Peter Panzerfaust, Vol. 4

Peter Panzerfaust, Vol. 4 In The Aftermath Of The Assault On The Sticks, The Team Is Fractured And Lily S Father Is Dead Parsons Returns To Lily To Learn Her Side Of The Story For The First Time It Is The Story Of One Woman Giving Up Everything To Avenge Her Family Tiger Lily Will Honor Her Father S Memory With One Final HuntCollects PETER PANZERFAUST Best one in the series so far I m pretty sure I ve already said that before but now it s different With all the events that have unfolded in the last volume, including the death of Big Chief, continues with Tiger Lily taking revenge on Haken s Hunters spread out in France, each having a different difficulty for Lily to face The most interesting Hunter of course is Emmerich Koch as he sort of holds Petercaptiveon his spring time property He keeps him there against his will but treats him nicely and only punishes Peter when he tries to escape, but he s willing to play chess and fish with him He recounts how Haken was during the Great War and how similar him and Peter are only for Peter to refuse that he s anything like Haken Emmerich seemed to have humanity in himself than any of the other Hunters as he was willing to try and see that if there was a possibility that Peter might turn into another Haken and hopefully change his mind, which in the end wasn t needed I was of course a little heartbroken when Emmerich feels like he s made progress with Peter only to be abruptly shot by Tiger Lily but of course it was coming, it was only a matter of when.I am so addicted to this series right now and I have absolutely no shame for having done so, I only hope that the next volume comes out soon Wiebe and Jenkins deliver another great volume of their re imagining of Peter Pan This volume changes the status quo a little as Parsons looks into another side of a story he s already heard Lily s hunt was haunting and believable Jenkins does a great job of distinguishing between characters even though their looks are similar His art style is perfect for the book Overall, another very good read. I feel a lot of affection for this book The story and art felt a bit rushed towards the end of this volume though. Tiger Lily s revenge very much her storyIn this fourth volume of a comic collection which runs to at least 5 volumes, we meet Peter Panzerfaust as he helps the group against the Hunters and Tiger Lily takes her revenge Taking place in 1940, the group continue to fight the Nazi occupiers in France.The story told in sepia tones is engaging and nicely illustrated I ve got one volume to work through and it should be worth the journey Recommended for its novel perspective, continued action and developing characters. 4.5Focused on Lily and Julien , vol 4 is a story of revenge And I like it Separately, I have to say I like vol 4 a lot than 3 because we get to spend some time with Peter in the middle here and get to know him a little bit better.Peter I only have friends to save If they live long, happy lives that ll be my legacy It s at this point I start to get nervous for Peter s life Are they trying to hint have me get used to the idea now if they haven t yet already that Peter will die at the end of this series Oh no Is that how Peter Pan will stay young forever That s now my guessSeries ends in the next vol Peter Panzerfaust, Vol 5 On Til Morning. I think this was the best volume in the series so far It s interesting to see Peter Pan s story turned into a story of French resistance Tiger Lily is definitely my favorite character. The World War II twist on the Peter Pan legend continues with Peter s team in disarray After Hook s ambush in volume 3, some teammates have disappeared, some retired, and some died Why I can t even tell you where the Darling family wandered off to Even worse Peter s been captured by the Nazis The focus of this volume is on Tiger Lily and her husband Julien Lily s father died in the assault So, it s up to the young woman to avenge his death by rounding up and disbursing with Hook s men in a most violent fashion As revenge turns into dogged obsession, a rift in the relationship between husband and wife forms Will Tiger Lily end up losing than her father in this second war to end all wars This fantastic series by Image just keeps surprising me There re so many similarities to the Pan legend Yet, Panzerfaust is not a modern war rehash of everything I know, seen, and read about Peter and his Lost Boys The last two volumes ended in such a way that I would ve been okay if that was the end to Peter s story That s not the case here No, I didn t hate this book It s just that this chapter doesn t have a satisfying enough conclusion for me to say It can end here Unfortunately, I can t find any evidence of when volume 5 will drop and I just can t wait to know what happens next I may have to buy some back issues So angry that the artist has stalled on this story for lack of support, with as I understand it only two issues left to go.This is probably the most mature and will executed volume to date Tiger Lily seeks revenge for the death of her father, while Peter learns of Kapitan Hakken s mad purpose and sets out to find the Darlings. This series seems to be running out of steam a little bit This volume was about Tiger Lily getting revenge on the men who killed her father one by one There were portions of this that were emotional and compelling, to be sure, but this isn t quite the journey that I signed on for It felt like a detour when I want to see the resolution of the story.

Kurtis Wiebe is a Vancouver, Canada based author who s been established in the world of comic writing since 2009 For his contribution to the critically acclaimed Green Wake, Kurtis was presented with the Outstanding Comic Book Writer Shuster Award.Never satisfied with a specific style of writing, Kurtis has branched out to novels, videogames and screenplays He spends his days at home, writing ab

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