Jurassic Mary: Mary Anning and the Primeval Monsters

Jurassic Mary: Mary Anning and the Primeval MonstersMary Anning Was One Of The Pioneers Of The Emerging Science Of Geology The First Woman Palaeontologist To Make Important Discoveries When She Was Just , She Discovered The First Whole Ichthyosaurus Skeleton Later, Aged , She Found The First Whole Skeleton Of A Plesiosaurus, And This Find Gained Her International Fame She Was Unusual Then As She Would Be Now In Being A Woman Geologist, And She Was Also A Curiosity In Being Both Provincial And Lower Class When Science Was Dominated By Upper Class London Gentlemen During Her Lifetime She Won The Respect Of Contemporary Scientists, Receiving An Annuity From The British Association For The Advancement Of Science During The Last Decade Of Her Life Upon Her Death, Dickens Wrote The Carpenter S Daughter Has Won A Name For Herself, And Deserved To Win It After Her Death, However, Scientists Wrote Her Out Of Their Books, Crediting Instead The Naturalists Who Had Bought Her Specimens With Her Discoveries It Was Inconceivable To Them That An Uneducated Woman Had Produced Such Astonishing Work In This New Book Patricia Pierce Rescues The Now Little Known Life Of This Extraordinary Woman From Undeserved Obscurity To Reveal Her Full And Fascinating Life This book gives the reader a good overview of Mary Anning s life and work Anning was a fossilist basically a paleontologist before there were such things She discovered several types of Ichthyosaur and Plesiosaur additionally, she discovered the first pterodactyl.Lyme Regis, where Anning was born, lived, worked, and died, is in the middle of what has been designated a World Heritage site by UNESCO, and what is familiarly called the Jurassic Coast The area is rich in fossils, mostly of marine life both Ichthyosauri and Plesiosauri were aquatic reptiles Anning made her living out of these, selling them to collectors and, later, museums, as well as to tourists Tourists still buy fossils in Lyme I know, because I did when I visited this past May.Anning was a pioneer in the field of paleontology, yet she has been relegated to the footnotes of science Light is beginning to be shed on this remarkable woman, and this book is a good source of information. This is the third book I think I have read about this lady This one is factual but interesting She certainly was a pioneer and overshadowed by old men trying to be top dogs in the field she excelled in, she far outdid any of the learned men of the time and was never given the attention she deserved until she was gone.The situation was cleared up and written about truthfully many years after she died and the learned old men shown for what they really were. In this intriguing account of Mary Anning, Patricia Pierce places the life and work of Mary Anning at its crossroads of science, history, and society Despite Mary s place in society as a poor, not formally educated woman and her private character, Pierce draws on many sources to present Mary as a fossil hunter and geologists making significant finds and restorations which contributed to the establishment of geology and paleontology at the time The book seems somewhat repetitious and tedious at times but the detail of other scientists and better positioned women most of whom knew and worked with Mary, is important to drawing out this hidden figure and the larger context of the plight of gifted women The book is quite an enjoyable and engaging read.Highly recommended to those interested in the development of science and especially paleontology, the contributions of women to academia, and the larger societal and historical context of the time late 18th and 19th centuries pre Darwin s Origin of the Species. 3.5 stars More an historical overview of Mary Anning s times Interesting in its own way. An excellent biography of Mary Anning and her unsung contribution to paleontology I especially love the appendix that tells readers where all of her most famous finds are on display in England The author provides lots of context on the i.portance of the fossils, the town and geology of Lyme Regis, and the conventionally famous male paleontologists with whom she worked I can t believe no one named a single fossil after her while she was alive The ending made me pretty sad when, for all her fame, she died pretty much penniless and alone. Mary Anning s story is a fascinating one, and made my blood boil from time to time although she did get as much recognition for her pioneering work as a palaeontologist as any woman could have hoped for I found the book a bit difficult to follow, as it hops around Mary s time line a great deal, mentions discoveries in passing that aren t discussed in any detail, and relates Jane Austen s visit to Lyme via a writer in 1901 before we get to the full details of that visit Distracting, but with a bit of patience, there s a lot of interest in this book.ETA Aha, and I have just realised what the primeval monsters actually were Nice one this is the most poorly organized book I ve read in ages it s a shame, really, because Mary Anning is a fascinating subject a real pioneer in the field of archaeology geology and as a woman, doubly so The book hops all over, makes references to obscure people who it doesn t always explain and in general was a truly bumpy read. It would be hard to make a book about Mary Anning uninteresting She s an absolutely fascinating woman who was ill served by history and attitudes at the time she was working This book is definitely worth a read for that alone That said, the actual structure leaves a bit to be desired It could really use a bit of work in terms of organization because it generally recounts the story of Anning s life linearly, but sometimes will jump forward or backwards for no apparent reason. Mary Anning was truly an exceptional woman Daughter of a carpenter, was a poor, uneducated woman, who became one of the first palaeontologist, respected by lots of scientists Unfortunately this book not worthy this amazing life Badly edited, discursive, jumping in space and time without any apparent reason and it talks a lot about anything else but Mary Anning s life itself Shame.

From Patricia also Pat, P.M May Pierce nee Culp , born 1943, was raised on a farm on Culp Road, Vineland, Ontario in the heart of Niagara s fruit lands The family is descended from United Empire Loyalists, and from a young age she felt history all around her Right next door was grandpa Joe Ed Culp, an amateur historian, who investigated local history He also compiled a number of very

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  • Jurassic Mary: Mary Anning and the Primeval Monsters
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