers over the original artwork and feel the city again. Some interesting slices of life seen from the window of a cab Not much here beyond that. Dmitry Samarov s writing is blunt, to the point and so very soulful This book is the first I ve read of him, and I found myself absolutely enthralled and excited to read With Where To , I felt like I was peeking into a world that s all around me but one I often tune out Sure, on the exterior the book appears to be a series of vignettes and slices of life compiled together from the observations of a cab driver, but it s much than that Where To is a period piece, too It s a snapshot in time of Chicago, encapsulating the seemingly ordinary back and forth of everyday folks as well as what it was like to be in the midst of major events such as the NATO summit in 2012 What makes it beautiful is that it s told from the perspective of one of us an every man There s a sense of objective camaraderie from the perspective of the reader We re looking at the people standing next to us with Dmitry Samarov, looking inward, and looking at time, as it is, this very second There isn t much in the way of philosophy or commentary in Where To , but that s for the better These blunt observations are than enough to get us to reflect, to laugh, and to wonder I want. Having also been a cab driver in Chicago I can relate to Samarov s experiences This small book is a series of vignettes from his days really nights driving in Chicago and, for a shorter period, Boston The interaction with customers is sometimes funny, sometimes sad, and sometimes scary But always interesting Good light reading for your short train or bus ride.

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  • Where To?
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