The Iron Sword

The Iron Sword The battle has just begunI had a bit of trouble with this story at first It was a bit choppy and awkward But after a while the rhythm evened out and the tale hit its stride and the ride was a great adventure.We meet Molly and Tess, college roommates and friends a bit like sisters really I had a bit of trouble seeing what Tess saw in Molly Molly was itchy and cold even before we find out about her being 1 2 fae.Tess on the other hand was really no one special and even a bit of s klutz It was easy to start liking her Well, low and behold we end up with not one but two special snowflakes For me that didn t deter me from enjoying the adventure as it played out.Looking forward to my next trip and continuing the journey. Well, I did better with this book than I did with The Iron King.Twenty one year old chemistry major Tess O Connor who comes off like a sixteen year old has absolutely no problem accepting that her best friend, Molly Jackson, is half fae With nary a thought about consequences nor the family she leaves behind, Tess insists on accompanying Molly to the court of Queen Mab as there s trouble afoot in fairyland Once there our heroine forgets all about finishing college and takes up training to become a warrior Since this is the first book in what I m sure will be a trilogy there s lots of world building and back stories to cover.I do have a couple quibbles The whole reason Tess travels to the other side is to protect her best friend blood sister Molly Yet after the first couple of chapters Molly basically disappears completely from the book By the time she returns at the very end of the story she s been remade into almost a brand new character.Also, Tess is being set up to fall in love with Fae Knight Finnead But like Molly, Finnead is absent for a large chunk of the book Makes it hard to form a connection with his character and root for their love story. Tess O Connor Has Never Fought In A Duel, Ridden A Fae Steed Descended From A Dragon, Or Touched Taebramh, The Magical Substance That Gives Mortals Dreams She Has Never Faced Down A Garrelnost Or Traveled The Hidden Mysterious Pathways Between The Mortal World And The Realm Of The Fae She Has Never Felt A Magnetic Attraction To A Perilously Handsome Sidhe Knight With Eyes As Deep And Impenetrable As The Ocean Tess O Connor Stopped Believing In Fairy Tales As A Child When Her Father Died But All That Changes When She Discovers That Her Best Friend Molly Is Half Fae And Has Been Summoned To The Unseelie Court By Queen Mab Herself The Queen Of Night And Winter Sends Finnead, One Of Her Trinity Of Named Knights, To Escort Molly To Court, Willingly Or Unwillingly Mab Believes That Molly Is The Fulfillment Of A Prophesy, The Half Fae Child Foretold To Become The Bearer Of The Iron Sword, A Legendary Weapon That Could Mean The Difference Between Victory And Defeat For The Fae In Their Struggle Against An Ancient Evil While Tess Quickly Learns She Is No Match For The Shadow Spreading Through The Fae World, She Refuses To Let Her Best Friend Face It Alone And As The First Mortal In Queen Mab S Court In Over Five Hundred Years, She Must Use All Her Quick Wit And Tenacity To Keep Herself And Molly Alive In The Beautiful, Dangerous Fae World As They Hurtle Toward The War That Could Destroy It I liked the story, but clunky writing left me cold. The iron sword by Jocelyn A Fox is one of the best fantasy s I ve read in quite some time When Tess insists in going with Molly to the unseelie court the drama hitches up another notch When Molly s fae half is unbound she loses her memories Doesn t even recognize Tess though they were like sisters Tess has eyes on Fiannen, one of Queen Mab s named knights They set off to rescue the border patrol attacked by the forces of an old evil threat. I downloaded this book when it was a digital freebie.I mean why not, right The premise of the story interested me because the magical, immortal being wasn t the MC and there was no apparent love at first sight storyline Complaints about the MC automatically believing in fairies and fae is kind of moot since this IS fantasy fiction and we are obviously reading it because WE would like to believe in fairies and fae lol I really liked this book and purchased the second in the series before I was finished just so I wouldn t have to wait to continue with the story As the story progresses Tess is than she appeared to be and even though she has some fear of the new world she enters, she does not let fear rule her I would recommend this book for an enjoyable read. spoilers The story is about a girl who goes into the fae realm to support her best friend who is half fae When they arrive there her friend is whisked off to learn all she needs to know to fulfill the prophesy that the few believes is about her During that time our MC trains in firefighting etc and makes friends w everyone The backstory is that there is an evil fae trying to take over the Seelie and Unseelie kingdoms and a prophesied half mortal would bring the means to stop him She just has to find the iron sword While Molly the half mortal trains, our MC goes off to help the knights fight on the battleground While the descriptions were beautifully written, they were just too dang much 1 moment would be described with so much flourish that it would take up and entire page 4 6 paragraphs This was great for some things like the landscapes but was just too much for the much littler and unimportant things that could be easily described in a sentence or two Ultimately, I started skipping paragraphs to fill pages just to get past a single easily described moment in the book This was why took so many of the stars from my rating because it was so constant There were often some discrepancies as well that caught my ire as that I m surprised were not caught by the author.So if you absolutely love drawn out descriptions of things and well written they are, to be sure then you ll like this There s no sex or anything steamy and no cussing. An intelligent YA fantasy The Iron Sword doesn t break new ground for a YA fantasy, but it is still a really good story There s a strong heroine protagonist that struggles with life and death issues, all while learning to fight the enemies of her best friend Molly There s a romantic interest, but the story revolves around Tess and how she maneuvers through political and relational challenges The author s military background shines through and adds depth to the battle scenes and the overall feel of the story It s a good YA fantasy, but I would recommend it for older teens There s some sexual innuendo, though no sex, a drunken scene and, like I said, life and death issues are addressed that might be upsetting for younger teens The Iron SwordA tale without of the old fashioned elements of fantasy A new Mix to be sure, but then again who said Texas could not be the launch point into the world of the fae. DNF after 10% This was a freebie and I downloaded it to try it out like a sample And I didn t like it I thought at first that the unique setting with the heroine not being the speshul one, but her best friend would be refreshing and new.Actually it was annoying The heroine came across as a needy tag on Her BFF came across as strange and cold Her family as creepy And our heroine has no problems to believe in fairies She just accepts this because BFF Really If my sister, my husband, my best friend, my mother or ANYBODY ELSE came to me telling me that there are fairies and they have been summoned by the dark queen of the Unseelie court, I would have MAJOR problems to believe that Not so our heroine I found the writing disjointed and confusing and the setting didn t work for me, so I will stop reading I am sure that for other reader s this works, and it s very possible that the novel and the series improve a lot I am just not into it enough to go on reading. , Instagram jocelynafox and Twitter to access sneak peeks and my daily musings.Thanks for visiting

[EPUB] ✷ The Iron Sword  ✼ Jocelyn A. Fox –
  • Paperback
  • 456 pages
  • The Iron Sword
  • Jocelyn A. Fox
  • English
  • 15 June 2019
  • 9781495394676

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