Inside the Night: A Modern Arabic Novel (Modern Arabic Literature)

Inside the Night: A Modern Arabic Novel (Modern Arabic Literature) I Could Not Believe That Human Beings Could Forget So Easily Love And Life, Sex And Death, Childhood And Oppression Are Inside The Night Vivid Moments Of Remembrance, Disparate Yet Interconnected, Come Together To Form The Body Torn But Not Broken Of This Novel Beginning With A Scene Of Departure, The Two Nameless Narrators Roam Back And Forth In Time, Veering From Childhood Mischief To A Palestinian Refugee Camp Massacre From Ardent First Love To Necessary Migration To An Arab Oil Country For Employment From Spirited Adolescent Fantasies To The Grim Reality Of Life In An Arab Country Whose Claims To Progress Are Mounted On The Bent Backs Of Its People A Forest Of Interwoven Tales And Strange Destinies, Ibrahim Nasrallah S Novel Carves The History Of A People Over Half A Century Into Fragments That Are Poetic, Multi Sensory, And Richly Evocative Inside The Night S Self Contained Freedom Is A Refreshing Development In The Corpus Of Palestinian, And Human, Literature

Ibrahim Nasrallah is a Palestinian poet, novelist, professor, painter and photographer.He was born in the Wihdat Palestinian refugee camp in Jordan.He studied in UNRWA schools in the camp and got his teaching degree from a training college in the camp He taught in Saudi Arabia for 2 years and worked as a journalist between 1978 and 1996 Nasrallah then returned to Jordan and worked at Dostur, Afa

☄ [PDF / Epub] ☃ Inside the Night: A Modern Arabic Novel (Modern Arabic Literature) By Ibrahim Nasrallah ✓ –
  • Hardcover
  • 182 pages
  • Inside the Night: A Modern Arabic Novel (Modern Arabic Literature)
  • Ibrahim Nasrallah
  • English
  • 04 March 2018
  • 9789774160974

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    I read this as part of the collection development project I ve been working on at school Lost in Translation Arabic into English Surely, there was much that was lost on me in Nasrallah s book I was unaware of the Tel al Zattar massacre which seemed to be the most central and compelling plot of the novel At least, that s the thin red line that kept me reading through the short 182 or so page novel The rest was an interesting mish mash of stream of consciousness type rehashing of what I know to be the displaced Palestinian in the Levant and Gulf regions There was a bit of being in Saudi in a seedy hotel, a bit of a man whose hand had been blown off, a bit of an illicit love affair, a bit of a refugee experience where black abaya clad women and children were patiently pulling luggage There was even a bit of suicide bomber jihad Things I can only relate to as the other I think that was okay for first reading, though, because what came through was a frustration, a small proportion of the frustration that the author has been though in his own experience and in his nation s experience The futility of waiting The futility of talking The book challenged me to learn The end was definitely clincher It funneled down like a tight poem And, there were some pretty immortal lines, one of which will stay with me forever We deserve to see at least one miracle that isn t covered in blood Think about that Are there really any true miracles which haven t been covered in blood That s one of the most ancient things I ve ever seen in print It took my breath away.

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