The Cid / Cinna / The Theatrical Illusion

The Cid / Cinna / The Theatrical IllusionThe Cid, Corneille S Masterpiece Set In Medieval Spain, Was The First Great Work Of French Classical Drama Cinna, Written Three Years Later In , Is A Tense Political Drama, While The Theatrical Illusion, An Earlier Work, Is Reminiscent Of Shakespeare S Exuberant Comedies First two plays are ok and for their day great but they do not translate well to our day and our culture the conflict is ideal against ideal where today one of the ideals would be called tyrannical I liked the Cid the best of the two it had real tension and the conflict was a bit realistic The last play was rather good and was full of fun and merriment It was very much pro theater and the ending was good I love plays with in plays with in plays of course. You can see my general thoughts on Corneille here are my thoughts on the plays in this volume as I read them The Theater of Illusion 1 2 What a wonderful change from Corneille s tragedies This is a lively, witty drama in which shockingly things actually happen on stage It features a beautifully strange frame in which a wizard shows an old man the fate of his long lost son It is otherwise a rather typical melodrama, very much like Shakespeare s early comedies in terms of playfulness and plot It also has the feeling of a Plautine farce And the braggart soldier, Matamoor, is very funny.The second illusion at the end the play within the play within the play is fine as a maudlin set piece, but as a drama in itself it is a bit farfetched It is the most unusual dialogue I ve ever heard pass between a wife and her husband who has been caught cheating on her Does the forgiving wife make her a stronger or weaker character If you are reading Corneille, start with this unusual play 10 16 A very good translation Though I do miss the couplets, Cairncross s blank verse manages to capture the high flown excitement and drive essential to Corneille Plus, he does manage to slip in a couplet here or there for effect Corneille is successful in this rhetorical speech oriented style because he keeps up the verve and theatricality necessary to give it life This is what Cairncross captures best As he himself says in his forward, the musicality of verse is important to preserve in Racine than it is in Corneille Though in the end I prefer Racine for all the reasons he is normally lauded, Corneille is, as Max here put it, a lot fun than Racine.

Pierre Corneille tait l un des trois grands dramaturges fran ais du XVIIe si cle , avec Moli re et Racine Il a t appel le fondateur de la trag die fran aise et tait productive pendant pr s de quarante ans.Vous pouvez lire son oeuvre sur

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