The Wolf in Winter

The Wolf in WinterNow Available This review can also be found at Carole s Random LifeI received an advance reader edition of this book from Atria Books via Net Galley for the purpose of providing an honest review.3 StarsIt is really my fault I take full responsibility on this one I saw this book on Net Galley and thought it would be a great read It probably fans of the series That s right I thought I could jump into a series on book number 12 and not have any problems Boy was I ever wrong This was one of those books that I liked at times and just wanted to finish at other times I liked the parts of the book that focused solely on the main storyline in this book I was bored by all of the parts that were not directly tied to that storyline I am guessing that the pieces of this book that I did not like were part of a story arc that spans several books in the series I am sure that fans of this series loved those parts but I really just wanted to get back to the mystery The death of a homeless man and the disappearance of his daughter brings the town of Prosperous to the attention of Charlie Parker As Charlie looks into Prosperous, he finds that there may be going on in that town than just good fortune As the town protects its secrets, Charlie works to find out what is really going on in the town of Prosperous.I had such high hopes for this book I love anything supernatural and I love a good mystery The Charlie Parker series is described and a blending of the two and I do think that it that blending is well executed I was a bit surprised to find after reading the book that Charlie Parker was in less than 25% of the story by my rough estimates Most of what we learn regarding the mystery of Prosperous is comes from parts of the book told from various residents of that town The mystery in Prosperous was great It was exciting and interesting It was well told and I found myself totally engrossed in the story Unfortunately, that was usually when the story would switch to something not connected to the Prosperous mystery and I would grow bored I really think that this book is really best for readers of the series I am actually curious how I would feel about this series if I actually read it from the beginning I did like John Connolly s style of writing so I would like to read of his work.but no jumping around in the series for me. Another brilliant book from John Connolly in the Charlie Parker series This one gets pretty spooky with the return of Susan and his first daughter and some interesting supernatural being which lives under the churchyard and has to be fed with young girls I love Charlie but I also enjoy seeing Angel and Louis doing their thing and they have quite a large section of this book all to themselves so I was very happy It was one of those books that I didn t want to end because I was enjoying it so much. Every time a new Charlie Parker book is released I have mixed feelings There is, of course, an air of childlike excitement knowing that Santa Connolly is returning down the chimney with your favourite toy but that is mixed with an air of trepidation You see, the other books in this series have been so good that I never think the next one can surpass them but don t worry children this, the twelfth in the series, is better than ever.Charlie Parker should be well known to every fan of horror, crime or dark fiction A private detective haunted by ghosts from his own tragic past and that of others He seems to be on an endless quest against evil and with each book that evil has become and intense.This time Parker is thrown into a seemingly straightforward mystery, the death of a homeless man and the disappearance of his daughter but it s not long before a darker secret is revealed in the town of Prosperous, Maine Prosperous is an insular town with a community built around the ancient church, which was transported piece by piece by the original settlers from England Along with the church the residents of Prosperous have something else they are hiding, something related to an obscure pagan religion, something dark, powerful and very dangerous.It s into this maelstrom of evil that Parker ventures to investigate the crime The first two thirds of the book are a rattling good read as the mystery is slowly revealed However, it s the last third that really explodes into top gear as yet of Parker s true nature is revealed with devastating results.Old fiends like The Collector, The Lawyer Eldritch and Cambion the Leper make an appearance and it would be easy for a lesser writer to construct these characters as cartoon villains, instead they are all dressed with a layer of humanity over a decidedly evil skeleton which makes them deep, rich and powerful characters, even if they all remain terrifyingly evil Old friends, Angel and Louis are also present, once repaying the debt they owe Parker in the way they know best.But it s the mythos that Connolly is creating in this series which truly shines Here lies great darkness, an evil which touches both god, angels and demons and somehow at the heart of it all sits Charlie Parker Connolly s writing is intense, humorous, dark, and deeply thrilling but above all it s his characters and their place in this bleak world of ours which shine through With every book in the series another layer of the onion is removed only to reveal a thousand obscuring the answers we readers seek.The Wolf In Winter is the best horror novel I have read in some time, it s also the best crime novel and the best thriller It s powerful enough to make passionate points about homelessness, army veterans and religion but entertaining enough to make those points without brow beating Above all it s a fascinating trip into the dark part of the human soul which, hopefully, most of us will never encounter in real life but we all know exists It ll be another couple of years before Santa Connolly brings me the next installment of Charlie Parker s adventures but I ll be waiting, nervously. This book was awesome and in my opinion, the BEST entry in the series so far If you love Charlie Parker, you need to read this If you re not reading the Charlie Parker series, you should be There is something evil view spoiler underground hide spoiler The citizens of Prosperous, a small town in the state of Maine, have been a fortunate bunch Over the years, the town has thrived and its inhabitants have flourished But when the death of a homeless man and the disappearance of his daughter bring Detective Charlie Parker to town, secrets threaten to come to the surface Can Parker uncover the truth about Prosperous darkness or will he end up like many before him fed to the town.Connolly opens the twelfth installment of his acclaimed Charlie Parker series with a bang Louis, Angel and Parker have been hunting The Collector for months and believe to finally have him cornered When things go awry, the focus shifts to the town of Prosperous following a recent event that threatens the town s peace Throughout the rest of the novel, Connolly moves between Parker and a select few of Prosperous authority figures creating a quick pace that doesn t let up until the book is finished.Louis and Angel are in top form, as always, and Parker s adversaries are signature evil Connolly creations With a series so established, comes a large cast of characters Throughout the novel, several folks from Parker s past make an appearance or two showing the reader just how deep Connolly s universe is It s a giant sandbox with which he can bury and unearth whomever he wishes.Connolly ends the novel in an interesting place and as an audience, we re not sure where he s going to take the series from here If you can t tell, I m trying to be as vague as possible to avoid potential spoilers We re told that Parker may never be the same, that his friends and family are worried about his well being Charlie Parker is getting older and you ve got to wonder, as a fan, just how long he ll be able to keep up with the demands of the job.As always, I m anticipating just where Connolly is going to take the story next I love when he treads into dark territory and The Wolf in Winter is about as bleak as they come.Also posted Every Read Thing Charlie Parker investigates the death of tramp with a missing daughter And the search takes him to the city Prosperous, a peaceful and affluent little town in Main with an old stone church But the town has a dark secret and there are people in the city that will do anything to protect the secret.The story in the book slowly builds up, you get to know the new characters involved and you follow Charlie as he tries to get to the bottom of the case with the dead tramp and his missing daughter It s never boring, John Connolly carefully draws you into the story and everything builds up to a violent finale I was a bit troubled that there was so little Angel and Louis in the first half of the book, but I needed not worry, they returned to the story with a vengeance The only complaint I have about the story is that I wanted a bigger confrontation in the end It was over a bit too soon, and that was a bit of a letdown.The hardest part for me reading this book was putting it down but at the same time I almost didn t want to finish it since I knew that after I finish the book I will have a long wait for the next book Gone are the days when I had several Charlie Parker books to read through Although I m a bit tempted to re read the books, especially the first ones that I read. After being slightly disappointed by the last few books in the Charlie Parker series, I found THE WOLF IN WINTER immensely satisfying and a perfect example of what Connolly does best Ambiguous supernatural events blend seamlessly with thriller elements to make this one of the strongest entries in the series I can t help but feel though, that Parker is playing less and less of a starring role as the series goes on. The Charlie Parker series by John Connolly mixes top draw detective fiction with a supernatural darkness, bordering on horror as he wages war on a hidden evil.The Wolf In Winter is the 12th book of the series and John Connolly while seemingly throwing a suicide and normal missing persons case our way, hints at the end game for Charlie and all that follow him from the shadows.This time Parker is compelled to throw his considerable force behind investigating the death of a homeless man and the disappearance of his daughter, everything points to the small almost clan like town of Prosperous in Maine and it becomes apparent that there are sinister, dark secrets afoot The history of Prosperous is well researched amid a parochial background with obscure religious beliefs heralding back to the Northeast of England, something of the original self sufficient spirit had remained, passed down the generations to the present The town s first settlers bought with them across the ocean a church, brick by brick, to carry on their devoted worship and it remained to this day, a town that protected its own, frowned on visitors and kept the bloodlines.Prosperous maintained a low profile, did not call attention to itself and survived around a central board, devoted in every way to ensuring its secrets remained and its people thrived They were however completed unprepared for the visit of Charlie Parker and as the pennies drop, they see only one way out, another tradition passed down, one of murder.The usual humor is present in the shape of the two cinder blocks, the Fulcis were essentially brooders by nature They might not brood for very long, but they did tend to take some time to consider which bones they might enjoy breaking first.Another one when Charlie, Louis and Angel are hot on the Collectors trail discussing the merits of when to throw a tear gas grenade Try not to get shot before you ve thrown them, Angel told me I ll try not to get shot after I ve thrown them as well I said.It s the darkness I love most around these stories, the fallen angels, demons, almost a mythos but the hints at Charlie Parkers end game are coming thick and fast Why he s untouched by the shadows, protected from afar and what the shadows hunt, what the believers hunt and Charlie s part in it The Ghosts he sees, the warnings, although not enough this time, Charlie Parker will be a changed man for the next outing and I can t wait.The prose is excellent as ever and John Connolly is at the top of my favourite authors list along with the Charlie Parker series In the last five books we ve had some classics as this series goes from strength to strength, The Lovers The Wrath of Angels were both superb and The Wolf in Winter joins them on the top shelf.Highly recommended.http post La Comunidad De Prosperous, En Maine, Siempre Ha Medrado Mientras Otros Sufr An Sus Habitantes Son Ricos, Sus Hijos Tienen El Futuro Asegurado Reh Ye A Los Forasteros Protege A Los Suyos Y En El Centro De Prosperous Se Encuentran Las Ruinas De Una Antigua Iglesia, Transportada Piedra A Piedra Desde Inglaterra Siglos Antes Por Los Fundadores Del Pueblo Unas Ruinas Que Esconden Un SecretoPero Varios Hechos, Entre Ellos La Muerte De Un Sintecho, Atraen A Prosperous Al Investigador Privado Charlie Parker, Obsesionado Y Letal Parker Es Un Hombre Peligroso, Al Que Le Mueve No S Lo La Compasi N, Sino Tambi N La Ira Y El Deseo De Venganza Los Habitantes De Prosperous Perciben En Parker Una Amenaza Peor Que Cualquier Otra Que Hayan Afrontado En Su Larga Historia Parker, A Su Vez, Encontrar En Ellos A Los Adversarios M S Despiadados Con Los Que Jam S Se Ha Enfrentado Y Es Que Se Ha Decidido Que Charlie Parker Muera Para Que El Pueblo De Prosperous Sobreviva

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