Calico Jack in your Garden

Calico Jack in your Garden Best not to read this book on the train if you have a full bladder because by the end of your journey you will have a damp patch in an embarrassing place Fortunately I read this at home where my neighbour, hearing loud hoots of laughter coming from next door at midnight, is probably confident in his belief there is a certifiable loony next door.Some newspaper editor, somewhere, should pick up this book and offer the author a regular newspaper column, because this is the sort of ironic, no holds barred humour that will make your day a lot easier having read it first, or it will banish any end of the world weariness at the close of working hours Mr Wiggins has views on life that are expressed in a manner worthy of any stand up comedian.If you want to worry your neighbour by emitting loud hoots of laughter at inappropriate moments I can thoroughly recommend this, genuinely and without hesitation It s a damn good book. Embarrassingly, A Number Of The Reviews For This Book Seem To Involve People Losing Control Of Their Bladder Anyone Who Is A Bit Saucy, Very Fond Of Boobies And Doesn T Mind Peeing Slightly When They Laugh Too Hard, This Is The Book For You I Have To Admit That I Wet Myself Twice While Reading It But This May In Part Have Been Due To My Age And A Couple Of Bottles Of A Fine St Emilion, Due To The Laughter You Owe My Secretary One Clean Pair Of Knickers Two Reviewers Have Even Suggested I Should Tour As A Stand Up Comedian I Found Myself Laughing Out Loud And Even Sharing Segments With My Spouse I Think Karl Could Tour As A Stand Up Comedian, Mr Wiggins Has Views On Life That Are Expressed In A Manner Worthy Of Any Stand Up Comedian So My Scribblings Do Seem To Raise A Smile And A Chuckle, And Either Way You Look At It, That Has To Be A Good Thing I Got Kicked Out Of Bed TWICE For Laughing So Hard This Is, By Far, One Of The Funniest Books I Ve Yet Read JFC This Is Soooo Hilarious I Have Never, Ever Read A Book That Caught Me So Unawares And Made Me Laugh So Much As Calico Jack I Laughed And Laughed So Much On The Train Home That I Had To Stop Reading It He Is Capable Of Making The Reader Cry With Laughter There Were Times When I Had To Set The Kindle Down And Just Laugh Out Loud Some Of Mr Wiggins Thoughts Are Just Hilarious Whilst It S Evident That A Number Of People Love My Writing I Ve Even Been Told By Some That They Settle Themselves With A Cup Of Coffee Before Reading My Blogs, Newspaper Columns Or Facebook Posts I M Very Much Aware That I Have An Inappropriate Sense Of Humour That Isn T To Everyone S Taste In Short, Not Everyone Gets Me Hardly Any Subject Is Taboo To The Englishman When He S Laughing, And This Often Seems Insensitive To Other Cultures, But The Bedrock Of The British Sense Of Humour Is A Strong Sense Of Sarcasm And Self Deprecation The British Can Be Very Passionate And If You Doubt That Try Going To A Football Match But That Passion Is Often Hidden Deep In Our Humour So That Other Nationals Fail To Not Only Recognise The Deadpan Delivery But Are Never Too Sure If They Ve Been Involved In A Serious Conversation Or Just A Little Bit Of Friendly Banter Having Said That My Style Of Writing Is Now Appealing And To The American MarketNo Longer Simply A Fad, Blogging Is Now An Important New Literary Innovation This Book Is Not A Story, And If You Re Looking For A Book That Is All Sweetness And Light, Please Give This One A Miss It S Not For You I Won T Be Offended And I Honestly Wish You A Great Life If Everyone Likes Me, Then I M Not Being Controversial Enough If You Re Looking For Humorous Books About Life, Comedy Writing Or Even Humorous Books For Adults Then Take A Chance On This Book I Ve Been Told I Write With An Easy Going Style And A Zest For Living That Is Infectious I M Not So Sure About That, But I Have An Opinion On A Range Of Hot Issues, Although You Don T Have To Agree With All My Views To Enjoy The Ride Other Comments On My Writing Style Warn That I Talk To The Reader With All The Confidence Of A Man In Touch With His Own Reality, In A Voice Which Is Seasoned With A Hint Of World Weariness That Is So Telling Of A Writer Who Has Written What He Knows And Written It With Disarming Fearlessness And That I Guess Is True I Can Be A Handful At Times And I Know It I M Strong Willed, A Bit Outspoken And I Write Exactly What I M Thinking It S Not To Everyone S Taste, But This Is A Book You Can Dip In And Out Of Whenever The Mood Takes You I Hope You Enjoy Laughs and Giggles.To say this collection of essays is funny would be an understatement Author Karl Wiggins has a unique view of things and is not afraid to state his opinion This gem doesn t need to be read in any particular order, this is not a novel, it is one man s view of things that irritate, annoy, or amuse him He writes what a person wants to say but usually doesn t for all kinds of reasons including, not wanting to be thrown out of a pub, or punched in the face Some of my favorite rants include Bonehead Shop Assistants, Argument on the Tube Arm Rest Etiquette, My Negative Attitude, and Kerb Food Caution, you may find yourself breaking out in uncontrollable laughter Well, what can I say I read the first half of this book thinking, Wow this must be very therapeutic for the author I do hope he s vented enough so that he now feels better Then I read the chapter on the agony uncle comments from genuine questions off the internet I actually cried with laughter this takes a lot Properly funny I was laughing like a wild woman sitting in my car in my lunch break , looking around in case my colleagues passed by and finally called the men in white coats for me 0From then on, there seemed to behumour or maybe something in me had let go of my own tension Love the bit on chavs and Argos jewellery And erego, my husband doesn t have to pretend not to look at tits In fact, just this weekend he pointed out a young lady in a service station as she had a really round arse Indeed she did, and I too marvelled at how it was one large round orb not two butt cheeks just one PAlso, for the record, I am an adult romance novelist, so hopefully fit into your catgory, but I m writing a yummy review so surely that counts This book rants and raves about so many of life s injustices, and dares to say what many would not Most of us think it, but are too afraid to say it.Again, this is not me I tend to have verbal diarrhea, and probably am too blunt But call a spade a spade this, in spite of my middle class upbringing.So yes By all means read this book Share some angst and have a good laugh at it The world doesn t laugh enough and it jolly well should Nice one Karl you re clearly a diamond geezer this was not for me a little too thickly British or something lots of jokes about hooliganism and the Tube I don t really care for George Carlin either and I think maybe this guy is the British version. Just didn t enjoy it, 100 short sketches of his opinions, none of which were funny to me Fair play for writing a book,than I ll ever do, but not for me thanks Like a chavvy michael mcintyre perhaps. Hmma satisfactory light read Nothing to rave about but if you need a quick fix of some humourous tales, grab a copy.

Karl Wiggins Author, humourist, raconteur and unfortunately master of dysphemismI m an author with seven books on Kindle, and I ll state right from the start that I have a particular aversion to fellow authors who befriend you and then immediately message you saying, You might like my book check it out I don t do that If people wish to know about my books the information

[PDF / Epub] ☄ Calico Jack in your Garden  By Karl Wiggins –
  • Kindle Edition
  • 296 pages
  • Calico Jack in your Garden
  • Karl Wiggins
  • English
  • 11 September 2018

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