The Lion's Pride: Theodore Roosevelt and His Family in Peace and War

The Lion's Pride: Theodore Roosevelt and His Family in Peace and War In The Lion S Pride, Edward J Renehan Jr Vividly Portrays The Grand Idealism, Heroic Bravery, And Reckless Abandon That Theodore Roosevelt Both Embodied And Bequeathed To His Children And The Tragic Fulfillment Of That Legacy On The Battlefields Of World War I Drawing Upon A Wealth Of Previously Unavailable Materials, Including Letters And Unpublished Memoirs, The Lion S Pride Takes Us Inside What Is Surely The Most Extraordinary Family Ever To Occupy The White House Theodore Roosevelt Believed Deeply That Those Who Had Been Blessed With Wealth, Influence, And Education Were Duty Bound To Lead, Even, Perhaps Especially, If It Meant Risking Their Lives To Preserve The Ideals Of Democratic Civilization Teddy Put His Principles, And His Life, To The Test In The Spanish American War, And Raised His Children To Believe They Could Do No Less When America Finally Entered The European Conflict In , All Four Of His Sons Eagerly Enlisted And Used Their Influence Not To Avoid The Front Lines, But To Get There As Quickly As Possible Their Heroism In France And The Middle East Matched Their Father S At San Juan Hill All Performed With Selfless Some Said Heedless Courage Two Of The Boys, Archie And Ted Jr Were Seriously Wounded, And Quentin, The Youngest, Was Killed In A Dogfight With Seven German Planes Thus, The War That TR Had Lobbied For So Furiously Brought Home A Grief That Broke His Heart He Was Buried A Few Months After His Youngest Child

Edward John Renehan, Jr born c 1956 is a publisher, consultant and writer, and onetime professional musician He made headlines in 2008 when he was convicted of document theft.

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  • The Lion's Pride: Theodore Roosevelt and His Family in Peace and War
  • Edward J. Renehan Jr.
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  • 02 July 2019
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10 thoughts on “The Lion's Pride: Theodore Roosevelt and His Family in Peace and War

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    I enjoyed this book because Theodore Roosevelt is such a dynamic character I expected from the title that his children would be the star of it, but, true to TR s form, he dominated the book s small stage What his relationships with his children showed about HIM tends to be at the center of the author s interest Nevertheless, the anecdotes are interesting and, once TR passes on and doesn t overshadow his now grown children, we actually do learn some interesting things about them For instance, what reader cannot be enthralled by the fact that Theodore Roosevelt s son and namesake stormed the beach at D Day, at the age of 57, with HIS own son involved in the invasion This stuff cannot be made up.

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    Excellent book 3.5 stars only because my mind wanders during political sections, which of course, have to be included I love learning about the personal lives of others, especially including the Roosevelt family The final CD was an interview with the author I really enjoyed hearing the interview.

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    If you re a TR fan, you ll definitely be keenly interested in this book It brings you into incidents in TR s later life and those of his kids seldom heard of in TR canon All of his kids seem to become heroes, forming a powerful American dynasty which evidently quietly continues into the present though later Roosevelts aren t mentioned, to my disappointment Also not mentioned much is Alice Roosevelt and all the consternation and controversy she created, decade after decade, even living long enough to spar with Mike Wallace on 60 Minutes in the 1970s, knocking him back on his heels with her quick and sometimes off color wit That this isn t mentioned is a minus The author has a tendency to emphasize courage, honor, chivalrous World War I moments of the sons and daughter Ethel, and Roosevelt family values Ethel is an absolute heroine as a nurse in the war in France, saving lives as German shells explode around her finally, she gets the credit long due her TR is delightful, especially as a grandfather I can picture an old military man enjoying sharing this book with his children or grandchildren Those big on family and military honor and the like will love this book If not, you ll feel most of the book is devoted to moments and facts obscure enough to only interest TR aficionados I learned, for example, that Theodore and wife Edith were relatively late adopters of the home telephone, a historic detail not found in any book about TR I ve read, and I ve read a dozen or I am a TR aficionado, I really liked the book It provides a perspective on TR and family not available elsewhere From me, four stars I heartily recommend it for ages 12 and up.

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    I loved studying Theodore Roosevelt I read Mornings on Hourseback, his Autobiography, and The Lion s Pride in order The nobility of this great man is very inspiring The stands he took as a leader have greatly shaped our country As a dabbling libertarian I am uncomfortable with many of the stances he took, but I can t help but admire some of the results His stance on conservation and the national parks it secured for the generations to come is something in profoundly thankful for His stance on worldwide relations and militarism might be untenable but I wish they won t The cost of unrighteousness peace must be higher than the cost of war.

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    This book was recommended by a friend who shares my admiration for Teddy Roosevelt and it s pretty good However, I just finished Colonel Roosevelt which is the last volume of Edmund Morris s Roosevelt trilogy, and the definitive work on the man Therefore, The Lion s Pride felt like a Cliff s Note, or a long magazine article.Still, if you re not familiar with the old Rough Rider, this book would be a good primer.

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    Yes, it s a bit dry, but very interesting nonetheless This book chronicles the life of Theodore Roosevelt his goals, his thoughts, his loves, etc He overcame asthma by sheer force of will, he created the largest national park in the country, he befriended mountain men, cowboys and ne er do wells It s a great insight into the life of this oft overlooked president.

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    I listened to this in my car I had to renew it at the librarybecause it took me over 3 weeksIt was BORING in some parts..and I wish they had told about how the kids were at the white house..but I am a big fan of Alice Roosevelt Longfellow and Quentin Roosevelt I loved hearing those stories very interestingand I feel so smart now

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    I ve already read bios of T.R I don t really care about his sons I will read the book about floating the instead.You don t have to finish every book you start.This is probably an all right book but not for me right now.

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    I am listening to this on tape There is a lot about WWI I wasn t aware of Good so far

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    I enjoyed this book a lot A different perspective on one of the most fascinating people in history.

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